The dignified supreme pressure could not breathe Ye Zichen's oppression, and the thatched house collapsed under the raging power of the special envoy.

The heavens and the earth are turned into darkness, and numerous turns of the air are coiled around the void, and there is a tendency to tear this space apart.

"Is it discovered?"

Faced with the sudden attack of the other side, Ye Zichen's face is also ugly.

With his strength, he can feel the gap between the two sides. If he is forced to fight against each other, he will not have a good fruit to eat.

Now he can't be self-defeating. If he is messed up, it really ends.

"Special envoy, what do you mean?"

Even in the face of such a dignified sense of oppression, Ye Zichen still locks his eyebrows and reveals a resentful color, while spreading his hand to expose the space ring of the fire attribute.

"I am here to trade with you, this is the family handed over to me. The few demon people are just the next person. If you are deliberately testing me, then I feel completely unnecessary. The ring is here, you can see it. ”

The ring was thrown hard toward the special envoy, and the special envoy reached out and grabbed the ring. Ye Zichen no longer hesitated as he looked at the contents of the ring, and wanted to summon the town demon tower into its interior.

This may be his only chance. He did not call the town demon tower in the first place.

That is because the special ambassador's breath has been locked on him, as long as he has a slight change, afraid that the other party will directly kill it.

Give the ring to him, and he will give some energy to see the ring, and he will be able to enter it and enter the town demon tower.

"The town demon tower!"

Trying to contact the town demon tower in the heart, the Ye Zichen pupils shocked, the connection between the town demon tower and him was cut off.

"you wanna die."

The special envoy who probed the ring also directly squeezed the ring into a powder. The space ring that Ye Zichen gave him was a fire attribute, but there was no baby at all.

The special envoy who showed the wrath of the sky screamed out.

The fist hunted with the sound of the wind, and the surrounding space was to tear his fist, and there were several holes in the space.

Ye Zichen was surprised and his hands crossed over his chest.

The fist fell on his arm, and the huge force directly blew Ye Zichen out of the small courtyard of the thatched cottage, stopping for a hundred meters.

The huge force also made him bleed, and a blood spurted out.

Falling on the grass, leaving a touch of red.


Both Qi Qi and Meng Huai Rong, who had long followed the enchantment, were shocked. They looked at the disenchantment in the eyes and wanted her to agree that they had saved Ye Zichen in the past.

The enchantment is just a faint smile, and there is no worry in the eyes.

"What are you worried about? Stay here. Your master is usually very deep in hiding. Now I have a chance to look at his cards. Isn't it good? ”

I wiped the bloodstains from the corners of the mouth and looked at the envoy who was still approaching him. Ye Zichen stood up with red eyes.

"It’s not that easy to want my life! mine! ”

There were a few thundering explosions between the heavens and the earth, and the snakes, like the snakes, spit the snakes and swallowed them toward the special envoy.

The special envoys were disdainful, and several dodgees evaded the thunder snakes. The thunder snakes fell to the ground and immediately blasted the ground into several large pits.

"Wind, rain, electricity, fire!"

At the time of life and death, Ye Zichen couldn't hide it. Even if the news of his mastery of the Five Elements Law was passed out, he had to show it. Accompanied by his anger, there was a wind and rain fire between the heavens and the earth. Before counting the thunder, it was the heaven and the earth.

"Five ways!"

The special envoy who passed towards Ye Zichen also showed a faint horror. Since the Five Elements Emperor, the whole Protoss practiced the Five Elements Law almost disappeared. It is difficult to comprehend the Five Ways, even if it is really fortunate Into it, it is difficult to reach the extreme on the Five Elements Avenue after losing the heart.

But this person is actually comprehending the Five Elements Law, and it seems that there is already a small success!

"Five lines and gossip!"

After the world and the five elements appeared in this world, Ye Zichen was again screaming.

In an instant, there was a group of gossip pictures at his feet. On top of it, there was the existence of the Five Ways of Heaven and Earth.


With another anger of Ye Zichen, this gossip array dissipated directly into countless spots of light from the sky.

The light spots converge into a mask containing the heaven and earth's five-way method, and Ye Zichen is completely covered inside.

"Hey, do you think that there is a turtle shell, why can't the deity be yours?"

Looking at Ye Zichen, who turned the law of the heavens and the earth into a defensive barrier, the special envoy showed disdain.

In the absence of any retreat, the defense is only a chronic death, but the result is not to die. If you want to live, it's better to use the Thunder's offensive to fight for it. Maybe there is still a chance.

The current Ye Zichen is already on the board in his eyes, and it is no longer possible to roll the waves.

However, Ye Zichen in the mask is a smile that reveals a sinister charm. In a flash, he takes a long sword from the space ring.

Holding the sword in the right, the left hand stroked the sword.

His eyes became sharp when his left hand fell. The blade in the hand is also lifted high toward the void, and the left and right hands hold the hilt at the same time.

Behind him is a shadow of the dragon, and when the dragon roars, his sword is also a golden light shining.

"It turned out to be him!"

In the distance, I’ve been watching the fascination of all this, and it’s a bright smile soon.

Even if she saw Ye Zichen show her five-way method, she didn't have any surprises. She could get the town demon tower and open it. The premise is the five-way law.

These are all within the scope of her knowledge, nothing to be surprised.

She was so tempted to just look at Ye Zichen's step on the Five Elements Avenue, but she did not expect that he had brought so many surprises to her.

"Since you are him, then this temptation is not necessarily going on." Little brother, I really didn't misread you! ”

There was a smug smile on the disenchanted face, and the whole face was stained with pink. Qi Qi and Meng Huairong, who are next to her, are also surprised. Even though they are so far away, they still feel the power of destroying the earth in the sword.

Can not help but Qi Qi and Meng Huairong look at each other, they all see the hustle and bustle from the other's eyes.

Ask yourself, even if they are turned into a body, fear that it is difficult to block the next move.

At the same time, Ye Zichen, who held a semi-artifact weapon, was also sulking and yelling.

"Sweeping the sky!"

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