"Hey, Ye Dabo, what are you talking about?"Bai Yuling pouted, said, "Linger is a younger generation, can't you come here to greet you?"

The squinting white spirit, clutching the corner of Ye Zichen's clothes in a very cute and playful tone.

Somehow, her appearance made Ye Zichen have an illusion of her disenchantment.

Is it true that women who deliberately spoil are like this?

Think about the girl he knows, and Xia Keke always talks to him in this tone.

Doesn't that mean that Xia Keke has always been installed…

Impossible impossible!

Just as soon as the idea came out of his mind, Ye Zichen abandoned the idea. He suspected that no one could doubt the cocoa.

"Ye Dabo."

Feeling that someone was waving at him, Ye Zichen had come back to look over him, and he saw Bai Lingling staring at him with a lovely face.

"Well, what happened?"

Some of the lost Ye Zichen's subconscious opening, Bai Xiling saw him immediately behind him, his hand holding his shoulder.

"The uncle is not tired, Linger will pinch you."

She is obviously not spoiled, and she hasnโ€™t done anything on the shoulders of Ye Zichen, or she has no pain in her teeth.

Without a blessing, Bai Zilingโ€™s flattering, Ye Zichen grabbed her hand and brought her to the front.

"Say, what the hell is going on!"


"If you don't say it, then never say anything."

As soon as the voice fell, Ye Zichen turned and went back to the room. Before he even took a few steps, he saw Bai Yuling rushing to him and stopping him. His face was filled with embarrassing laughs and grinned.

"I heard that Ye Dabo is at that…The famous Ye master of Ice Blue City, right? โ€

"Yes, what happened?"Ye Zichen opened the door.

"There is no extra condensed sea dan, do you have a linger?"

Bai Yuling spit the pink tongue, his hands on his head shyly shy.

Want to condense Haidan?

Ye Zichen, who heard this answer, couldn't help but raise his eyebrows. He didn't expect Bai Lingling to come here to find him to actually come to Haidan.

She is Xiaobai's daughter. Of course, it is no problem for her uncle to give her a condensed sea.

Only she is now a fairy level, and Haidan is still too early for her.

"What do you want it to do, and Haidan is used by the Supreme King to break through." If you are facing a breakthrough problem now, I can give you a few remedies that will help you break through the king. โ€

In an instant, Bai Xiaolingโ€™s small head would wave like a rattle, and he would keep swinging.

"No, no, I don't want those, I want a condensed sea dan. Ye Dabo, you will give it to me, okay. โ€

The eyes of the white spirit that shakes Ye Zichen's arm are full of pleading colors. Seeing her look is obviously really urgent to get a condensed sea dan?

"Then I can know what you are doing with it?"


Bai Yulingโ€™s answer was especially categorical, and such a decisive answer made Ye Zichen a glimpse. Immediately, she saw that Bai Lingling changed back to the look of pleading before.

"Ye Dabo, you will give it to me!"

It was a bit stunned by her, and this was his niece, and Ye Zichen sighed and took a bottle of condensed sea dan from the town demon tower and put it on her hand.


After receiving the happy smile on the face of Bai Hailing who had taken the sea haidan, he took a kiss with Ye Zichen's neck.

"Thank you, I know that the best is the best."

As soon as the voice fell, she hurriedly ran out of the courtyard with a bottle of condensed sea dan. The snow rabbit glanced at Ye Zichen and Ye Zichen nodded at this moment.

"Come up and see, don't let her surprise."

Until the snow rabbits left the courtyard, Ye Zichen chuckled and sat down at the stone table.

The little girl suddenly came to him to flatter, and also pointed out that he wants to condense Haidan, which really evokes his curiosity. The fairy tales paved out for the entire Qingkong City. With the current strength of Ye Zichen, the scope of the whole mountain under the mountain is no longer a problem, let alone a small blue sky city.

The fairy tales locked the Bai Lingling, and after a while he saw the little girl entering a restaurant.

On the second floor of the restaurant, sitting on a cold-looking youth, the young man looked very handsome. When he saw Bai Lingling, he also got up and greeted him. Xiaolinger was more shy when he saw him. head.

"Hey, this little girl turned out to be a spring heart."

The strength of the youth is the peak of the immortal king. It is a step away from the supreme. This young man has such strength. This makes Ye Zichen nod his head.

A faint smile, Ye Zichen's fairy tales still lock her to see what they are going to do next. He is definitely not a voyeuristic singer. He simply wants to take care of Xiao Linger, the baby niece.

"Hey, you didn't say that you have been stuck in the peak of Xianwang for a long time. This is Jing Haidan, I will give it to you."

The white scorpion sitting at the table blushes and pushes the bottle with the sea haidan in his hand to the front of the youth.


When the young people heard the shocked color on their faces, this is also understandable. The precious sea is precious, and any fairy king is clear.

Some time ago, he had heard that Ice Blue City had a master of leaf sales of condensed Haidan, but he was ashamed of it…

Can't buy one.

It was just such a precious condensed sea dan, this young man did not have any evasive, directly received it in the space bag, in the middle of this he did not look at the white spirit.

Ye Zichen, who saw this scene, couldn't help but frown. He is not the kind of special person.

The point of his frown is not that the young man has not shirked away the medicinal herbs. He cares about…The young manโ€™s center of gravity does not seem to be placed on Bai Lingling.

This situation is not like the feeling that two people in love should have.

He almost once suspected that the young man actually only wanted to get the sea haidan by the hand of Bai Yuling.

"This kid…"

I am preparing to look at it for a while. In any case, this is also the object of Bai Yuling's favorite. Ye Zichen does not want to judge him arbitrarily.

But at this moment, his communication jade slip suddenly flashed.

"Itโ€™s not the time to come."

Although the communication jade is able to communicate, it requires people to explore the inside to see the internal news. During this time, Ye Zichen couldn't use the fairy to see the situation in Bai Lingling.

"When there is a chance to make the communication equipment of the current mobile phone popular here, it will not be a mistake."

I sighed a few words in my heart, though I didnโ€™t want to let go of Bai Yiling and the youth to get along for a minute.

The red light on the jade can obviously be a more urgent news, and Ye Zichen can't delay the exploration of the fairy.

After seeing the news in Yu Jian, he just got up from the stone chair and passed the contact of the town demon tower to the snow rabbit.

"Let me pay more attention to the situation of Linger and the youth around him."

After the news came out, he went to the door of the house and spoke to the two waiters.

"You go to Baifu and tell them…I have something to do and go back first. If there is news from the Yaozu, wait for me to come back and say. โ€

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