Suddenly silenced the courtyard.

In fact, they are unable to participate in this level of competition at their level, but they can decide the development of their future family in their choices.

After a lengthy silence, Wu Wenguang first spoke.

"There is nothing to choose from for our Wu family. We will definitely stand in the chaos." At that time, if they really have to deal with chaos, my Wu family will definitely contribute…Although the power may be very low. ”

"The ancestors said, let's make a good deal with Mr. Ye."Liu Qing also gave a response, although not very straightforward, the intention is already obvious.

"Actually, I think so too."

After they all expressed their opinions, Wang Lei also grinned.

Neutral is actually the best decision for him. He is different from Liu Jia and Wu Jia. Liu Jia has the existence of Xian Wang, and Wu Jia has Wu Di.

But for this reason, in the last year, their royal family is said to be a city owner.

There is always a feeling of letting both of them press one, and this time the team is the best opportunity for him.

As for the chaos, he did not believe it.

The rise can be so rapid, there is a high person behind it.

Of course, if the gambling is wrong, then he will face the catastrophe, which is a gamble for him.

"We are all standing on the side of the chaos, so there is nothing to say, they are all prepared in the Hui family. I will also send a message to Wei Bangzhu later, tell him about the situation outside the city, and let him have a good preparation. ”


The dignified fairy pressure permeated the hall, and at the moment when Wei Jie’s voice fell, the people in the entire hall tightened their nerves.

After feeling the hostility in the temple, Ayi also took a step forward from the sword tower and stared at the surroundings.

As long as the people in the temple are slightly different, or Kaohsiung orders, the blade in his hand will not hesitate to the head of the people in the temple.

"Wei Bang is so timid."

Kaohsiung patted his hands like a sigh, and his eyes blinked like snakes.

"It seems that the chaos has long been ill-conceived by my high family. I dare to say such a thing. I am afraid that there are people on the mountain behind it. I don’t know, can Wei Bangzhu tell me who is standing behind you? Sifang Temple, Lingtong Tower, Xuanji Pavilion, Sacred Club or innocent sea? ”

Behind the high house is the Xiao family, the family of the Lei Di.

Dare to be hard against Lei Di, and think that these forces can compete with their chambers.

Pointing out these forces, Kaohsiung is trying to see if he can see some tricks from Wei Jie’s look. What disappointed him was that Wei Jie was a light-hearted look from beginning to end, without revealing any feet.

"Does this use you?"

Wei Jie couldn't help but smile, who is standing behind the mess, and he is the clearest to help the Lord.

He also wants to have these forces to support him. He just knows the forces of Kaohsiung that he knows that it is the peak force on the mountain.

But as he knows, Ye Zichen seems to be just a casual person.

However, he just wants to use this feeling in the clouds to confuse Kaohsiung and let him guess.

At this moment, Wei Jie’s side suddenly appeared a member of a gang. The members said a few words to him, and Wei Jie’s face changed immediately.

"What are you talking about?"

"This small is not sure, but the news is from the king of the city, and I don't think there will be a fake."

"Yes, I know, go on."

Waving to the member, Wei Jie’s brow lock was powerful. The chaos in the temple helped the elders and guests, and noticed that this scene was also a gaze, even if he heard his clap and laughed.

"Kaohsiung, good means!"

Kaohsiung smiled lightly, and he knew that those who stayed outside the city had already let Wei Jie know.

"When you like it, you can't make a perfect preparation."

"It’s a lot of time to contact so many families who have a relationship with the family on the mountain."

As soon as this was said, the members of the chaos in the temple were all eyelids.

In their hearts, it has probably been guessed, the member told Wei Jie.

"It really took a lot of time, but how can this be? Wei Bangzhu, your gang is growing too fast, and some families in Shenshan have felt jealous. ”

“Can you tell me how many people are there outside?”

"Three million or so."Kaohsiung smiled lightly. "All of them are masters above the level of the fairy, these are the elites brought out by the major families."

"Hey, big hand. But do you think that three million immortals can make us help out? ”


Kaohsiung’s answer is that the power of the chaos is now, and the three million immortals are naturally unable to destroy it.

"But it’s more than enough to deal with the headquarters of the Flame City, right?"

Wei Jie’s smile on his face was stiff, but his heart was gone without the initial ease.

Three million masters above the level of the fairy, may not be anything to their entire chaos. But the problem now is that the time is not enough for him to deploy.

Even though the garrison of the Flame City is sufficiently sophisticated, it can face more than three million masters.

They have no chance of winning.

The thunder of the supreme level is also at the central mountain…

“Wei’s face doesn’t look too good?”

Kaohsiung’s face is full of smiles, and now he has an absolute advantage, as long as he wants to…A million immortals outside the city will immediately wash the entire flame city.

"How could it be good? Millions of Kings are stuck outside the city gate. Whose face can be better?"Wei Jie’s eyes are staring at Kaohsiung, and the smile is not smiling.

"Why did the Wei Bangzhu not give the people behind him, so it might lead us to retreat."

"It’s very lively!"

Just then, a smirk of laughter suddenly appeared outside the hall. All the people in the temple turned their eyes away, and they saw Ye Zichen appear alone at the door of the main hall, with a faint smile on his mouth.

At the moment of his appearance, the haze on Wei Jie’s face immediately vanished, and he quickly stood up from his chair and stood up.


The members of the chaos in the temple were shocked. Although he was a gang of help in the true sense, there were not many people who knew him at the top of these gangs. That is, the few people who first let Wei Jie recruit, and Wei Jie, they know his true identity.

"Master Ye."

It is impossible for Kaohsiung to be unclear as the master of the leaf of Ice Blue City.

When Ye Zichen appeared, he was also a bit wrong. He didn't know the relationship between Ye Zichen and the chaos.

"High patriarch."

Ye Zichen also arched him, and Kaohsiung also spoke at this time.

"I don't think that Master Ye is actually a mess."

"You can't think much more."Indifferent to him, Ye Zichen walked to the position where Wei Jie was sitting, and sat down with his sleeves. "I just heard you want to see me outside the hall, now you see it."

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