"Subordinate to life."

Inside the temple, Qi Qiqi and Meng Huairongโ€™s body shape flashed into the sight of everyone. The mad Kaohsiung heard this and subconsciously clustered the eyebrows.

Why are the people on the mountain come, but it seems to be in the hands of Ye Zichen.

"Don't pretend to be a ghost, there are a total of 24 Supreme Masters in the eight mountains of God. You think that you can turn out the waves with your hand."

Kaohsiung, who lost his arm, sneered, and shouted at his disappointment that Ye Zichen was undecided.

"Who knows."

The look of the city looked relaxed and relaxed, but Ye Zichen closed her eyes and put her hands on her chest.

He is not praying for Qi Qi and Meng Huairong, but is silently mourning the people who died in the city. Obviously, he has the means to avoid disasters falling in the city, but he has done everything for him to make the people suffer.

"do not blame me."

After a lengthy silence, Ye Zichen opened his eyes abruptly, watching the sky thunder destroy the Flame City, watching the people who died under the thunder, but his face was replaced by a cold look. .

If you donโ€™t care for the soldiers, you wonโ€™t get rich!

At this time, he is not allowed to be Ye Zichen woman!

Even though it is the collection of all the elites of the three major families in the city, it is still unable to fall over the thunder.

The violent thunder raged inside the city, destroying the entire Flame City.

"They are going to ruin the Flame City!"

Even the ancestors of the Liu family couldn't help but utter a powerless sigh. They stayed in the Flame City for generations. How can they watch the city destroy?

He licked his body and burned the blood in his body, trying to leave a layer of protection for the city.

But in the face of the thunder, his barrier is so fragile.

"Isn't it just to deal with the small forces under the mountain of God? Is it necessary to be so motivated?"

The broken void came to the Shenshan people to open their mouths, and the words were also arched toward the other people of the Shenshan family around them, accompanied by disdain for watching the Flame City.

The rest of the Shenshan people are undecided nod, they are all masters of the highest level of the earth, in this there are still a few places to the supreme nine paragraphs, and there is only one step away from Tianzhizun.

Using them to deal with the small forces under the mountain of God is really a bit of a big deal.

"Don't complain, I also heard a little when I was on the mountain." Everyone here must also come for it, or quickly solve them, so that they can return to their lives. โ€

A handsome young man with long hair above the sky, holding a faint opening of the Excalibur.

This person is a disciple of the Longevity Jianzong above Shenshan. Although the Changsheng Jianzong is not as large as the background of the Lei Di Xiaojia, the Jianshou Jianzong in the southeast Shenshan is not a small force.

This disciple is the most outstanding disciple of the Longevity Swordsman in the millennium, and the person who is most likely to inherit the name of the swordsman of the Longevity Swordsman, Chen Chenghe.

"I didn't expect Changsheng Jianzong to send Chen Xiong down."

The only man in the northwest who was wearing a yellow robe was smiling at him. This person was one of the first in the Yellow Wind Gate on the northwest of Shenshan.

The rest of the crowds were laughing and laughing. Chen Cheng, who was standing in the void like a star, shook his head with a chuckle, but he fell his eyes to stand in the thunder, full of indifference. Three people of Lei Di.

"The Lei Di Xiao family sent their inner disciples, let alone my longevity sword."

Compared with the Lei Di Xiao family, these empty sects are indeed not a level of existence. However, these forces can see that each mountain has a force to fall, but the North Mountain is not coming.

"Xiao Zhanxiong, I don't know what we are going to…"

Chen Chenghe lowered his demeanor and asked in a way that he asked. This is also the warning of the sect of Zongmen before he came down.

Dealing with chaos is a trivial matter, even if it is destroyed, dividing resources is a trivial matter.

This time down the mountain, we must have a good relationship with the people of Xiaojia. They want to take a step forward, but they are the big backers who can be jealous of the whole world.

"When you come, what do you say in the Zongmen?" But as fast as possible, the spiritual power here is too thin, which makes me feel very uncomfortable. โ€

"Since Xiao Xiong is not feeling well, then wait a moment and wait for the hand to hand over to us."

Chen Chengheโ€™s face was flattering, and the rest of the forces realized that this was an opportunity to pay a good Xiao, and they all followed.

The Xiao familyโ€™s people also nodded, not refusing their good intentions to hold their shoulders and not to do it. The rest of the forces are no longer delayed, all of which are taken out of the magic weapon to lock in the position of the city.


Among the first of these people is Chen Chenghe, and his swordsman holding the Excalibur flashes.

If you want to open the sky, the swordsman will smash the space and rush to the chaos. But when the swordsman passed halfway through, it was a swordman who flashed past and smashed with Chen Chengheโ€™s swordsman.

The rest of the people on the mountain were brows and deep locks, when they discovered that the hand-held artifacts and Meng Huai-rong appeared in their sight.

Still not waiting for Chen Cheng and their reflection, they have already rushed toward them.

"court death."

The people on the mountain of God are all angry, and the magic light in their hands is shining. What makes them amazed is that they all let Qi Qi and Meng Huairong press.

The Xiao family who have been watching on the sidelines are also a brow.

Supreme nine paragraphs.

The three of them are masters of the supreme nine-level level, and can also feel the strength of Qi Qi and Meng Huairong. But the two of them are too strong and too much too much. Chen Cheng and some of them also have the existence of a few supreme nine paragraphs, so that they both suppress the fight.

This is under the mountain of God, the chaos can actually have the supreme level of the master.

It seems that they have the support of the Shenshan family behind them.

Can't be so onlookers, there are no more than three hundred tricks in this way, Chen Cheng and they will lose all.

No longer hesitating, the three Xiao family directly manipulated the power of the Thunder to go to the battlefield.

Just right, they also want to try them. They are affiliated with the forces.


A thunderous and violent fall from the heads of Qi Qi and Meng Huairong, the two had already noticed that the thunder would be avoided, and then they stepped out of the rear and smiled and looked at the people in front of the mountain.

"Thank you Xiaoxiong for helping."

Chen Chenghe arched their hands toward Xiao, and his eyes were full of dignity, and his body was soaked with sweat.

The rest of the people of Shenshan are also surging in the chest, have to say…

The strength of Qi Qi and Meng Huai Rong has exceeded the scope they can deal with.

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