When listening to Kaohsiung's order, the first reaction of Ayi wearing a heavy armor was actually to make it a little calm.

If one year ago, the emergence of chaos was only a drop in the sea of ​​many new forces.

After a year of development, the current chaos can definitely be counted as a beast.

Although the existence of chaos did not affect the power of the high family, such forces are still in their eyes. Under the control of 50% of the forces and sites under the mountain of God, under the control of chaos, Kaohsiung is now going to send troops to help the army to say that it is not too much to hit the stone.

Only when he noticed Kaohsiung’s face, he was swallowed by the comfort of his mouth.

"Subordinate to obey."

The heavy armor that kicked the body in Kaohsiung’s heavy punches disappeared from the courtyard.

Ah Yi’s duty is to obey Kaohsiung’s orders absolutely. This is his ethics, so he can silence in this case to execute orders.

The elders in the family are different from the guest, although they are high-ranking people, but there is also an absolute interest in this.

The chaos of the chaos, they can not let Kaohsiung make a decision that may let the family collapse.

"The patriarch, I suggest you think twice before you go."

After Ah Yi left, the old man with a eagle hook nose emerged from the crowd. When he saw his appearance, everyone gave up a place for him. Kaohsiung also looked at him with a positive color, but he waved at him. Shake his head.

"Kaohsiung! Gao family has only experienced such a recent change, but now you have to push the whole family to the Jedi for your own selfish desires! ”

The old man screamed and angered, but Kaohsiung smiled at this moment.

"If your son is dead, don't you know if the elders can still behave like this?"

For a time, the old man had some words, and Kaohsiung silently glanced at the body of Gao Ruilong and arranged for the people to bury them. Immediately, he took a token with a thunder stripe from the ring in front of everyone.

At the moment of seeing this token, the old man who wanted to speak and persuade also closed his mouth. This token is a warrant for the contact between Gao Jia and Shenshan Xiaojia.

If it is difficult to compete with the chaos of the Chambers, it is difficult to help the Chambers, but if there is a Xiao family shot…

The people around are all very surprised. If you can really take this opportunity, you will solve it with the help of Xiao's hand and turn your resources into your own. Then the high family will reach an unprecedented height.

Noticing the eyes of the people around him, Kaohsiung is also a smile.

The future of the family is hung on the mouth, but in fact it is just a generation of people who think about their own interests.

But there is nothing wrong with this. There is no need to blame them for this.

Kaohsiung is also holding the hand in his hand without paying attention to those who are shutting up.

The only chip that wants to deal with chaos is it.

"You don't have to be idle, try to contact the rest of the forces, and tell them that we have to deal with chaos. Recently, the chaos has risen too quickly. There are definitely many families on the mountain that see it as a nail. You go with it. Those who have contact with the mountains above the mountain, the forces under the mountain can be integrated."

As a high family leader for so long, Kaohsiung is not a leisurely generation.

It seems that he is irrational to deal with chaos, in fact, this is not within his calculations. The rise of the chaos is too fast, although he does not seem to affect the existence of the high family, but in fact has already caused an absolute threat to the high family in the subconscious.

He refused to allow this kind of power to lie around him, just by this opportunity, to reconcile the family that is connected with all the mountains above, and to touch this suddenly rising power.

Xiao Jia also mentioned this gang many times, and he is very surprised by the rise of this gang.

I happened to take this opportunity to see who is standing behind the mess.


Qingkong City.

After Xiaobai said to help Ye Zichen ask about Xia Keke, they have been away from the government. I want to play with Gou Yuzhan, what he can't think of is…

A hundred years of time really made Gou Yuzhan have a great change, and I spent a lot of time all day in the group of stars.

As a result, Ye Zichen feels lonely.

"Who are you, why are you standing here?"

Just then, Ye Zichen’s house outside the house was looking at the two brawnies who watched the door. Both of them looked particularly burly. He had never seen these two people at home before, apparently not the guards he arranged for Ye Zichen.

However, their feelings for Bai Lingling seem to be stronger than their strength.

"The son is practicing, and no one can bother."

The black-faced man standing at the left of the door is the eyebrows. These two people are selected by Ye Zichen from the town demon tower. The strength is about three stages.

"Hurry and let go, here is my home, you even stopped me. What kind of son is uncle, I am looking for me Ye Dabo. ”

"The son is…"

"Let her come in."

Just as the two were still formulating the answer, Ye Zichen’s low voice came from the courtyard. The two waiters did not hesitate, and let the road open the white spirit and the snow rabbit.

The wrinkled nose was crumpled toward the supreme guards, and the white spirits ran in high spirits.

When he saw Ye Zichen sitting at the stone table, he immediately changed into a relative's look.

"Ye Dabo."

"Linger is coming."Grinning, Bai Yuling also came over at this moment, wrinkled his nose and shouted. "Who are the two outsiders, and you said that you are retreating, I will not let in."

"I told them to say that."

Somehow these days, the news that he came to Qingkong City was inexplicably passed out. In these few days, Ye Zichen can be said to be annoying for those who come to visit.

No way, he can only set up the two gates in front of the door and push all the visitors.

At the same time, the snow rabbits that followed her were also slightly swaying towards Ye Zichen.

"The son."

"Do you still know that I am such a son?"

Ye Zichen is really speechless. The snow rabbit clearly finds him from the town demon tower to serve him. When he arrives at the Qingkong City, he can dump it directly. He directly throws it to him as a master, and every day he follows the white spirit.

He has the heart to throw the snow rabbit to the town demon tower, but she is not easy to come out, and the little girl who likes it is quite like her. Simply let her stay with her.

"Ye Dabo is not angry with the snow rabbit sister. I want her to follow me." If you blame you, you will blame the spirit, okay? ”

Words, Babbitt still blink, the lovely look in the eyes of ye zichen ….

Something is wrong!

Although it is not so close to Bai Yuling, but the temper of this little girl, he is very clear. She is not particularly arrogant, and this is definitely a problem.

Perceiving her amiss, Ye Zichen also squinted.

"Don't be tired of me, is there anything I want to ask for?"

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