The token is gold-colored and has several Thunder markers above it.

When I saw this token, several people in the room were shocked and surprised. This token was a patriarch's warrant.

As long as you hold this token, it means that this person will be a high-family leader, whether it is a high-ranking family or a tribe who respects the person who holds the token.

Gao Yun is amazed. This token has always been in the hands of his father. Why is it in the hands of Cai Renfei?

He is a Cai family, but he is here to borrow, and his father is not likely to hand over the warrant to him.

"How did you get this order?"

The atmosphere in the room was dignified. Gao Yunyun stared at Cai Renfei, who was standing opposite them. Several of his cronies also moved a few steps around them, encircling them.

The situation is very pessimistic. Cai Renfei is not an ethnic group but holds a patriarch's warrant. Gao Yunzhen can directly kill him by stealing the patriarch's warrant.

"The young master of the cloud, I have said that this is my sincerity to come here."

A faint smile, Cai Renfei did not deliberately explain too much, carefully take the token.

"Know why I want to tell you, let you collect those two resources?" In fact, this warrant was obtained from Gao Ruilong. ”

Upon hearing this answer, Gao Yunqi’s body shook a little uncontrollably, and his head was awkward.

The warrant was obtained from Gao Ruilong. Doesn't that mean that the father is going to hand over the patriarch to Gao Ruilong?


Gao Yunhong red eyes angered, he is the eldest son of Gao family, his mother is also the big lady of the high family long Ming media. He started his childhood, and his father taught him the situation of the future patriarch.

For more than a decade, his father has paved the way for him to shape his cronies, and he has always worked hard to become the future high family leader.

Only a few years ago, the mother died of illness, and her father married the mother of Gao Ruilong and gave birth to a son. Since then, the patriarch has become embarrassed about his feelings, no longer mentioning his patriarchal affairs, and privately began to build for Gao Ruilong.

These are all in his eyes, but he does not say.

But now he is almost forty years old. He has been in the patriarch's position for 30 years, but now Cai Renfei told him that the patriarch's hand was handed over to Gao Ruilong?

"This is impossible, it is impossible"

The hand slammed the shoulder of Cai Renfei. Under the wrath of Gao Yunyu, Cai Renfei’s entire face was flushed and his hands kept patted Gao Yun’s arm.


The pickpocket threw Cai Renfei on the ground, and Cai Renfei huddled on the ground for a long time before he got up from the ground.

"The warrant is already here, and you can't believe it or don't believe it."

"You are arguing. If Gao Ruilong really gets a warrant, how can he hand you the warrant?"Suddenly, Gao Yunxuan’s gaze suddenly disappeared. “I know that you haven’t got maternal love since childhood, and blame my father for taking your mother to a high home, right! But you want to use this method to provoke a relationship with a high family. You can only say that you are too naive. ”

Cai Renfei heard the words and smiled indifferently: "If the young master does not believe, then it will be considered." As for how this hand made me get, you can investigate the banquet of Gao Ruilong's house. I took him drunk and stole the warrant, in order to report to the young master. I said, this is my sincerity, but you have not let me see your sincerity. That being the case, then I haven’t been there tonight. Don't say anything about the warrants, I don't say anything about your resources. ”

When the voice fell, Cai Renfei did not hesitate to push the door directly. The deep-eyed Gao Yunyu frowned after hesitating for a long while.

"Why are you helping me?"

From Cai Renfei to Gao, because of his relationship with his mother, he has always belonged to the people of Gao Ruilong. For more than half a year, Gao Ruilong had some help in his father’s face because of his assistance.

But now he suddenly turned his back, which made it difficult for Gao Yunxiao to believe in Cai Renfei’s true intentions.

"I don't want to help you, I also need to inherit the position of the patriarch. You also know that our Cai family has provoked the existence that cannot be provoked, so the family sent our younger generation to the high house to borrow."

Cai Renfei calmed his face and frowned.

"As a future patriarch of Cai's family, I naturally want to consider it for the ethnic group. Your high school obviously can become the wing of sheltering my Cai family, but I also need to choose a suitable partner between you and Gao Ruilong. Before I thought about Gao Ruilong, but he insulted me on the same day and also mentioned my mother. I will send back Gao Ruilong’s gods without knowing it. As for the young master, I am so self-sufficient. ”

Indifferently turned away from the courtyard of Gao Yunxiao, the room was also filled with silent silence.

After a lengthy silence, Gao Yunxuan’s cronies could not help but open the door.

"What should we do?"

They have always cultivated the patriarchs with high ambitions. In their view, the future patriarchs will also be in the high cloud.

But now Cai Renfei told them that the patriarch gave the warrant to Gao Ruilong.

"Do you want to hide and ask the patriarch to ask?"

Gao Yunxuan’s heart is very chaotic. He just said that Cai Renfei is arguing, but it’s just a temptation. From his heart, he is really suspicion that his father really passed the position of the patriarch to Gao Ruilong.

In particular, the words of Cai Renfei in the end made his letter to the highest.

Gao Ruilong and he have always been the opposite of the existence. If Gao Ruilong became the patriarch, then his future days are definitely not good.

It’s better to wait and see

"Let's investigate whether there is a banquet in the past few days. If there is such a resource,

Just left. ”

Gao Yunqi has already thought about it, and he can’t ask why he can’t ask.

If you are not benevolent, I am not righteous!

As everyone knows, Cai Renfei, who just left from Gao Yun’s residence, smiled hazy.

He reached out and took out a token. This token is a token that Gao Yunzhen thinks is the patriarch's warrant.

Forced to pinch, the token actually made him pinch the iron ball and threw it into the pond.

At the same time, his mouth is also a touch of playful laughter.

"Gao Yunyi absolutely believes what I said. As long as I am doing a little push, Gao Yunxiao will definitely be against it. When the time comes to Ye Zichen, everything is under control."

Gao Jia and Ye Zichen didn't like him. He couldn't be the opponent of any party with his own strength. That being the case, then the design allows them to fight, he only needs to take the fisherman.

"What high home, what Ye Zichen, is just a play in my palm!"

With a sullen smile, Cai Renfei looked at the sky.

"I really look forward to that day!"

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