In a blink of an eye, it is half a year.

After learning that Gao Ruilong’s house was indeed a banquet, Gao Yunqi did not hesitate any more. He left all the resources of the two directly, and began to recruit and recruit in secret, trying to cultivate his own power.

All of this is to prevent problems before they happen. The patriarch's warrants have already been handed over to Gao Ruilong's hand. At any time, it is possible to declare that he inherits the position of the patriarch.

Moreover, in the past six months, he has never received any call from his father, even if he succeeded in trading with Xiaojia, he has never received a reward. In the past six months, Gao Ruilong has been arrogant in the family, which confirms the news that Cai Renfei said that night.

What Gao Yunzhen can do now is to fight every second. If that day is really over, then he will be against it!

During this period, the interior of the high-end home in Tianpin District was full of turbulence, and the area under the Nine Mountains was not idle. The smashing of Haidan's big cockroach ended with Ye Zichen's progress.

Countless family ancestors ancestors flew above the mountain of God, there have been many families to comfort those masters of the king to ease for a few years, but those celestial kings and so on for too long, there have been a chance to soar can give up.

For a time, countless former peak forces stepped down and struggled with each other.

Silenced the layout of countless years, the end of chaos.

In this troubled world, the development momentum of the chaos has become more rapid, and the semi-annual time has almost swept more than 50% of the forces under the Nine Mountains.

Or merge it into a mess, or be attached to chaos.

In a word, chaos is now the first gang under the mountain of God.

"Boss, this is our development plan for the next few years, please also look over."

With the support of Ye Zichen resources, Wei Jie's current strength has reached the level of Tianxian Great Consummation. Now he can say that the spring breeze is proud, the whole chaos has rudders over a hundred, and the members are even billions.

As a gang's general lord, he manages countless prince-level rudder lords and elders, and is quite comfortable.

More than 70% of the secrets of the nine sacred mountains are all attached to the chaos. The gang’s funding problem is no longer necessary for the Ye-zi car to replenish the hole. The daily income is enough to maintain the gang’s normal operation, and there are still A lot of surplus.

But Ye Zichen is not a person who loves money. He used to be so greedy because he had a mess.

Now that the chaos can keep running, he directly orders the proceeds of the chaos to be distributed as an outstanding member of the gang.

What Ye Zichen wants is not to become the richest man in the world. He wants an army that can make the mountains feel trembling.

Put the planning jade on the table, Wei Jie also reported the situation at this time.

"There is the support provided by the boss, and now the chaos is not only under the extreme northern mountain, but the forces of more than 50% of the nine mountains have already let us integrate. There are nearly 10,000 masters in the gang, and there are hundreds of thousands of masters in the fairy tales. There are countless immortals and fairy tales. ”

"The secret of the Nine Mountains is almost monopolizing us. The resources obtained from the inside of the country are enough for the gang to maintain. The extras are also respected by your opinions. All of them are converted into spiritual stones and medicinal herbs. Items are used by internal members of the gang."

"In the past six months, I have also set up several colleges, with the master of the singular king as the teacher, and the more talented members of the gang are assigned to the internal study. These students will also be the sharpest swords of our future. ”

Although Wei Jie is very calm in tone, he can say that he is somewhat proud of his heart.

A year ago, he was only a small captain of the axe. Who could have thought that a year later he became a gang gang with hundreds of millions of members.

All of this is given to him by Ye Zichen.

Other news Ye Zichen didn't pay much attention to it, but Wei Jie said that the college made him nod to satisfaction.

"Yes, the idea of ​​the college is very good. In the future, they must be our sharpest edge. The genius of the nine sacred mountains is definitely not in the minority. You must not bury any qualified person. ”

"Understand."Wei Jie nodded.

"I will not read this plan. You have done a good job during this time. I am very satisfied. I also believe that your future plans will not let me down. ”

Yu Jian directly pushed Ye Zichen back, and seeing this scene Wei Jie's face is inexplicably stiff.

"Boss, do you want to see it."

Wei Jie’s eyes were accompanied by a faint concern, and Ye Zichen couldn’t help but look at the jade.

"I don't look at your plan, let you play freely. Are you still not satisfied?"

"He doesn't mean that."

At this time, Taiwanese auxiliary star Bai Xiaosheng opened his mouth. During this time, he always followed Wei Jie to open up the territory and understand some internal conditions.

"Old hundred!"

Wei Jie can't help but frown, indicating that he should not say it, but Bai Xiaosheng is turning his eyes to him.

"If you say this, you can't say anything." Moreover, if the boss sees it, will he not know the situation as well? ”

Upon hearing this remark, Ye Zichen couldn't help but look down and turned his eyes to Wei Jie's direction.

"What exactly is going on?"

"In fact, it is not a big deal."Under the question of Ye Zichen, Wei Jie licked his lips and smiled. "It is actually like this."

About the time of tea, Wei Jie described the matter clearly, and Ye Zichen also roughly understood what he meant.

It was during this period that a large number of celestial kings soared, so that the territory under the mountain of God had a great turmoil.

Countless forces began to annex and plunder the resources and sites that lost the Xianwang family. Wei Jie, who was a little troubled, naturally would not care, but there was a force in the middle that he had to pay attention to.

The gang is called the Stars Pavilion.

The appearance of this gang is very abrupt, not the power that existed under any of the mountains. This gang is just like chaos, and it suddenly rises in this troubled world.

The starting point is the Jade Bird City under the Extreme South Mountain Mountain near the Styx River. The chaos is extended from the north. When he passes through the central mountain, the forces near the south are almost all integrated by the group of stars, occupying the resources beyond the nine mountains. Over 30%.

As for the remaining 20%, it is divided by countless small forces.

Although the overall power of the Stars Pavilion may not be as good as chaos, it is by no means a slain of existence, and its existence has looming situations that have to contend with the Chambers.

In the meantime, chaos can't do it for those small forces, as long as he dares to do it.

The rest of the forces will be directly attached to the Stars Pavilion, and the problem will be even more difficult.

The Stars Club seems to be happy with the situation at the moment, and it is no longer expanding its territory. Now the two forces are competing with patience.

"Stars Pavilion."

Ye Zichen smiled indifferently. I didn't expect anyone to go with him. It seems that this person is also a bit of a means, but its existence must not be a stumbling block to the stagnation.

It must be flat!

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