Thousands of years ago, Gao’s ancestors made great contributions to Xiao’s family and sent them to Huangquan City.

Although it is necessary to turn over the corresponding resources in the past 50 years, the banner of the Lei Di Xiao family can be used. In fact, the high family will retain a lot of resources for their own use, and the family will grow stronger.

But all of this is based on the family's ability to pay punctual resources.

Just a few days ago, Gao’s ancestors contacted Kaohsiung and asked about things that had not been turned over. It didn't take long for Xiao to send people to investigate, so what he couldn't think of was…

The special envoy of the lower school actually died at the trading place.

"It’s just a matter of confiscation of resources. If you hand over the resources, you can go back. But you…Even dare to design a special envoy to murder, Gao Yunhao, you are really daring. ”

Looking at Gao Yunxiao's gaze, Kaohsiung's eyes showed a faint disappointment.

Between him and Gao Ruilong, in fact, he is more inclined to let Gao Yunzhen take the position of the patriarch after he returned to the mountain.

The purpose of cultivating Gao Ruilong is actually to hone his heart.

I couldn’t think of it, he could do this kind of disobedience.

"I am not murdering the special envoy!"

The high cloud surrounded by anger and anger, he said that there is no way to refute the private resources. The two resources he really left.

But the murderer, he did not do it, and did not have the ability to do it.

"On the same day, I handed the resources to the special envoy, and I followed the cronies back to the family. When I left, the special envoys were still fine. Moreover, the special envoys sent by Xiao Jia are at least the supreme level, how can I have the ability to design a murder envoy. ”

"No? The people in the East are here. Do you think I am making up lies to lie to you? ”

Gao Xiong’s tiger stared at Gao Yun’s eyes, and his entire face was accompanied by anger.

"At this time, you still don't admit it, then you tell me that if the special envoy is not framed by your design, then where do you get the resources to train your subordinates."

"It’s the special envoy to give me…"

"Well, let alone."

Disappointment to Gao Yunqi is getting bigger and bigger. Kaohsiung also thought that the strength of his son would not be enough to deal with the special envoy of the next faction. The reason he asked the previous question was to let him tell his accomplices.

As long as he pushes everything to that accomplice, he is forced to help himself, so that he may have the opportunity to plead for his life and leave a life.

But he said that he was the special envoy to him…

What a ridiculous answer this is.

Deeply sighed, Kaohsiung was not paying attention to his son, and he fought for everything he had fought for, but he did not grasp it himself, which is no stranger to others.

The people who turned to Xiaojia on the emptiness were deeply embarrassed, and they heard Kaohsiung open.

"Special envoy, please do it."

This sentence also asserts Gao Yunyi's life and death. He screams and screams at his own embarrassment, but no one listens to him.

The cronies around me fell down and looked at the cronies who fell in the pool of blood, until they left him on the court.

The special envoy to step on the sword has also fallen to the front of Gao Yunzhen, staring at him with the most indifferent eyes.

everything is over.

A terrible laugh emerged from the corner of Gao Yun's mouth, and the clouds in the sky also covered the sun. The whistling wind accompanied the bleak, blowing on his face, so that the sorrows on Gao Yun’s face became more and more prosperous.

He looked around in dismay, seeing disappointment, pity and ridicule of Gao Ruilong.

Finally, he fell to Cai Renfei's body.

The other party is watching him at this time, his eyes are very indifferent, and there is no fluctuation in emotions.

"Second brother, you have found a good aide."

Laughing toward Gao Ruilong's haze, Gao Yunqi turned back and lifted the blade that had been cut down on the ground, before the neck…


A blood arrow sprang from his neck, and Gao Yunqi also fell to the ground with the blade in his hand.

Seeing his self-discipline, Kaohsiung subconsciously moved his eyes to other places.

How do you say that he is a father, how can he watch his son die.

At this moment, the special envoy of Xiao Jia was actually grabbing the body of Gao Yunqi, and Kaohsiung immediately spoke after seeing it.

"Special envoy, you are…"

"We have to take him back to life."The special envoy of the sword was opened, and when Kaohsiung answered, he heard another special envoy saying, "Although the sinners have already been fussy, the resources of your high family are still not paid on time. Give you three days to hand over the required resources, otherwise…You are clear about yourself. ”

The two auras flashed, and the special envoys of the lower school left at the same time from Xiao’s house.

The people silently commented on standing in the center of the house, the body kept shaking, and the two fists clenched and stretched Kaohsiung.

"Come on, go and count the people who died in Huangquan City and the people in the family, and make corresponding compensation. Gao Yunqi was removed from the genealogy, and all his genus was removed from the family. Life, Gao Ruilong is the next patriarch of the Gao family, and the handover of the patriarch will be held after three months. That's it. ”

As soon as the voice fell, Kaohsiung turned silently and walked toward the room in the courtyard.

When he said this, his whole person seemed to be ten years old, and the bleak back made the people in the family sigh.

The white-haired person sent a black-haired man, and it would definitely be uncomfortable to come to him.

However, among those people, there is a group of people who are all cheerful and elated. These people are the lines of Gao Ruilong.

"Give me the father."

Towards Kaohsiung's deep embarrassment, after his departure, Gao Ruilong looked straight around the waist, and the high family members immediately bowed to him.

Although they did not call out the name of the patriarch, he knew…

This is not far off.

Three months later, he was a high family leader.

Gao Yunxuan’s rebellion caused Huang Quancheng’s entire city to be stained with blood. The city’s pool was full of crying and weeping, but in Gaoruilong’s house, it was brightly lit and banqueted.

Above the banquet, everyone congratulated Gao Ruilong, and he was also called by the patriarch.

Gao Ruilong is overjoyed.

Until the early hours of the morning, the banquet was over, and everyone was retiring.

A pair of high-spirited Gao Ruilong also returned to the room.

May be deliberately pleased, I do not know who is still hiding a small Jiao Niang in his room, when I saw her, Gao Ruilong immediately smirked and smiled, pulled the clothes and rushed toward the little Jiao Niang.

At this time, there was a sudden knock on the door suddenly.


People disturbed Yaxing, which made Gao Ruilong's face very bad. When he didn't wear his bare feet, he walked to the door and pushed the door open. He saw Cai Renfei's mouth smirk and stood in front of the door.

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