I never imagined that it was so easy to have a relationship with the group of stars, especially this is not a small member of the ordinary group of stars, but the treasure of the second cabinet.

As everyone knows, in the depths of the demon world opposite the Styx, there is a group of gods and beasts with hundreds of ethnic groups.

"Is the nameplate of my child broken?"

Sitting in the hall is a particularly burly man, although he is sitting and can see that his height is at least two meters.

"Hundreds of meetings."

With the shackles of the burly man, a shadow immediately appeared in the hall and arched toward him.

"Subordinate to."

"To investigate, when the deaf children leave the tribe, they go to the Qingkong City of the Terran. You are going to investigate who the murderer killed the nephew. However, you should be more careful, although the relationship between the Yaozu and the Terran has been somewhat relaxed in the past 10,000 years, but the people on the mountain are still watching the demon world. ”


The man in the temple nodded, and when he was about to leave, he heard the strong man in the temple and opened his mouth.

"Before leaving, my nephew brought more than a dozen demon king level followers. The other party can kill all the enemies at the same time, and did not pass back any news inside the family. It can be seen that the strength of the other party should not be underestimated. Do you have to be careful to know? ?"


Like a breeze, the people in the temple disappeared. At the same time, the brawny was indifferent to look at the people in the hall to return to the situation, and immediately locked the eyebrows to see the woman crying around.

"Cry and cry, I know crying all day long."

The sly yelling at the woman around me, the sobbing woman immediately did not dare to make any noise, forcing the grief of the heart, silently wiping tears.

"The child can only say that he is too shallow." I have long said that I can't leave the family until he becomes a supreme, but you just want to spoil him and let him secretly go out of the family. Now you are happy? ”

The man in the temple shook his head and scorned. When the words came out, the woman who couldn’t resist the crying seemed to cry again.

"Don't cry, can you cry to solve the problem?"

"You can marry her…"Until then, the woman couldn’t help but speak, looking at the woman’s crying eyes, and the sorrow on her face. The brawny’s eyes also showed a faint disappointment, reaching out and touching the woman around. The hair sighed, "Oh, everything has me. I will go to the Styx River for a moment to see if I can redeem the life of my nephew from the Emperor. ”

"Looking for the Emperor?"

When I heard this answer, the woman who was crying was stunned, but it was quickly dimmed and opened.

"It is not easy to ask people from the emperor. In the early years, the Emperor of the Nguyen had found him but let him refuse. The Emperor of the East wanted to ask him to release his disciples from the Styx, and it was…"

"Don't try to know, and…I am asking for something different from them. ”

The woman in the temple was silent. At that time, the nine-tailed demon fox emperor and the emperor Taiyi were seeking impossible things.

One is to resurrect the Five Elements of the Great, and the other is to resurrect and dominate the entire Mozu.

How can the Emperor promise?

But they are different. They are only a demon king's son. If they can show their absolute sincerity, they want to come to the emperor to see the face of his husband's demon god, and maybe they will promise their request.

"You are waiting here, I will go to the Styx to find the Emperor."

When the voice fell into the hall, the man got up from the chair. At the moment he got up, his side was replaced with a set of blue robes branded with beautiful mountains and rivers.

"Fu Jun, wait…I am going with you. ”

Suddenly the woman actually put away the crying face, the whole person's momentum has increased a bit at this moment.

"The two demon gods will visit in person, and maybe the chances of success are greater."

The brawny in the temple couldn't help but look at it. Maybe he was about to forget. Although his wife began to marry him, she began to live with her husband.

But before they are married, she…

However, one of the ninety-nine sacred gods of the Yaozu is a god who will be a master of the gods and beasts by his own power, Zijin Luosha!


Ye Zichen is naturally a singer who doesn't know that he is arbitrarily killed. He is still immersed in the joy of being inside the Stars Pavilion.

But what must be said is that the girl who saved him is definitely a little proud.

It is obvious that he is the savior of the girl, but because he said that he wants to enter the group of stars, this little girl really gave him a drink and sipped.

The snow rabbit and he followed the girl's follow-up, and spent a long time in the blue sky city.


Can not be said to be the snow rabbit and him, the snow rabbit and the girl relationship is very good, both of them are sisters, and when the fear of the class is his own.

It is ridiculous to think about it. One is a life-saving wicked person, and the other one belongs to the master.

But this identity has turned into a follow-up.

Just a second before Ye Zichen’s imminent collapse, a figure passed over the Blue Sky City. The man is dressed in a white robe, medium-sized, with a long white hair in his long black hair.

Not long after he fell in front of the girl, hundreds of people came to the sky.

These people are wearing blue robes, and the stars are also branded on the robes.

What is even more shocking is that these people are actually masters of the Xianwang level.

"Little girl, you are fine."

The man who appeared first appeared in a hurry and ran to the girl here, looking at the front and back several times.

The girl looked at the man with a blank voice and grinned.

"You are really fast enough. Fortunately, this girl is a big blessing, or if I am now, I will let people go to the Yaozu as a wife."

The girl who complained in tone of voice turned white, and the man in front of him laughed.

"Who is so bold, I dare to marry my little sister as a wife, don't let me catch him, or I will unload him a dogleg!"

"Forget it, you can't unload the doglegs, but you can take one from the dog's head. But forget it, anyway, I am not good. ”Looking at the man and turning his eyes again, the man was screaming at the same time, but he did not say anything to fall on Ye Zichen and the snow rabbit. "It should be that you two are for the little girl." This kind of love is recorded by our group of stars."

Said, this person also bowed deeply to Ye Zichen and Snow Rabbit.

Seeing this scene, Ye Zichen couldn't help but nod his head. This is the attitude that should be taken for the savior. I didn’t want to wait until he spoke, and the girl was not willing.

"What are you doing in this mess, even if you don't have a young lady, you can get out of trouble."

Amazingly, the girl looked back at Ye Zichen with a faint look.

"You are also very comfortable with this road. So, you go directly to my house with me. I told you to let me be my class."

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