"It’s almost enough. You can’t be so emotional in my impression.”

Seeing Ye Zichen standing by the window, he hasn't spoken, Su Yiyun couldn't help but sing a half-joking opening.

He Zichen also looked back when he heard this. The sourness of the tip of the nose has already made him pressure, and his eyes are slightly rosy.

Raising his hand gave Su Yiyun a punch, and Ye Zichen rolled his eyes.

"think too much……But what is the situation with you now, how can you still go to the monk? ”

"This is a long story."

After touching his bald head, Su Yiyun smiled and said the passage of the years.

From Su Yiyun's explanation, Ye Zichen learned that after the release of the eight-pole double array, his soul was indeed all in the battle, until Ye Zichen's god robbery smashed the battle, his soul followed. The broken spirits are broken apart between heaven and earth, and consciousness is also falling apart.

But when he woke up, he found himself lying on a bed.

Not long after, a young boy in his room appeared as a disciple, and he has been living in the juvenile palace since then.

It was not until ten years later that he knew…

This boy is the Emperor.

"Then you are now a disciple of Emperor?"

In the eyes of Ye Zichen, there is a sigh of relief. The Emperor of the Emperor can be the same as the Emperor, the Emperor, and the Emperor. Su Yiyun is now his disciple and he is the brother of Su Yiyun. Later, he could not walk in the realm of God. .

"Is it right?"

Looking at Ye Zichen's horrified eyes, Su Yiyun nodded lightly.

However, this answer Ye Zichen is obviously not particularly satisfied. Emei said: "What do you mean by this? Is it, isn't it, why are you doing this?"

"I can't be sure!"

Su Yiyun shouted and said, "Although I am a disciple of Emperor, but he has never taught me any skills for so many years. But to say no, in the Palace of the Emperor, we are indeed commensurate with the mentoring, and the whole of the palace is also the two of us. ”

"You are not his disciple. As for not teaching you martial arts, this is indeed a pity. But as long as there is the name of the Emperor of the Emperor, this is enough. ”

I think that there is such a big backing behind me, and Ye Zichen’s heart is full of points.

Whoever dares to provoke him, when he pushes Su Yiyun directly, he will light up the identity of the Emperor of the Emperor, and see who still dares to swear.

"Oh, then you are not in the palace of the emperor now, suddenly came to me, what is it, is it mixed with me after preparation?" Tell you, you are confused with me, you may not know, brothers, although I do not have such a powerful master, but with your brother's means, now mixed under this mountain is also a wind and water. ”

Ye Zichen was very proud of raising her eyebrows and smiling, just wanting to talk to the old friendly, but I heard Su Yiyun speak.

"I am here, my teacher wants to see you."

"What do you think of me?"A faceless speech, but it was not long before Ye Zichen reacted and shouted, "You said that the Emperor wants to see me?"

The Emperor of the Ming Dynasty wants to see, Ye Zichen, even if he is in Toda, he does not dare to install with this level of existence. After Su Yiyun said the news, there was no delay in the middle, and the two rushed from the ice blue city of the northern mountain to the emperor's palace of the Styx.

When entering the Styx, the smell of the beasts of the bottom made Ye Zichen unable to resist the madness.

In this half minute, he has already felt the atmosphere of at least ten supremely beasts coming to them, especially in their eyes, if they are the ones in Su Yiyun’s hand. Tokens, maybe those fierce beasts have come over and gave them tears.


After half an hour, Su Yiyun and Ye Zichen fell to the bottom of the valley and the two stopped outside the palace.

When he fell to the palace, Ye Zichen subconsciously wanted to look at it, and finally his eyes fell directly on the black dragon's eye on the palace.

"Do not look."

Su Yiyun immediately stopped, but he found that Ye Zichen had no problem after reading it.

"what happened?"

Ye Zichen, who has seen the Dark Dragon Eye, looked at him inexplicably, watching Ye Zichen as usual, and Su Yiyun couldn't help but lock his eyebrows.

"You didn't feel anything uncomfortable?"

“Can you have any discomfort?”Ye Zichen is speechless.

This should not be!

On that day, the gods of the Shah family will be seriously injured when they look at the Dark Dragon Eye. If it weren’t for the Emperor’s shot, it’s fear that the injury would hurt it.

The Emperor of the Ming Dynasty also told him that the Dark Lord Longan, even if it is an ordinary master, will be stunned.

Under the celestial beings, it is even more difficult to escape.

Ye Zichen is now still looking at the Supreme, and I haven’t seen anything in the Dark Dragon Longan.

His brother is really not ordinary!

"Why are you looking at me like this, not to say that the Emperor is looking for me, let's go in."

Under the gaze of Su Yiyun's weird eyes, Ye Zichen felt very uncomfortable and couldn't help but speak. At the moment when his voice fell, the gate of the palace was opened autonomously, and a low voice was heard in the palace.

"come in."

The opening of the palace gate is not an extension, but a downward staircase. The stairs were deep and the end of the stairs was still dark.

Touching the black Ye Zichen and Su Yiyun went down, not knowing how many stairs were taken…

A bang on both sides of the wall ignited a row of wall fires.

The fire also illuminates the dark corridor, and Ye Zichen also saw numerous patterns on the surrounding walls.

What makes him feel strange is that these patterns have seen some familiar feelings more or less.

Until he saw the last picture, he immediately looked at Su Yiyun.

"what happened?"

Su Yiyun has some incomprehensible openings, and Ye Zichen points to the wall painting.

"Look at this picture."

"what? Where is the painting? ”Su Yiyun's strange eyebrows looked at the wall, and there was no pattern at all on the wall in his eyes.

"This is obviously…"

Ye Zichen wanted to argue, but swallowed it halfway through.

His many years of experience have made him reflect that the paintings here may only be visible to him, and others can't see the patterns on the walls.

What disturbed him was that the last painting he saw was a picture of his time when he fought the Mozu.

In connection with the previous pattern, Ye Zichen couldn't help but guess that the wall of the gallery should be the wall that records the reincarnation.

The patterns he had seen before…

It is his reincarnation!

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