Kaohsiung, who had just experienced the pain of losing his son, stayed up all night, and in order to let his mind sink, he sat in the courtyard all night.

Kaohsiung, sitting cross-legged, is like a daddy, and his breathing has become nothing.

Suddenly, he closed his eyes, his ears moved slightly, and immediately opened his eyes. Looking at the door of the house, I saw the confidant of his men rushing toward him.


The confidant wore the heavy armor in the face of the war. Although Kaohsiung stayed up all night, they were all sorting out things, and they never rested.

The thick ink-like eyes of the tight clusters, the eyebrows make him locked into the "Chuan" shape.

In particular, his dignified look, coupled with the feeling of the words and the end, let Kaohsiung's eyes also reveal some deep.

"Ah, what's wrong, there is nothing to say directly."

The man who asked Kaohsiung to call Ah Yi licked his lower lip, and the right hand held the sword in his hand, and immediately released the deep breath.

"The patriarch, I will ask you not to be too excited after I have said it for a while."


Kaohsiung’s brows were so tight that he was not too excited about his emotions in his expectations.

The most problems that can be encountered are the appeasement of the people in the city pool, as well as the subsequent compensation. These are at most a little money to solve.

Although it is necessary to pay the same amount of resources for the Xiao family, the money of the people in the city can be claimed.

Ah Yi heard his lips and slammed his back toward the back. The heavy armor of his body also creaked.

"Gao Ruilong, Master, he…"

"What's up with him?"Kaohsiung clusters.

"he……I was killed last night. ”

As soon as the voice fell, the Kaohsiung pair sitting on the ground was instantly rounded. In an instant, a stream of blood ran directly along his mouth and splashed on the cobblestone road ahead.


A big surprise to report the situation, rushed to Kaohsiung's right hand shackles on his back, the most pure Xian Ling force into his body.

When his immortality entered the body, he discovered that the veins in Kaohsiung were severely ill.

Spirituality is also quite violent, and there is no rule in the veins.

Ah Yi immediately used his own fairy spirit to guide and pull in his body until the spiritual power in Kaohsiung was completely stabilized. He took a medicinal medicine from the ring and stuffed it into his mouth.


The blood clots in the throat coughed up, and the unconscious Kaohsiung opened his eyes again.

He was blind and ignorant, and paled his hand and pushed Ayi's hand away, speaking in the weakest tone.

"You said……Ruilong he was killed? ”

After the awakening, Kaohsiung seems to be a few decades old. The pain of the previous day’s loss has made him exhausted, but he did not expect…It has not been twelve o'clock, and his other son is dead.

Looking at the old Kaohsiung in front of him, Ayi’s eyes showed a faint distress, and he nodded his teeth.

"Yes, just now, someone came to report and said that when I went to the house of Master Ruilong, I saw that there was a clear trace of fighting in his yard. When he entered the house, he saw the young master lying in the room. In the living room, the heart is stabbed to death by sharp gas. In the house of Master Ruilong, there is also a woman who is dead, the woman is like a dusty woman, and the chest is completely penetrated by spiritual power. ”


Kaohsiung, who was able to sit up by Ai, was in a low-pitched state, and his body trembled fiercely. The pair of once sturdy eyes are now only godless and lonely.

"The patriarch, please don't be too sad, you are now the backbone of the high family. If you have any problems, then our family will really have to mess up."

For a long time, Kaohsiung was immersed in the sorrow of Gao Ruilong’s murder.

It was not until half an hour later that he walked out of his sorrow a little and stood up under the help of Ah Yi. His eyes were filled with a sad low voice.

"Take me in the past."

Gao Ruilong’s murder will alarm the entire high family. He only told the patriarch yesterday that he will inherit the high family owner after March and the second day will be murder. This is quite a big problem for Gaojia.

Old family, guest.

Everyone who has the right to speak in Gaojia has come to the house of Gao Ruilong, and there are many people around him who come to watch the wind.

In the middle of this group of people is sitting in a beautiful woman wearing a purple long skirt. This woman is the mother of Gao Ruilong, the wife of Kaohsiung, the wife of the former Cai family, and the mother of Cai Renfei…

Li Wei!

She didn't cry, nor did she have trouble.

Just sitting on the ground like a daze, wearing a white hair on one shoulder, lying on her lap is the already dead Gore.

As everyone knows, this situation is the most worrying.

The sorrow is no more than the death of the heart, Li Wei is now in this state.

"Madam, please also mourn."

The surrounding old people and the guests were all relieved, but Li Wei was just sitting still, and did not give a slight response.

When everyone shook their heads and regretted it, there was a commotion in the crowd, and someone shouted.

"The patriarch is coming."

In an instant, the location of the door of the house is to give way. Not long after, I saw that Ayi helped Kaohsiung to come in from the outside of the house.


Everyone around them was bowed, and Kaohsiung came to Gao Ruilong regardless of his care.

Gao Ruilong, who was lying on the ground and looked at his eyes, looked at his white hair as if he was a living dead.

The depth of the eyelids concealed a faint sorrow, and he sighed with a strong closed eye.

"Whoever found it first."

The crowd immediately walked out of the man wearing a plain robe and fell to the ground with his knees.

"It's small."

"you……It’s not good to follow the people in the city to appease the people. What are you doing in Ruilong’s house? ”

Under the gaze of Kaohsiung, the man fell into the ice of the Wanzhang, and he was involuntarily chilling.

In this case, he has already guessed Kaohsiung’s thoughts and quickly bowed his head.

"The patriarch Mingjian, it was Master Ruilong who told me to call him the next morning. Said to let him follow us in the city pool to move around, the small is just ordered to do, the young Master Ruilong is not under the kill. ”

"Is it? Who can testify for you? ”


The man squirmed his lips and couldn't speak. At the time, Gao Ruilong told him that he had only two of them.

"The patriarch Mingjian, the small strength is shallow, but just entered the fairy. The young master of Ruilong is already a fairy king. How can a small master kill the young master Ruilong. ”

"That is, no one can testify for you?"

Gao * Ben ignores the explanation of the next person, and immediately flashes through the eyes.

"Take him down, Ling Chi!"

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