"The son!"

Both Qi Qi and Meng Huai Rong are brows and deep locks. In this strange environment, they are to be protected by Ye Zichen.

Now Ye Zichen let them leave with the enchantment, that is to let themselves fall into the unknown danger.

"Go with her!"

Ye Zichen screamed and sighed, this space is enchanted with them, even if Qi Qi and Meng Huairong are with him, if the enchantment wants to be unfavorable to them, I fear that they will not help.

Moreover, even if they are leaving, he still has a town demon tower.

If it is really dangerous, he will directly release the demon of the town demon tower, or you can hide it yourself in the town demon tower.

Everything is not as dangerous as they think.

Gently patted his own space ring, Qi Qi and Meng Huairong as if they also thought of the existence of the town demon tower, this nodded, but still comforted.

"Kids are careful!"

"This is right!"The disenchantment also smiled at this moment, and opened with a lovely smile. "You believe that I am right, I am sure I will not harm my little brother." Okay, let's go quickly, little brother, you are now going to the thatched cottage now, or if the people of Gaojia are coming, we can't do it. ”

"it is good."

The enchanting with the singularity of them left, Ye Zichen also took out the space ring of the fire attribute.

He recently sold Haidan, and other families came to trade with him with a space ring. A space ring with a fire attribute is not a difficult thing for him.

The hard part is how to face the special envoy of the Xiao family.

When I left, I didn’t tell him what the trading signal was, nor did he say the way of trading. Everything depends on him to play!

Severely spit a few breaths, and shook his fists, and walked toward the thatched cottage.

"Missing Miss, what are you going to take us?"

After being separated from Ye Zichen, the enchantment took them and they always ran towards the north. Seeing Ye Zichen's position getting farther and farther away, Qi Qi couldn't help but ask questions.

The devil smelled a brow, and her face was no longer facing the cuteness of Ye Zichen. The whole face was cold and angry.

"Don't ask so much nonsense, just follow me."

Suddenly, there was a flash of light in the fascinating pupil, and the singularity of Meng Zhi and Meng Huai-rong were directly squatting on the ground.


"Humph."Looking towards the ground, the two people faintly stunned, and the disenchantment no longer rushed to the north. They simply stopped and talked to the two of them. "I will let you know how you are, I will not let you move." You will show me the sly, do you know?"

Qi Qi and Meng Huairong struggled.

Ye Zichen is their master anyway, they have no way to watch him fall into danger and ignore it.

In her words, they can't help but listen.

After several struggles, Qi Qi shook his teeth and opened his mouth.

"I want to honor the life, but if the son is in distress, please respect me and let me and Huai Rong go to the rescue."

"You don't have to worry about this, I will never let him die."

The fascinating eyes reveal a faint flirtatiousness, and the fingers lightly smile at the charming lips.

"She is my little brother!"

I thought that the location of the thatched cottage was not far away, but Ye Zichen took a full half of the time to walk outside the thatched door.

When he first arrived at the door, he heard a low rumor in the thatched cottage.


This voice is directly into Ye Zichen's knowledge of the sea, feeling the indifference of this voice, and Ye Zichen's whole heart is hanging.

Looked at the fire attribute ring in the eye, Ye Zichen squatted.

"See the special envoy."

There are many words to lose. The only thing Ye Zichen can do without knowing the details of the transaction is to talk as little as possible, so that no flaws will be revealed.

For a long time, the door of the thatched cottage was pushed open, and the man who came out from inside was a man in a black robe that wrapped his body tightly.

"come in."

Indifferent, the man sat on the stone chair outside the thatched cottage.

Ye Zichen didn't dare to delay and pushed in.

"How come you are alone, when I came in, I clearly noticed the three breaths, two of which are still Yao."

Three breaths, then obviously this person is not aware of the smell of disenchantment.

Demon is a secret treasure with a hidden atmosphere, but if the special envoy has a secret treasure, it should be able to detect the existence of enchanting.

There are two possibilities

Or, he doesn't, Ye Zichen, they are coming!

Either, he has, but the enchanting hidden baby is more advanced, which makes the special envoy unable to feel.

"The special envoys are honored, and the trade between us is that the fewer people we see, the better."

"Good, alert enough."The special envoy smiled with satisfaction, but his face was apathy. "The two demon races are related to you."


Ye Zichen didn't dare to speak out for a moment, and he replied after hesitating for a long while.

"It's my entourage."


Unexpectedly, the special envoy smiled happily at this moment, and when he felt this kind of gaze, Ye Zichen's heart suddenly shrank, realizing that the answer to the question was not right.

Otherwise, this special envoy will not reveal this look.

"You Gaojia is really a courage, don't you forget, our Zuo's ancestral training is that this life can't be with the Yaozu. Do you forget that the old patriarch hates the demon? Or to say, your family has been separated for a long time, and you have forgotten the words of your ancestors! ”

The dignified pressure instantly oppressed Ye Zichen. Under this dignified pressure, Ye Zichen's body bent uncontrollably downwards, and the sweat on his forehead, the heart was mad and the brain was flying fast. The operation.

There is still such a thing!

Since the fascination is so clear about the news investigation, why did she let Qi Qi and Meng Huairong come in.

Can know the location of the transaction and the way of trading, Ye Zichen does not believe she will not know, Xiao Jia and the Yaozu have old complaints!

"She deliberately harms me!"

The idea of ​​involuntary appearance in the mind, and the moment when this thought appears can not be erased.

Deliberately let Qi Qi and Meng Huairong leave, leaving him alone to face the special envoy.

When you come in, you don’t have to hide the secrets of the breath to cover up the atmosphere!


Just then, the special envoy’s hand was also caught on the shoulder of Ye Zichen.

Ye Zichen has made the quickest reflection to avoid the flash, but still let the special agent crush the clothes on his shoulders. When his right shoulder was exposed in front of the special envoy without any cover, the special envoy was also exposed to anger.

"You are not a high-ranking person, who are you?"

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