"The son, the intruders have all been solved."

Just as Ye Zichen thought about how to deal with the Stars Pavilion, a few people came in from outside the room. When Wei Jie came to report the situation, they noticed that an anomalous person appeared in the ice blue city and went out to touch it.

This situation has long been eccentric, and there will be a group of people coming to Ice Blue City.

There are only a few strangers to their existence, and there is no danger at all to solve them all. In the past six months, the wealth that was obtained from these invaders was almost equal to the 50% of the wealth sold at that time.

Nodded to them faintly, Ye Zichen put all his mind on the starry pavilion.

Selling Haidan, in fact, the main purpose of Ye Zichen is to know the approximate strength of Shenshan. After this half year, I have been able to understand that the strongest person who can come down on the mountain of God is only in the Supreme Nine. To reach the heavenly supreme, you should not be able to come to the lower bound from the top of the mountain, or think that it will cost a lot.

Otherwise, it is impossible to kill so many supreme teams, and the family on the mountain of God does not send the masters of the heavenly supreme to solve them.

Since there is no master of heavenly supreme, then Ye Zichen can be completely invincible.


"Subordinate to."

Upon hearing Ye Zichenโ€™s shouting, Qi Qi immediately stepped forward.

"Put up the elixir, treasures and spells in the grocery store. Let's talk to Wei Jie about the so-called Stars Pavilion."

At the same time, the central Shenshan was in charge of Xiaofuโ€™s Xiaofu.

"The people who have been sent have been there for half a year. The other people have already returned to the family. Only the people who went to the northern mountain have not returned. What is going on?"

Xiao Yu locked his eyebrows and looked at the young man holding a book in his hand. The young man owed his owe.

"I have tried to contact people under the northern mountain, but I don't know if the news was not sent out, or if the other party deliberately pretended not to receive it, in short, it did not receive a response. Therefore, I have sent people to investigate, and it will take too long to get results. โ€

With this answer Xiao Xiao nodded, and at the same time the young man holding the classics was open.

โ€œBut there are a few things that are particularly interesting recently under the mountain of God.โ€

"Tell me?"

Since serving as the head of the patriarch, Xiao Wei feels that the burden on his shoulders is getting heavier and heavier, especially before the Xuanji Pavilion forced the Lei Di House, and even let him face the face and be criticized.

Fortunately, in a hundred years, this matter has gradually faded.

But the people in Lei Di's house are facing the Xuanji Pavilion, and they always feel that they are falling on each other's half, so that he puts a lot of pressure on himself.

There are more interesting things now, but he really wants to relax and relax.

"After the Shenshan Mountain, there was a sudden emergence of a master of leaf plucking a large number of condensed sea dan, and in the past six months, the stalkers of the nine sacred mountains have been dozens of times more than before."

"Dozens of times?"Xiao Yan can't help but raise his eyebrows after listening. "Which party is he?" No, if he is really a certain force, then he can't sell it to other kings under the mountain. โ€

The young and blue-faced person holding the classics opened his mouth.

"He is not a family member, and it is conceivable to sell a lot of wealth made by Haidan. Nine sitting on the mountain, there are family members to rob, but all of them let the master of the leaf to kill, no life. The massive sell-off of Ning Haidan also directly affects the territory under the mountain of God, and countless immortals fly up and become a mess under the mountain. In this chaos, a gang named Chao was born, and now it has monopolized the power of 50% of Shenshan. This gang looks like that of the master of Ye. โ€

Although the young man said it was very easy, Xiao Yanโ€™s entire face after he had heard it was sinking. He couldnโ€™t make everything as easy as he thought.

Although the layout under the mountain of God does not affect the mountain, the idea of โ€‹โ€‹the so-called master Ye is already very obvious.

Especially the name of his gang, chaos!

Selling Haidan, the land and resources that were plundered, are all in his plan. The real purpose of fear is that it is just like the name of his gang. He wants to make the whole mountain under the mountain, so that the mountains are all messed up.

What makes Xiao Xiao more concerned is that he can actually kill all the people sent by the family on the mountain.

Although he does not know the strength of the people sent by the family on the mountain, he is definitely the master of the supreme level. Under the Shenshan Mountain, there are all levels below the Xianwang level. Even if there is a land supreme, it is also a certain family.

It can be said that the Supreme is the invincible existence under the mountain of God.

The master of the leaf can actually kill the land supreme, and more than one team.

"This leaf master, you send someone to investigate."Although Ye Zichen is still only active under the mountain of God, his behavior has been ignored by people on the mountain.

"I don't have to worry about this. I investigated it half a month ago."The young man holding the classics smiled and said, "The interesting things I said were also discovered from the investigation."

"What's the fun thing."

"The master of the leaf may have a town demon tower."The youth speaks.


Sitting in the temple, Xiao Wei's body breathped uncontrollably. His hands clasped the armrests of his hands, his body shivered and his eyes swallowed, and he looked at the youth in the temple.

Town demon tower.

In the same year, the Emperor of the Five Elements of the Emperor, the Emperor, the Emperor, the Emperor, even the Wu people are very valued, rumors that this pagoda hides a terrible secret.

Only this town demon tower disappeared after the death of the Five Elements Emperor, but now it has appeared again?

"Can you be sure?"

Under the pressure of this divine power, the youth's classics also showed a faint fluorescence, forming a defensive cover in front of him, blocking Xiao Xiao's breath.

At the same time, he also smiled and nodded.

"At least 80% of the possibilities."

After getting the news of the youth's affirmation, Xiao Wei gradually gathered the breath and sat in the chair for a long time without speaking. But the young man holding the classics was open.

"The Emperor of the Gods has been searching for the news of the town demon tower. Are we going to tell the gods of the gods?"


Who is supposed to be sitting in the chair, Xiao Wei is actually fading and revealing a very heavy gaze.

"Can you remember the legend between the Five Elements and the Emperor?"

"There are records in my classics, saying that it is the five elements of the great emperor because he is too fond of his wife's wife, and betrayed the Protoss. The Emperor of God discovered that he was killed. โ€The young man replied in the open book.

"Yeah, that's what it is."

Xiao Xiao nodded heavily, but his mouth sighed incessantly.

"canโ€ฆโ€ฆDo you believe this statement? โ€

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