Wei Jie’s eyes flashed in the light and looked at Ye Zichen. Under the mountain of God, 20% of the forces were not integrated, and most of them belonged to the family that was sent under the mountain of God.

They all have Shenshan as their backing, so they are dismissive of the chaos and the greatness of the group.

The high home of Ice Blue City is one of them.

Ye Zichen did not answer directly, but sat down on the chair in the temple. Xiao Bai looked at the middle of the two and couldn’t help but open the door.

"What do you mean by the high school of the Emperor Leidi?"

When this was said, Wei Jie and Ye Zichen would all look at him.

“The group of stars also know this?”

Although Ye Zichen has told Wei Jie that the group is his own, both sides have been playing for more than half a year. The friction in the middle is constantly, and suddenly it is said to be a group. In the final analysis, it is still somewhat unaccustomed, so that there are still some tit-for-tat when speaking. taste.

Xiaobai also understood this, did not care about Wei Jie's tone, can not help but frown.

"Know some, not much is known. However, Yin Shang once said that people who want us to pay attention to the Lei Di Xiao family, the boss…"

The eyes fell on Ye Zichen's body, and although Xiao Bai did not say the words behind him, Ye Zichen already knew what he wanted to convey.

It seems that Xiao family and Yin Shang they do not belong all the way.

Gao Yunying is against the high school, which is definitely good news for Ye Zichen. The family backyard of Xiao’s family was on fire, which is absolutely what he was happy to see.

It can be said that if you want to intervene in this matter, you have to think about it. Too early exposure to Xiao’s line of sight is not necessarily a good thing.

"What is the situation at the top of the house now?"

As soon as the voice fell, Wei Jie immediately responded.

"The news from the eyeliner said that Gao Yunqi integrated all his forces and is countering the high family. More than 40% of the families and forces of the Gaojia vassal stand on the side of Gao Yunzhen. The result of the war between the two sides is *Open, but no matter who wins in the end, the power of Gaojia will be the biggest reduction. ”

Ye Zichen shook his head, although Wei Jie answered in great detail, but the news he wanted to hear did not appear.

Since the high family is now in a mess, the Xiao family standing behind them cannot be sent down. What he wants to know is who the Xiao family is standing on.


Perceived Ye Zichen's dissatisfaction with the news, Wei Jie tentatively asked. Ye Zichen did not play a riddle with him, he said.

"Don't the people of Xiaojia come?"


Wei Jie language plug, the following people did not mention Xiao Jialai when he conveyed the news for him. The contents are all on the high family and ask them how to do it.

At this moment, Wei Jie’s jade is actually shining.

He mentioned that Yu Jian had explored the inside of the fairy, and it was not long before he put down the jade, and said with a smile.

"Boss, you are really a god. You just mentioned Xiao family. The following people said that there are several elite masters coming from the high house. The power of Gao Yunqi immediately fell into a rout after the emergence of the supreme. At this time, it is already Do the final mortal counterattack. I want to come to those masters of the supreme level, that is, the people sent by Xiao Jia. ”

"now it's right."Ye Zichen nodded faintly and said the situation to the heart. "Let's not let go of the things of the high family, let them fight in their own nests."

Wei Jie nodded in a word, and the people with Xiao family sent it here. Even if they wanted to shoot, they would not fall into the fruit.

Instead of forcing a high-ranking family to consume their own power, it is better to sit on the mountain and watch the tiger fight.

"You don't want to stay here for too long, so as not to attract the attention of outsiders."In the faint opening of Wei Jie, Ye Zichen’s eyes flashed inexplicably in the inexplicable light. “After going back, I pay more attention to the situation of Gaojia. Although Gao’s family now has the shelter of Xiao’s people, it does not mean that the people of Xiao’s family will always Stay at their home. As long as they withdraw, hey, you should know what I mean. ”

From the time of the Three Realms, Ye Zichen made a big difference with Xiao Jia. Although there is not enough strength to deal with the Lei Di Xiaojia, it is to deal with the family rights of the next party.

Wei Jie’s eyes were also bright, and he nodded his mouth.


The mighty gang of help left the house from Xiaobai’s house. As Xiao Bai, who has always followed Ye Zichen, he is very clear about the dispute between Xiao and Ye Zichen, and he knows his boss’s relationship with Xiao’s family. How deep is hate.

In the battle of the world, the Beast, the Fairyland, the Heavenly Court, and the local government all suffered heavy losses.

Among them are warriors who throw their heads and blood for future generations, and friends and lovers who are extremely important to Ye Zichen.

After all the whites that have gone through it, it is clear that Ye Zichen is in this calm appearance, and when he hears the Lei Di Xiao's family, he feels more shocked inside.

Xia Keke…

Isn't it just to help him stop the day and die?


I want to say what I want to say but I don’t know what to say. Now Xiaobai is not just a simple elimination of the poodle. His experience and experience let him know what can be said, and what can only be hidden in the bottom of my heart.

Thousands of words eventually turned into a gentle shot of two shoulders, and Ye Zichen felt the white worry, could not help but grin.

"Nothing, you don't have to be like this, and…Cocoa is not necessarily dead. ”

"Boss, you mean…"

Xiaobai’s eyes widened and he saw Ye Zichen grinning at him, his eyes gazing at the opposite direction of the Styx.

"She may be in the depths of the demon world, but I am not sure."

These news are all told by Gu Zichen. He has no way to determine the true and false of all this, but he would rather believe that all this is true.

"I will let people investigate. If there is any news, I will tell you the boss immediately."

"Please, please."

"What are we still saying, please don't ask."

Glanced at Ye Zichen, Xiaobai hurried away, and should contact the people in his family to investigate Xia Keke.

How can the swallowing dog family say that it is also an ancient mythical beast, and it still has some intersection with the holy beast dragon family.

With his help, maybe the authenticity of Xia Keke's news may soon surface.

As long as he closes his eyes, Ye Zichen’s mind still stays in Xia Keke, which is turned into a golden dragon. He protects him under the flesh and resists the thunder, letting Thunder smash his dragon scale until the last figure Off.

This scene has never been forgotten in his life, the same…Xiaojia’s hatred with him, he will never forget it forever.

Xiao’s Tianlei hurts too many people who are important to him while rejecting him. This hatred…

Get it!

Gao Jia is the first step of his revenge Xiao Jia!

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