Looking at the snow rabbit around him with a look of hope, Ye Zichen did not dare to look at it.


This doesn't feel very good. Originally, he was just coming in. The situation in Qingkong City was not clear, and it was necessary to intervene between the Yaozu.

Is this a bit too high-profile?

"Little snow…"

He smiled awkwardly, and Ye-zi had prepared a speech to wash the brain for this soft little snow rabbit. I didn't expect the girl to be sneer at this moment.

"Can you think about it? I am the daughter of the second cabinet of the Stars Pavilion. You are not inferior to me and are still thin on me. I am sure that my uncle and my uncles and uncles have already noticed it. You should know the group of stars. If you are now, you will immediately take your followers with you. ”

The faint coldness of the girl's gaze made her arrogance in her bones obvious.

The people who know the stars and the surrounding people are all horrified.

To say that the two forces in the first half of the year have been raging, one of them is chaos, but their main sites are in the north.

The other one is this group of stars!

The southernmost mountain, including the sites under its neighboring mountains, is almost under the group of stars, and in the past six months it has made them solid and solid.

This girl turned out to be the daughter of the second cabinet of the Stars Pavilion, then…

When the youngsters heard the words of the Stars, they also shook their eyelids. Even though he was a demon, he could not know the name of the Stars.

From the slight trembling of his arm, he could feel his inner fears, and the girl smiled more confidently at this time.

"Don't let your dirty hands go, don't you want to die?"

Under the threat of the girl’s constant, the youth’s eyes flashed. Obviously, there has been some vacillation in his heart, but there is a principle called the extremes of the object…

The stronger the girl’s oppression of this young man, when he feels desperate, he will counterattack!

From the fear of the young man's gaze has turned toward Senran. When the girl said that she was the daughter of the group, Ye Zichen did not want to stay out of it.

Stars Court!

This is a great time to get inside!

"This is what you forced me!"

When the girl was indifferent, the young man’s gaze became especially cloudy, and the right hand turned into a claw that caught the girl’s neck.

The girl apparently did not expect that it would be so, and her gaze was mixed with a faint fear.

call out.

A sword was smashed into the air, and in a flash, the young man’s arm appeared a touch of blood, and the entire arm fell to the ground.


The young man who lost his arm screamed with his arm still screaming at the blood, and Ye Zichen, who still kept the sword, took the blade back and walked back to the middle of the girl and the youth.

"Hey, dare mad, dare to marry a girl in broad daylight."

The snow rabbit was the first time to come to the girl to speak comfort, but when she heard Ye Zichen's slightly funny tone, the whole person was stunned.

"Sister, is he your friend?"

The girl also let Ye Zichen's funny tone scare for a long time before saying this, Snow Rabbit wants to tell her that she doesn't know him.


She finally nodded with a heavy bite on her lips.

"it is good……Ok! ”

The girl is also grinning and shouldn't say anything. These Ye Zichen are actually aware of it, but he never thought about it, just looking at the youth in front of him.


The young man who lost his arm looked up and felt the other person's gaze Ye Zichen grinned.

"What happened to me? Still me…Your kid is very fat? Guangtianhuari, Lang Lang Qiang Kun, you dare to openly swear the season girl, if you say that you have been in my place for three years, do you know? Do you dare to cross my eyes here? ”

The young man couldn’t understand what Ye Zichen said for three years. He only knew that he had lost an arm.

"Do you know who I am?"

"I am who you are, and who is the messenger of justice, even if you are the King of Heaven, Lao Tzu must also sanction you."

Feel the momentum of Ye Zichen, the young man swallowed to the mouth.

He nodded heavily, as if to engrave Ye Zichen's face in his heart. Then he bit his teeth and got up from the ground, smirked.

"I remember you, wait…I will definitely make you regret it. ”

With this swearing, the youth will leave with his entourage. But just before he took a few steps, a few swordsmanships appeared suddenly. He only felt that his neck was cold. When he returned to God, his head was separated from him, and his followers were also the same. The body fell heavily on the ground.

The onlookers next to them were all stunned. They almost didn't see how Ye Zichen made a move. They only saw a few flashes of light. The few people of the Yaozu were all in the same place.

Looking at the past with fear, Ye Zichen also put away his hippie smile and replaced it with a look of slyness, watching a few people lying in a pool of blood.

"I am this person…I don't like to leave trouble for myself. ”

After picking up the blood on the sword front, Ye Zichen looked at the demon youth with a cold and proud look, and then set his sights on the surrounding onlookers.

"Have you heard what I said?"

I don't like to leave trouble for myself.

Whether it was a vendor or an onlooker, I remembered what Ye Zichen had just said. He suddenly mentioned this now, isn’t that…

"Adults, we swear by our hearts and spirits, we will never talk indiscriminately."

The people around him kept squatting on the floor, and Ye Zichen turned around after licking them.


In an instant, the onlookers left, but the noisy streets, Ye Zichen, there are no one outside.

The shops on both sides of the street are also closing the windows and closing the door.

The girl is also staring at all this, the last second is still not funny, the next second is actually a cold-blooded hero.

Just not waiting for her eyes to pretend to be a small star, she saw Ye Zichen…

"Hey, Missy…You are fine. ”


No matter whether it is the girl or the snow rabbit, she is speechless, especially the snow rabbit. She really wants to go back to the town demon tower. Although it is her wish to come out from the tower.

It is not enough to be a shame to follow such a master.

"No……Nothing…"The girl is also a bit of a stuttering answer. Ye Zichen nodded with satisfaction after hearing it. "You are fine, oh…That one……You see that I have also saved you once, you can see if you can raise your hand. My dream in this life is to join the group of stars to eat. ”

"Whoever saved you, even without you, I can solve it."

I did not expect this girl to be quite proud, she is very proud to raise the chin.

"But you have provoked the demon, I am afraid that there is no shelter, and you are quite capable, then…follow me! ”

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