Full of joy, holding the half artifact to play the white spirit, the half artifact in his hand fell directly to the ground.

She looked at the uncle who was smirking at her, and saw a few laps on her awkward face.


Bai Qizhi and Bai Qiao are also stunned, but Xiao Bai smiled and smiled after a brief period of rigidity.

"I don't want to be the boss, then Wei Jie, are they people you push to the bright side?"

"Yeah, I usually don't have the energy to take care of these things. Wei Jie, they are the confidants I knew when I first came to the mountain, and I gave them peace of mind."

Undecided nodded, Ye Zichen asked again to Xiaobaifa.

"How did you set up this group of stars, Wei Jie told me that you are also a new force. Still within half a year, with the momentum of sweeping, it has controlled over 30% of the forces under Shenshan. ”

"This is not all Yin Shang."After Xiaobai heard it, he sighed inexplicably. "You may not know the big brother. Just half a year ago, he was a good man."

"He is a man of heaven?"

Ye Zichen heard a glimpse.

Supreme, Heavenly Supreme, Heavenly Man, Master.

At the time of the next three worlds, Yin Shang was only a master of the supreme level, and now it is…Ye Zichen is stunned by the speed of his breakthrough. When he thinks about it, he has been born again for more than a hundred years. He is also a star in the stars, Zuo Fuxing, and it is not impossible.

"Yeah, it became a man of heaven six months ago. You can become a hegemon in the mountains of God. You can set up a party alone. In fact, those of us who died are not convinced, and Yin Shang has established this group of stars in the name of stars. In fact, after all, this power is established for you. To be honest, among us, except for Zuo Mo, he is the one who believes that you are still alive. ”

Xiaobai shrugged and smiled a little.

"He told me that you are the emperor and the future world. In the already formed version of the Divine Realm, it must be difficult, and this force is laying the foundation for you. After you return, it is your sharpest sword. Unexpectedly, the boss has actually become a mess, and we almost beat each other. ”

"Yin Shang!"

In the inexplicable Ye Zichen's mind, there are countless memories about him. In the present world, he forcibly plucked the spirit of the Yin family and deliberately approached him.

In the next three circles, he assisted him many times and became the due diligence of Emperor Star.

Yourself…Really made a lot of friends who can be entrusted!

"Boss, since you are here now, it is better to transfer the group star directly to you." In this way, the group of stars and the chaos will be combined, and the whole mountain will be our power. ”Xiaobai opened the way.

"Do not!"

If Ye Zichen came to explore the internal situation of the Stars, it would weaken and annex it. But now that I know that the Stars Pavilion is founded by myself, his plans will also be changed.

"The Stars Club is still under your control. I will only tell Wei Jie that they have a real relationship between the two parties. Under the circumstances, the two sides are still in a competitive relationship."

"What is this?"Xiaobai is incomprehensible.

"Do you think that under the mountain of God do you not affect the interests of the mountain? If it is really the only one under the mountain of God, I am afraid that there will be forces on the mountain to suppress. Now you and the two sides are holding each other, but this will make the family on the mountain of God feel at ease. ”

"After a while, you will suppress the remaining two forces by 10%. I am letting Wei Jie suppress them by 10%. So if we open four or six, God Mountain may even contact you to suppress the chaos, so we will Can better contact with people on the mountain, can also know more news. In fact, in fact, the entire mountain is already in our pocket. ”

These are all thoughts of Ye Zichen after knowing the belonging of the Stars Pavilion. Xiaobai is not a dull person. Hearing Ye Zichen's explanation quickly understood his true intentions.

Ye Zichen smiled and shouted at him.

"You are just the second cabinet owner of the Stars Pavilion. Is the big cabinet owner saying that it is Yin Shang?"

"No, he is just behind the scenes like you. The main cabinet of the Stars Pavilion is actually…"

Xiao Bai will talk about it all, and two figures have already appeared in his courtyard. One of them has a head and a hair on his head, and he is still holding a wooden stick in his hand. The other person is a woman, looking at the youthful and beautiful, but her mouth is not idle from beginning to end.

"Comrade Lao Bai, why are you so anxious to give us the whole thing!"

The opening was the hair, and his voice just fell, and he saw the woman's nose around him keep swaying, and his eyes fell on Ye Zichen's body.


The hair was also seen by the woman's gaze. In an instant, the stick in his hand fell off directly from his hand.


"Jade exhibition, long time no see. Small glass, looks bigger than before. ”

Looking at these two familiar figures, Ye Zichen couldn't help but smile.

"Yeah, I grew up."

The glass carefully took the medicinal herbs up. Although the time passed, it still did not kill her obsession with the medicinal herbs.

Her hands fell on the body of Ye Zichen with her demon eyes, and her mouth was accompanied by a smile.

"When I was just deformed, it really made you suffer. I used a product of medicinal herbs to fool me every day. Let me give you a job, let me show you the children…Hey, I said how you endured, so deceive me this beautiful girl. ”

A hundred years is indeed enough for a person to grow up. Nowadays, the glass is not the blank paper when I first joined the WTO. She also has her own experience, and her character has gradually grown into a complete person.

Looking at her waist, Ye Zichen couldn't help but smile. He didn't explain much. He took out a dozen bottles of Liupindan from the ring and threw it toward the glass.

"give you."

The medicinal herbs started, opened the cork and sniffed the scent of the inside, and the face of the glass immediately improved.

"Look at the fact that you sent me such a high-ranking medicinal medicine, then I will not care about you."

As soon as the voice fell, she quickly took out one and threw it into her mouth, her face full of intoxicating expression.

With the addition of Gou Yuzhan and Liuli, Ye Zichen also got a general understanding of the structure of the Stars Pavilion. Almost all of the people who have risen in the lower bounds have joined the Stars Pavilion, whether it is the Yaozu or the Terran.

Gou Yuzhan also served as the owner of the group of stars, and the words of Yin Shang are…

He is also a right comet, and he has to find a job. Moreover, he is indeed the strongest force in the group of stars, even if it is the white of the ancient god beast swallowing the dog, the body of the transformation is just to play with him five or five.

Liu Li served as the chief of the three cabinets of the group of stars. With a hundred years of precipitation, she is no longer stupid and sweet. The body of Yao Wang makes her strength second only to Gou Yuzhan and Xiao Bai.


"Little white, I have something to tell you."Just as the three of them met, Ye Zichen suddenly said, "I…Killed a tribe of the demon family. ”

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