Qi Qi’s face was cold and clenched, and he and seven people were bound by Meng Huairong’s side. These people were the patriarchs who were connected with the mountain on Kaohsiung.

The patriarchs were all shackled, and the million celestial beings were all in vain.

These words are like a thunderous explosion on the main hall, Kao Xiong's pupils violently contracted, and the people in the temple are still awkward.

How long has it been?

From Ye Zichen into the temple, to Qi Qi, they came to the main hall with the patriarchs, and reported the news of the millions of immortals, less than half an hour.

That is a full-fledged master of the above-class level, and more than 20% of them are masters of the Xianwang level.

This huge team is completely annihilated in less than half an hour. How to listen is impossible.

Kaohsiung has no longer been indifferent, he condensed to open the fairy.

Ye Zichen, who felt it all, did not stop, let him release the fairy.


He saw it!

What I saw was a blood-red, mighty multi-million-day squad, which was already a collapse.

In front of them there are teams of only four thousand people, each falling in the square of the Flame City, like harvesting the lives of the immortals in the harvest of wheat.

It may be that I was really scared, and the immortal who was still alive put down the weapons in their hands and squatted in the gate in the position of surrender.

At this time, Kaohsiung’s fairy tales made people feel awkward.

"Look enough."

Just as he was in awe, he heard the sound of Ye Zichen sitting in front of him. When he looked up, he saw Ye Zichen's mouth smirk and his fingers tapped gently on the chair.

Obviously, it is Ye Zichen to do his suspicion.

Kaohsiung is the master of Xian Wang’s peak. With his strength, he has been able to succeed in the sea and become the supreme.

Only for the sake of the Gao family, he has been trying hard to restrain his own strength and compress the body's fairy power. This constant compression has also made him more and more powerful, although he is not the supreme now, but it is better than the supreme.

And his knowledge of the fairy, has long been beyond the scope of the king.

Ye Zichen was able to cut off his knowledge among his fingers, and what was the strength of his strength. There is also a knee on the ground, like the Qi Qi and Meng Huairong under Ye Zichen's hands, he can not see their depth.

"With such a means, even if you deal with chaos, I am afraid that you think too much."

The mocking smile at Kaohsiung, Ye Zichen walked down from the chair.

Ah Yi immediately pulled out the sharp edge of his hand and protected Kaohsiung behind his back. But at the moment of his sword-drawing, the whole hall included members of the chaos who had already been preparing for a long time outside the main hall. They all took out their own life-threatening treasures and couldn't get through the water around them.


A faint glimpse of these chaotic members, Wei Jie also handed over their eyes to them, all of these talents have stepped back a few steps, but they are all vigilantly watching them.

"It’s very loyal, and at this time, I still protect my master."

Ye Zichen's eyes are filled with unforgettable appreciation, but suddenly he is a turn.

"However, our drama is almost the same, it's over, Zhou!"

Almost in an instant, Ah Yi holding a sword directly put the sword in his hand on Kaohsiung's neck.

This scene made the people in the temple all shocked, and those who were high were even more angry.

"Ah, do you want to rebel!"

A one is watching these people indifferently. This cold eyes makes the people of Gaojia feel particularly strange. Immediately, his left hand was pulled on his face and directly became another person.

"I am Zhou, who has always been Mr. Ye. Ah Yi in your mouth, already died a year ago. ”


When he killed Ye Zichen in the present world, he failed, and after Ye Zichen saved his niece Zhang Lingling, he was grateful to the killer.

Although there was no intersection between the two, he always remembered the favor of Ye Zichen.

It was also a fate. When Ye Zichen first entered Ice Blue City, he happened to meet him. It was also at that time that Ye Zichen placed him in the high house and became the guardian of his eyes.

The people in the temple of the universe are stunned, but when everyone is digesting this dramatic change…

"Boss, Kaohsiung is contacting Shenshan."

Accompanied by Wei Jie's exclamation, everyone looked down and saw that his hand was holding the command of the Thunder.

The hand-held blade of the sword cut his hand almost at the fastest speed, and blood splashed on him.


Everything is late.

The flash of a hand on the hand was a slap in the eyes of Kaohsiung who lost his left arm.

"You are all going to die!"


On the nine days of the temple, the Thunder roared, and it seemed as if people had torn a hole, and three robes wearing thunder stripes were removed from the shredded crack.

Lei Di Xiao's family, inner disciple!

Their appearance makes the heavens and the earth eclipsed, and every step they take out seems to have smashed the whole piece of the sky.

If the whistling wind is going to die, it will swept over the flame city.

The violent thunder raged over the city, and when it was about to fall into the city, the ancestral ancestor of the city’s Liu family appeared, just like the anger of Ye Zichen on the same day…


The mask shrouded the entire city, but this time the thunder was raging, the mask was crispy like a thin paper, and the ancestor was dripping on the ground.

"Old ancestor."

Liu Qing eagerly rushed to the scene, the city owner Wang Lei and Wu Wenguang and other people almost the same moment of the mask, issued a command to the ethnic group, creating a barrier on the city.


The kings can't resist, just how they can!

The Thunder tears the barrier, and the Xiaojia three inner disciples who are broken out of the sky, like the uninhabited land, ignore the thousands of ants under the city.

Under this pressure, the people in the hall are all exposed to fear.


These three people are definitely supreme!

As everyone knows, at this time, there are seven more cracks on the sky, and three people are coming out of each gap. When the crowd looked at the seven patriarchs who had been shackled, they found that there was also a warrant in their hands.

The masters of the twenty-four supreme ranks fell under the mountain of God, and the people who helped the mess were silent.

But at this moment, Ye Zichen was arrogantly stretched out, and his eyes were full of light and looked at the sky and the sky, and grinned.

"Oh, it should all fall." Qi Qi, Huai Rong, do it. ”

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