When Ye Zichen entered the room, there was a scorn in the ear. The familiar tone made him look up in the air and kept looking in the room. It was a deserted room.

Self-deprecating smile, shook his head and threw the coat to the hanger at the bedside.

Also auditory.

Since the war with the Mozu, Ye Zichen often has this auditory hallucination in the dead of night.

Or Su Yiyun, or Xia Keke…

Going down to the window of the room, take the sap from the ring and put it on the window sill of the room. By the edge of the window, the hand grabbed the pulp and fell to the mouth, and in my mind, I couldn't help but recall a picture of the past.

"If I didn't enter the group, wouldn't it be like this?"

He really asked himself this question countless times. If he didn't enter the group of Heavenly Court, his current life would be another possibility.

Su Yan and Xia Keke They are still the goddess in his heart, and the people in their dormitory are still his brothers. After four years of graduating from the university, parting ways, I went to work for my own business. After a few years, a paper banquet was reunited together, sitting together and talking about my own situation in the past few years…

Although this kind of life is boring, it is also more difficult to calculate than the present, intriguing, and the life on the top of the knife is coming.

"Why, when I am older, I still like feeling? This is not like you! ”

Just then, there was such a sentence in the room. When he heard this, Ye Zichen jerked back and he was now completely convinced that it was definitely not his auditory hallucination. It was really someone in his room.

Behind him, he really stood with a young man with a smile on his face.

The youth wore a purple-black robes, and there was a string of beads hanging on the neck of the bald head.


At the moment of seeing this youth, Ye Zichen was frozen. The jug in his hand slipped from the palm of his hand, and the young man standing opposite him reached out and caught the jug.

"Brother, what about Parkinson's syndrome? A pot of wine can't hold it! ”

Between the words, the young man took a jug and looked at the spout. Ye Zichen's eyes kept changing, but after a few moments, he grabbed the jug.

"Be a monk, drink alcohol, you can break it."

"I am so rude."

The young man grabbed the jug and poured all the remaining wine from the jug into his mouth.

When the wine in the jug let the young people drink all the light, after a quick wine cellar, the young man put the jug on the window sill, and the smile on his face was also gathered, laughing with some low tone.

"It’s okay."

This greeting made Ye Zichen's nose inexplicable, and soon he laughed again, hammering the young man's shoulder with his right hand.

"Su Yiyun, your kid…"

Originally, I wanted to laugh. I smiled and smiled and my eyes were uncontrollable.

Suddenly hanging his head down, Ye Zichen held his eyes with his hands and looked back at the window. He hadn’t spoken for a long time.


Fully blamed for half a year.

In the past six months, Ye Zichen has been suffering, and his mind has been lingering in the picture.

He came to the realm of the gods and went to Su Yiyun for their traces in countless ways to find out what they might have. No one can know what he is carrying, and no one wants him to take responsibility for it, but he exerts pressure on himself, but he is so heavy that he can't breathe.

Until now, Su Yiyun stood back in front of him, that feeling…

It's really hard to express in words.

Su Yiyun standing behind him is also silent, knowing that this situation requires Ye Zichen to adjust himself.

As everyone knows, it is above the mountain of God.

Under the oppression of Zhao Qianhe, Angrily returned to Xiaohu in the Central Shenshan family, and all of them revealed fierceness.

When the tribes in the family saw him, they were only far away from greetings.

After the Hui people, he went straight to the courtyard of the patriarch Xiao Xiao. When he came here, he saw Xiao Xiao had placed two cups of toon on the round table in the courtyard.

The toon is still full of heat, apparently not long after it has just been poured out.


In the face of the imposing Xiao Hu, Xiao Xiao and Yan smiled and gestured to him to sit opposite.


Xiao Han had to speak when he was seated, but Xiao Xiao stopped it and pointed to the fragrant road in front of him.

"A cup of tea."

"I……"Xiao Hu was very impatient, but the person opposite him was the patriarch of the family, and he could not disobey the other party. I had to sip all the citrons in the cup and put the cup down and then screamed, "The patriarch, I…"

"I know it."

Xiao Xiao chuckled and pressed his hand, but Xiao Hu listened to it and locked his eyebrows.

"The patriarch, do you know?"

"Don't it be the three inner disciples who sent us to kill people? Changsheng Jianzong, Huangfengmen and Yuyinmen are also among them."

"Since you all know, then you still…"

"What can I do?"Xiao Wei looked at Xiao Hu with a faint look. "Only just, the North China Sea has no news, and the Changsheng Jianzong, Huang Fengmen and Yushenmen become their vassal forces. After half a day, no sea will send messengers to the three forces. ”

"It’s no sea!"

Xiao Hu’s fist gripped hard and immediately closed his eyebrows. β€œThe patriarch, this innocent sea is deliberately looking for the trouble of our Xiao family. Are we so tolerant? As soon as you make an order, Xiao Hu immediately took the people to attack the innocent sea. ”

"Xiao Hu, you are the old man of our family. Even if it is me, you must call your uncle if you are a senior. Your strength is also unquestionable, and the title of Thunder Tiger is also your biggest compliment. I don't doubt that you have the strength to attack the innocent sea. Sometimes, not everything is solved by force. ”

Xiao Wei looked at the opposite Xiao Hu and pointed to the tea cup in front of him.

"Knowing why I want you to drink that cup of tea is just to make you calm. How to say that the sea is not one of the best in the realm of the gods, it is obviously not realistic to attack it. Moreover, the recent situation is more subtle, and more than one thing is less. ”

Xiao Hu, he is a Wufu, hot temper.

In Zhao Qianhe, he had already had a stomach temper, and he was so provocative by a junior who was not so supreme. He is about to be blown up now.

Even if Xiao Yu said this, he still can't calm the anger in his heart, but the face of the patriarch is to give it. Since the other party said that they should not provoke the innocent sea, then he can only give up.

"That is what the patriarch is."

When the voice fell, Xiao Hu was ready to leave, but at this time he heard Xiao Xiao call it.

"Don't worry, I have other things to arrange for you to do."

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