At the end of the transfer of resources, Gao Yunyu, who got two transactions and received resources, was grateful for the enchantment.

The resources that Gaojia has turned over can be said to be quite a lot. Even if it is 20%, it is also in some Tianpin District, and it is impossible to compare the resources of the whole family.

The resources of these two are almost enough to compare the wealth of the last ten kings.

Looking at the departure of the Gao clan, Ye Zichen looked at the enchantment. These two resources can be said to be very clever, so that Gao Yunzhen’s doubts about them directly transferred to those two resources.

"Hey, say good in advance, half of one person."

A ring was thrown towards Ye Zichen, and the Ye Zichen fairy holding the ring looked inside. When you see the number of internal elixir, weapons, and spells, even Ye Zichen can't help but breathe.

No wonder Gao Qiang walked away when he was thankful. His 20% of the resources were afraid to be able to set up a first-line family of Tianpin District.

Only Ye Zichen is not Gao Yunzhen, and it is not enough to let this resource be bought.

Keep the ring closed and your eyes fall on the enchanting body.

"Are we going to talk about the things before?"

Both Qi Qi and Meng Huai Rong are gazing at each other, and they have a bit of awe when they look at the enchantment.

Concealed to both of them, they looked like a cute look, squinting at the lips and squinting at Ye Zichen and grabbing his hand.

"Little brother, what are you doing, and people are not deliberate!"

"Not on purpose?"

A little smile towards the enchantment, Ye Zichen is not a narrow-minded person. Although his situation was extremely dangerous at the time, he was not seriously injured.

Compared to this endless entanglement with the singer, he wants to know why she is doing this.

Moreover, he also felt that disenchantment is not actually trying to kill him.

"Take me to this point, and they will also open the door from my side. Demon, really, I can't see you. ”

"Small brother said so, is it to say that the charm is deep?" People are very simple! ”

Between the words, the disenchantment still uses both hands to hold the shackles, and the big eyes with the water swaying back and forth.

Both Qi Qi and Meng Huai Rong are inexplicably looking at the disenchantment. In fact, they are always wondering in their hearts, what the adult is playing.

As for the act of disenchantment, as long as the mind is sound, this person can feel her deliberate.

With a smirk, he shook his head and got up from the ground. They were treated by the singularity of them. After the release of the sky, the lack of spiritual power has been restored.

Since she doesn't want to tell the truth, there is no need to ask for it.

"Then don't go over this. After that, you and I still don't want to meet."

With the singularity, they turned and left, but they did not walk out a few steps to sneak up and sprinted up, and the eyebrows opened their arms to stop Ye Zichen's way.

"If my little brother doesn't forgive me, I won't let you go."

Seeing this scene, Ye Zichen couldn't help but sigh. He looked at his face and looked like a self-blaming face. His eyes were faintly helpless.

"Then you think about me, I have already said it, you and I can't see through. My situation in the realm of the gods is like a thin ice. It is definitely not going to be handed over to someone you can't see. You are mysterious and know all the secret information that ordinary people cannot know. And the few times you have been around me, I feel that you are testing me, but I don't like it. ”

"Okay, then I am telling the truth."

The enchantment seems to be really worried that Ye Zichen is angry, frowning and frowning.

"Actually, I am testing you!"

Ye Zichen was not surprised by this answer. He had already said that he felt tempted to test him.

He didn't make any response, just looking at her faintly, ready to listen to her afterwards.

"The town demon tower is right in your hand."

Although I have guessed in my heart that the demon will know the existence of the town demon tower, but now the feeling of shock that the enchanting person said, is still so strong.

After a few struggles, Ye Zichen nodded, and the disenchantment also began.

"The importance of the town demon tower is also clear to you. You may not know about this tower, but I can tell you now that this town demon is a treasure that the Emperor, the Emperor and the Emperor must value."

Ye Zichen subconsciously touched the ring on the hand, and the town demon tower actually involved the god emperor. Just like this, the devil, the god, and the three emperors all valued it, which made him feel uneasy.

"What is special about this town demon tower."

"When you open the fourth floor of the town demon tower, you will naturally know. Now you see only the tip of the iceberg of the town demon tower. When you open all of them, it will naturally be clear why the town demon tower will make the three parties respect so much. ”

The demon did not face Ye Zichen's question directly, but her look was full of dignity.

"I need to know that you have removed the back of the town demon tower, I want to know if you have the ability to protect the town demon tower. If there isn't, even if the town demon tower can't be used for me, I must also recycle the town demon tower, because it can't fall into the hands of the other three emperors. I have so many temptations, but I also want to work with you. ”

"Cooperation?"Ye Zichen has a pair of eyebrows.

"The opening of the town demon tower requires the five-way law, and the practice of the five-way road law, then the town demon tower can only play a role in your hands. And after I learned about you just now, the accomplishments of your five-way law are not low, especially the last sword, which makes me move. ”

Speaking of the fascinating eyes, there is a faint smile, and there is no deliberate way to dress cute. At this time, her smile is full of satisfaction and joy, from the heart. At the same time, she extended her right hand and smiled.

"Since the Five Elements Emperor chose you, then we are a person on board. Since you took the town demon tower, it is bound to go to the opposite side with the emperor, then we welcome your participation. ”

The white hand hangs in front of Ye Zichen, but Ye Zichen, who is looking at her hands, has not responded.

"What are you guys?"

"we? You have not guessed it, we are descendants of the Five Elements Emperor! ”

Whether or not to join them, Ye Zichen did not respond directly, but let them give him some time to consider.

When he left the space from here, the space around the disenchantment left in place became distorted by a man.

If Ye Zichen was there, he would have been wrong. This person was the one who wanted to kill the rest of the world and ate his special ambassador.

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