The whole hall is quiet and even the roots can be heard clearly. The youth in the temple are also looking at the Emperor.


The youth condensed eyebrows for a long time and never said anything. The Emperor, who was reading the ancient book, glanced at him and looked at the hesitant color on his face. He closed his eyes on the ancient books and said nothing.

"Knowing is knowing. If you don't know, you don't know. You answer."

In the way of Emperor, since he asked here, nature has made everything clear to the heart, and deliberate concealment is in vain.

Young people also recognized this and nodded.


With this kind of answer, the Emperor was very satisfied and nodded. The ancient book in his hand was put down, sitting on a chair and laughing at the youth in the temple.

"If you know it, you will be able to do it. After a while, you will pack it up and find him."

"Master, you want to see him specifically. This is…"

"Let you go to the teacher for you."

In an instant, the entire hall was shrouded in a dignified atmosphere, and the young man immediately fell to the ground and buried his head deeply.

"Apprentices obey."

Under the call of Xiao Bai, Ye Zichen came back from the outside when he was known in the world. When he saw him, he was spared.

Among them, there are the animal domain, Heavenly Court, the land, the fairyland…

There are hundreds of people.

Xiaobai’s house also held a grand banquet, and the banquet lasted for three days.


Lazy and lazy, Ye Zichen got up from the bed. The headache left by alcoholism has not improved until now, and he has a faint smile on his head.

"It hasn't been so drunk for a long time."

After a short chuckle, he used the spirit of the spirit to blast all the alcohol.

Drunk is easy to forget the troubles and stress, but now he needs absolute waking.

"Ye Dabo."

At this moment, the door of the room suddenly opened, and it was seen that Bai Lingling ran from the outside.

"Yu Ling, who makes you so rash."

At the moment she opened the door, she heard the white Joe's swearing.

Not long after, Bai Qiao also appeared in front of the door, and saw Ye Zichen woke up and could not help but open the door.

"You don't care about Ye Big Brother, I will go back and be sure to discipline."

"No harm."Ye Zichen, who had already waved his shoes, walked over to them. "Is Xiaobai looking for me?"

"No, it’s the Wei Gang who came to help, and said that you let him come."

Bai Qiao shook his head and answered, Ye Zichen thought that when he was drunk last night, he sent a message to Wei Jie and asked him to come over.

If they were not the mother and daughter, he almost forgot.

"I will pass this."

Baifu Qiantang.

Wei Jie locks his eyebrows and sits on the chair. There are also several masters of the Tianxian peak level beside him. The second commander of the town demon tower is also in the hall.

Last night, he suddenly received the news of Ye Zichen and asked him to come to Baifu, the owner of the second cabinet.

The first time he thought about it was whether Ye Zichen’s identity was revealed and he immediately sent him a message.

But the news is like a sinking sea, no response.

Worried that Ye Zichen is safe, he will directly send troops, and will arbitrarily help the elite to fall around the city near the Stars.

As long as he makes a living, those elites will directly attack the Stars.

He himself took a few masters of the Xianwang level and Lei Zhen, and rushed to Qingkong City overnight.

"I don't know how long it will take me to see Ye Xiong."

Wei Jie, who had never seen Ye Zichen for a long time, was full of urgency. He locked his eyebrows and looked at the white white sitting in the center. He did not know how many times he said the same thing.

"Wei help the Lord also please do not worry, I have a banquet here a few nights. Ye Big Brother was drunk and drunk when he was in the early hours of the morning. Now he still doesn't know how to wake up. But I have already let my wife and daughter call him, and I will come soon. ”

Xiao Bai and good answer, Wei Jie heard this answer can not help but brow a pick.

Ye Big Brother?


Before he could clear the relationship between him, Bai Qiao and Bai Yuling had already come in from outside the temple with Ye Zichen.

"Xiao Bai, Wei Jie…"


At about the same time, Wei Jie and Xiao Bai spoke at the same time.

Hearing each other's answers, the two looked at each other. Wei Jie looked at Xiaobai with incomprehensibility, but Xiaobai nodded and smiled at him.

No longer paying attention to Xiao Bai, Wei Jie walked to Ye Zichen's side, deliberately suppressing the voice.

"Boss, what the hell is this? How did the second cabinet owner of this group of stars tell you the boss, just told me that you had been drinking last night, are you still drunk? ”

Between the words, Wei Jie kept aiming at Xiaobai, but saw that the other side felt his gaze and couldn't stop laughing.

Wei Jie can't help but aversion to the cold, the group of stars and the chaos of the two forces, and they do not know how many times they fight.

Now the second cabinet owner of the Stars Pavilion is so different to him, he is really a bit uncomfortable.

Without paying attention to Wei Jie's suspicion, Ye Zichen smiled and opened his mouth toward Xiao Bai.

"Little white, there are no outsiders here."

"This is my relationship, no outsiders."Xiaobai’s mouth nodded, and Ye Zichen also looked back at Wei Jiedao. “The group of stars is actually a group with us, but don’t tell the people below, let the following people still think that the two parties are hostile forces. ."



Wei Jie thought that he had misunderstood himself and repeatedly confirmed it several times before he was full of shocked words.

"This……what's the situation? ”

"You do not know……"

Said, Xiao Bai said to Ye Zichen that he did not merge with the gang, still let the two sides maintain their hostility.

It was not until after everything was made clear that Wei Jie had a clear smile.

"Is there such a clever thing? If the two of us merge, it is not the forces under the mountain that should be attributed to us. Boss, why not merge? ”Wei Jie is puzzled.

Ye Zichen heard a word from Xiao Bai, and Xiao Bai had to repeat the idea of ​​Ye Zichen on the same day with Wei Jie.


Hearing the last Wei Jie couldn't help but applaud, he didn't think too much about the stakes in the middle. Just thinking about the merger of the two sides will be unprecedented, but forget that the people on the mountain can never tolerate their family.

Even if it is just under the mountain of God.

"So these things only need us to help the top management, but also must be absolutely confidant to know. The rest of the people still think that the Stars Pavilion is a hostile force, but the exchange of fire between the two sides should not be too fierce, as long as the point is up, don't let the people below make each other angry. ”

"That's no problem."

With a clear gesture, the jade of Wei Jie's waist flashed red. Nodded to Ye Zichen and Xiaobai, and took the jade slip into the fairy.

In an instant, Wei Jie’s brows clustered and saw the Ye Zichen opening.

"What's wrong?"

Wei Jie took the jade brief and shook his head and smiled.

"I just came to the news and said that Gao Yun's Gao Jiayu has turned against the Gao family. Now the Gao family is in a mess…Boss, do you want to take advantage of this opportunity and insert a hand? ”

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