Suddenly, a cloud fell from the high point of the palace.

When the clouds fell in front of Sha Kunpeng and the rain butterfly, the sweat fell uncontrollably like rain, and the pores underneath the body were violently contracted.

A sense of crisis.

They are afraid that they have not felt this way for tens of thousands of years.

In the demon world, they are the demon gods who are tall.

But in front of the Emperor, they are humble and even ants are not as good. If you want to let the emperor want to kill them now, they must fight against death, then they will not even have the hope of survival.

"I don't know what the Emperor of the Emperor wants us to do?"

Sha Kunpeng, who is kneeling on the ground, keeps blinking. When he comes, he knows that he must pay something to resurrect his son from the Emperor. But what he is nervous now is that the Emperor wants to let What is he doing.

From the beginning of his coming to the Emperor's Palace, his disciples personally took the road and brought his son over without them.

This series of actions in his view, both husband and wife are step by step to the plan of the Emperor.

Especially now that the Emperor of the Ming Dynasty has fallen directly to them, Sha Kunpeng is puzzled, what the Emperor is seeking!

"You guys…"

The voice of the Emperor of the Confucianism was no longer transmitted from the eight halls of the main hall, but fell directly from the clouds to Sha Kunpengโ€™s ears.

"In fact, this seat has not yet thought about it."

"That adult…"

Sha Kunpeng is even more puzzled. Since he did not think about it, why should he fall in front of them.

Could it be said that the Emperor of the Ming Dynasty knew that their demon genie had dealt with him, and deliberately fell to their husband and wife, and wanted to give them some warnings to the people on the side of the demon?

If this is the case, the problem can be troublesome.

In the recent hundred years, the Yaozu has split into two factions, the main battle group, the main unit, and Sha Kunpeng. They belong to the main war faction.

The main desire of the main war faction is to attack the two circles of the Terran and the Devil. The most necessary prerequisite for attacking the Terran is to cross the Styx.

Although the Emperor of the Ming Dynasty is the Lord of the Styx, his background is actually the Terran.

He stayed here to separate the Yao and the Terran, but it was also the internal inspiration of the Terran.

For hundreds of years, they have been studying how to deal with the Emperor, and mainly from his avenues and exercises.

Over the years, they have gradually got some brows against them, just waiting for the next step.

These are just the most secret information inside of them, and it is impossible to disclose them outside.

Or, are they inside the ghost?

I think that the look of Sha Kunpeng has changed and changed, but now he can't be self-defeating.

"Sand God will look too bad?"

The Emperor of the Clouds sneered at the opening, and Sha Kunpeng immediately said that it was not good. Because he was too worried about the news leaking, he did not have a good cover.

He smiled awkwardly, and Sha Kunpeng was pouting and holding his fist.

"There have been some busy business days, some of them are exhausted, and there are people who care about the Emperor."

"In this way, there are indeed a lot of things inside your Yaozu. It is not surprising that Sha Shen will say that his heart is exhausted."

Between the words, the Emperor, who turned into a cloud, returned to his seat.

The moment of the squatting on the ground, Sha Kunpengโ€™s eyes smashed, and the blood vessels on the neck exploded.

What is the meaning of Emperor?

Sha Kunpeng kept asking himself in his heart. The ones he just said are clearly known.

The cold sweat instantly soaked the clothes, and at the same time, the Emperor was also open.

"This part suggests that Sha Shen will still not seek revenge for the person who killed your son, because the people of your Yaozu will not cross the river."

In an instant, the entire hall was turned into nothingness.

Countless thunders vented in the hall, and the sky was like the end of the world, and the wind whispered. Among them, Sha Kunpeng and Yu Die are all stunned and their arms are shaking.

"When you return to the Yaozu, you can talk to the old monsters on your side. Although Pan Jingtian said nothing about the world, it is not a fool. I am very clear about their activities. If you really want to cross the Styx, look for the East Emperor Taiyi to come to my palace to see me! โ€

As soon as the voice fell, the whistling wind blew to Sha Kunpeng's side. When they returned to God, they had already flowed out of the river.

"Do you know the Emperor?"

Standing on the bank of the river, the butterfly of the rain butterfly brows, Sha Kunpeng is also frowning, for a long time, he only looked at the rain butterfly opening.

"You brought the Hui people to rebuild their bodies, and I went to the sacred place."

"you wantโ€ฆโ€ฆ"The rain butterfly looks different, but I didnโ€™t expect Sha Kunpeng to shake his head and make a fist. "I just go to talk, if possible…I want to quit. โ€

Can become a demon god, its heart is naturally not a weak generation.

The warnings of the Emperor, as well as the bottomless strength that he exposed, made Sha Kunpeng have to re-examine the plans of their organization. Is it really feasible?

Not only for him, but for the people behind him.

He must think about it well.

"Master, Sha Kunpeng, they have left."

The emperorโ€™s palace, the young man who entered the main hall with Sha Kunpeng came in from outside the temple. Just now he went out to see the traces of the Sha Kunpeng couple.

After they left the Styx, he immediately returned to report.

"They naturally have to go, can they still attack my palace directly?"

At this time, the cloud around the Emperor of the Emperor was already scattered. It is hard to imagine that the Supreme Emperor was a white and tender boy.

From the perspective of its appearance, it is afraid that it is no more than fifteen years old.

Only his blue-green scorpion has a vicissitudes that are difficult for ordinary people to understand.

He was wearing a purple robes, and his long waist was casually falling on his shoulders. The white-eyed fingers glared at a teacup and held an ancient book in silence.

"Through these two people naturally do not dare to attack the imperial palace, you can stand up to such a straightforward point, you are not afraid of them…"The youth wants to stop talking.

"What are you afraid of?"In the light laugh, the ancient book was thrown to the long table in front of the chair. The Emperor Laz was lazy and stretched out, and his eyes were faintly disdainful. "Recently they are very uneasy, I am afraid that I have known that my body has recently made the heart sleepy." Live, the strength is not one. There is no East Emperor Taiyi, they want to cross the river, it is also an idiotic dream. I just want to tell them, let them be jealous, maybe even more time for my body. โ€

"How do you know that Donghuang Taiyi did not participate?"

The young man locks his eyebrows. In his opinion, his master is a bit too big. Ming knows that the Yaozu is preparing to deal with him, but does not make any arrangements, but also take the initiative to clarify it.

This is really dangerous.

"He yeah…I understand. โ€

A faint sigh came from the mouth of the Emperor, although there was not much explanation, but there was an indescribable decision in the light tone.

Just as the Emperor wanted to pick up the ancient book, it seemed that he thought of something else and turned to the young man.

"Right, are you old-fashioned with Ye Zichen?"

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