"Upper beast?"

Without the meditation of Ye Zichen's imagination, when the people in the courtyard heard the people who killed him a superior animal, they still looked like the disapproving look, but the whites clustered their eyes and opened their mouths.

"What ethnic group?"

"The silly dog ​​that family."

At this time, Bai Lingling did not know where to run, and there was Bai Qizhi around her. They carried the fairy fruit and the syrup and placed them on the stone table.

But before we even waited for the people on the table to eat, she saved the fruit from the plate and took a bite.

"so rude."

Looking at Bai Lingling, Xiao Bai looked at Bai Qizhi.

"What is the situation?"

When Bai Qizhi went, everything had already been solved, and he could only put on an unsuspecting look. Xiaobai also had to look at the white-eyed spirit and helplessly.

"How can I give you this trouble? What is going on?"

"Hey, this time you are jealous of me."

The white spirit who took a bite of the fairy fruit was very aggrieved and whispered.

"The people of the Shagou family have just met me at the Jiutian Tongtian Tower. I kept asking me to be his wife, and let him grab me and say what raw rice cooked. When Ye Dabo saw it, he helped kill him. This is probably the case. If you don't believe it, you ask Ye Dabo! ”

Looking at the pitiful look of Bai Lingling, Ye Zichen couldn't help but nod.

"Little Linger said it is good, it is indeed like this. At that time, the person claimed to be a superior beast. To take the little Linger away, I would solve it by the way. This dog system should be the same race as you, and killing them can't bring you any trouble! ”

If Ye Zichen, he wouldn’t care about the Shagous, or he wouldn’t kill him directly.

At that time, he also had a part of the reason for the accident, so that the people of the Shagou family would find the Star Pavilion. But now that the Stars are all their own, these things can't be shackled.

"This can be a problem, kill it!"

Not waiting for the white opening, Gou Yuzhan next to it has already grinned.

"The boss is not the boss, just came to Qingkong City, the whole silly dog ​​family, there are two!"

Listening to Gou Yuzhan, Ye Zichen was a little embarrassed. How did it sound, the people of the Shagou people who were killed at the time were still right?

"To the boss, you gave the kid a whole death. Did he become a beach sand or a direct figure?"

"The figure is gone…"

This conversation made Ye Zichen's own speech unfounded. When he left, when he left, the young man did not stay in the gray, and did not turn into sand by Gou Yuzhan.

With this answer, Gou Yuzhan immediately applauded.

"That's great, then the stupid dog will not die if he doesn't give him a god." If you blast him into sand, you will be able to recover soon. ”

Ye Zichen said that the brain is not enough.

He subconsciously looked over to the snow rabbit and wanted to ask her about the contradictory relationship between the races in the demon world. But the snow rabbit can only hand him a look that can't help, she has already left the Yaozu for tens of thousands of years, and the interest in this middle is really not clear.

Instead, the careful white noticed the stunnedness of Ye Zichen's gaze, explaining.

"The Shagou family is a hostile relationship with our swallowing dog family. Although our swallowing dog family has always occupied the position of the race leader, they have always been eyeing the position of our ethnic group. There is no secret between the two communities to assassinate each other. I stayed here, but in fact, the ethnic group sent me to let me pay attention to the actions of the Shagou people. ”

Is there such a thing?

The trick he was prepared to blame for the water was actually in the middle of the mind?

"I am not quite sure about the battle between your Yaozu, but I was so blatantly killed in the city. There are still many people around to see, can the people of the Shagou family not come to you for trouble? ”

"Then let them come, I have been watching the grandchildren for a long time."

Gou Yuzhan screamed at the table directly, and from his emotions, during the time when Ye Zichen was absent, they definitely made a lot of beams with the Shah.

"Boss, the time you come here may be short. If I really explain it to you, I am afraid I can’t explain it. I can only say that although the territory of the Three Devils of the Demon Lord seems to be like the same pool of stagnant water, it is actually dark and turbulent. The demon and the demon collude with each other, and they are jealous of each other. Now the three circles have been divided into countless forces to form an alliance. ”

Although Xiao Bai said that it was not particularly clear, Ye Zichen still listened to the situation, not as simple as he thought.

Of course, he will not know too much. He does not know that it is natural that his level is not enough.

When he really gets to that level, he will naturally know the news.

"Then, if they really send a master of heavenly level, how do you resist?"Ye Zichen Emei, even if he does not understand the situation of the Yaozu, but since it is the ethnic group of the superior beast, the demon of the heavenly level is definitely looking for it.

Although the Heavenly Man is not at a particularly high level in the entire Three Realms, it is enough to destroy the land under the mountain of God!

"Heaven?"Xiaobai smiled disdainfully. "I hope they can send people to come, but…They dare not come. ”

Lazy and stretched out, Xiaobai got up directly from the chair and said.

"Don't sit here, I will contact the boss's old knowledge in the lower bounds for a while, let's get together, and don't get drunk tonight!"

"it is good!"Gou Yuzhan is hearty and should be.

"I……If you drink yours, just give me the medicine to eat. ”The glazed flat has a flat mouth.

Heaven does not dare to come here, which makes Ye Zichen very suspicious. Judging from the look of Xiao Bai, it is obvious that he has a number in his heart.

In this case, he does not need to worry about people.

The problem of the Shah is still behind, and Ye Zichen hooked the neck of Xiao Bai and Gou Yuzhan.

"Okay, don't get drunk!"

At the same time, the end of the river is under three kilometers…

Two purple enchanting lights appear here, surrounded by countless grotesque fish wandering here, and the strength of these fish is not weak, even the weakest is the supreme level, and even the vaguely can feel The breath of heaven and man.

The owners of these two purple lights were the parents of the young people who killed Ye Zichen. When they appeared, the wandering fish were all showing their fierceness, but they all retreated after feeling the breath of both of them. I dare not provoke in the distance.

The fish were driven away, and they also set their sights on the dark black palace in front.

Here, it is one of the most powerful people in the world, the palace of the emperor!

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