This is the reincarnation of Ye Zichen.

In order to determine the authenticity of the thoughts in the heart, Ye Zichen directly returned to the stairs with the initial bright position, holding the wall and looking at the pattern on the wall, as well as the text above.

2917 BC – 2599 BC, Xuanyuan Huangdi.

1105 BC – 1045 BC, Emperor Xin.

795 BC – 771 BC, Zhou You Wang.

Zheng Zheng, Lu Bu, Li Shimin, Zhao Wei, Zhang Sanfeng.

The walls clearly record the birth and death of these people, all the great things that happened while they were alive, their confidantes, their lives, their death.

Until the end of the stairs, what is left is…

Ye Zichen.


The distinction recorded here is Ye Zichen's ninth reincarnation. His mouth can't be closed because of the horror. He looks at the sides of the wall and records the big and small issues. I don't know what to say.

"If you are optimistic, come over."

Suddenly, the scene in the temple suddenly changed. The stairs that Ye Zichen and Su Yiyun had walked before were suddenly disappeared.

The two were actually in the center of a large hall. In the foremost position in the temple, a teenager wearing a purple-black robes, holding the ancient book slowly looked up.


Su Yiyun, the bald head, immediately succumbed to the teenager in the temple, and Ye Zichen, who was filled with horror, followed him.

"Ye Zichen, a younger generation, meets the Emperor of the Emperor."

I saw that the juvenile put the ancient books in the hand aside, and Ye Zichen noticed that on the left hand side of the juvenile, there was a small bookshelf, which was full of bamboo scrolls.

At the same time, the teenager also looked over, and Ye Zichen could see the face of the Emperor.

too young.

Just look at the face of the Emperor of the Emperor, like a young boy, which is very different from the enchanted Emperor in his heart.

But his gaze is deep in the sea, as if he had penetrated the ages. Under his gaze, Ye Zichen felt that there was no secret at all, and he was completely stunned and stood in front of him.

"Yiyun, go on, I want to talk to you about this friendly."

After a brief gaze, the emperor's faint opening. Su Yiyun, who is in the hall, also nodded and arched.

"The disciple is waiting outside the temple."

Turned away from the main hall, Ye Zichen wanted to give him a look when he left.

I didn’t know myself and the emperor. I was already very strange when the adult looked for him. Now I have to talk to him alone.

Although Ye Zichen has seen a lot of worlds, I can see this giant-like existence alone, and my heart will inevitably be a little nervous.

"Ye Zichen."

After Su Yiyun left the hall, Emperor also told Ye Zichen the first sentence between them.

Simply shouting the name, there is no post. But this way of the other side, but the pressure of Ye Zichen doubled.

After taking a few deep breaths, I just turned back.

"The younger generation is, I don't know that the Emperor of the Emperor deliberately found the younger generation here, but also specifically asked Su Yiyun to look for me in a more troublesome way. I don't know what I want to say to the younger generation?"

If you want to see Ye Zichen, you don't need to be so expensive.

"And, when the younger generation came in, the patterns on both sides of the wall seemed to be related to the reincarnation of the younger generation."


"The younger generation asked Yiyun on the way. He couldn't see the patterns on both sides of the wall. That is to say, it was the Emperor of the Emperor who deliberately showed it to the younger generation."

"of course."

"The younger generation is puzzled."

Arched towards the Emperor, Ye Zichen looked up and waited for the Emperor to explain to him.

"What are you doing with me?"The imperial concubine refused.

Ye Zichen is not sure, and whoever is experiencing him will be amazed. He wants to seek explanations and there is no problem, but he forgets…

He is just a small person who has not yet reached the Supreme.

Even if he was mixed up under the mountain of God, now sitting opposite him is the Emperor of the Emperor, and he can't count anything in front of this existence.

He is puzzled and does not mean that the Emperor will explain it to him.

Such a decisive response made Ye Zichen's hand tremble. This is also a decisive response, so that he finally remembered that he is not equal to the identity of the Emperor.

Suddenly hanged his head, and after the Emperor looked at him, he took a roll from the next volume.

"In fact, long ago, the Emperor was already following you. As for this very early deadline, I am afraid that it will be traced back to your first Yellow Emperor. ”

The tone of the Emperor is very dull, and there is no such thing as the majesty that other people always impose.

Ye Zichen couldn't help but think of it, but he thought that when he saw the record of him on the wall of the reincarnation, he knew that the Emperor of the Emperor was not empty.

Without his opening, Emperor Emperor put the scrolls in his hand on the table and threw the other scrolls on the bookshelf to the table in front of him.

"All the records here are all about your reincarnation. In your reincarnation, it is quite interesting to have a story that comes together. When I am free, I will go and have a look to pass the time. . Of course, all I said is actually just to let you know that I have been paying attention to you. ”

A faint smile emerged from the face of Emperor, and I noticed this smile, and Ye Zichen also spoke at this moment.

"More care of the older generation, but I don't know what the younger generation has, it deserves your attention."

The Emperor smiled softly, but he did not answer the question of Ye Zichen.

It seems that Emperor Medieval will not answer any of his questions, and Ye Zichen does not want to take his own insults. Simply shut up and listen to the Emperor himself.

"Some shouldn't you know, or don't ask." When people are old, they will start to grow. They almost forgot to find you the right thing here. I will ask you, you can know the Five Elements. ”

How suddenly did you mention the Five Elements Emperor? In the inexplicable room of Ye Zichen in the temple, the brow was deeply locked.

Asking this question in the position of Emperor of the Emperor is definitely a matter of meaning. In addition, he has no way to determine the relationship between the Emperor and the Five Elements, and he has no way of knowing his relationship with the Emperor.

"The younger generation has heard of it."

I don’t know if it’s too fake, but if I know that the great emperor has passed away for tens of thousands of years, the Emperor is completely blocking the news about him.

I have only heard that this answer is the most secure.

β€œIs it just so simple?”

Not thinking about Emperor, but at this moment, inexplicably laughing, holding a hook toward Ye Zichen in his right hand, he felt a strange wave in the ring on his finger. It was not long before the demon tower flew from the ring. come out.

The dark tower flew in the direction of the Emperor, and fell to his hand, while the Emperor was also a channel.

"How do you explain the town demon tower?"

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