Town demon tower.

Looking at the little tower that flew out, Ye Zichen's back instantly let the cold sweat soak.

Especially after hearing the question of Emperor of the Emperor, his heart was shrinking, trying to calm his own mood, but his heart did not listen to his words at all, and he threw himself through the thump.

The entire hall was very quiet at this time, making his heartbeat clearer.

"This is the chance of the younger generation."

Pressing the trepidation of his heart, Ye Zichen gnawed his head and said a lie.

At this moment, the face of Emperor of the Emperor suddenly sank, and the eyes were directly smashed into thin lines, and the entire hall was filled with a gloomy atmosphere.

"to be frank."

"younger generation……"Ye Zichen also wanted to defend, but found that under such pressure, he could not carry on this lie.

"This town demon tower is the self-refinement of the emperor, and the five elements are regarded as treasures. You said that you got it by chance. Do you think this Emperor can believe? To tell the truth to the Emperor, you have been to his mausoleum! ”


"It’s good to say this early."

Between the words, the Emperor also completely retracted the gods and threw the town demon tower into the hands of Ye Zichen.

"The town demon tower is well kept. Within this three circles of the demon, there are many people who smash it. Even the Wu people are extremely valued. ”

Holding the town demon tower in his hand and the words of the Emperor, this made Ye Zichen convinced that the relationship between the Emperor and the Five Elements of the Emperor must be shallow.

"I don't know what is important in this town demon tower?"

"Do you really know or don't know? At that time, the key to the tomb of Emperor Ziwei of the Emperor Ziwei was not worth the old guys trying to fight for it? There is also the last layer of the town demon tower, you know who is there? ”


"Why should the Emperor tell you?"

Didn't think that Emperor Chou was smiling and shrugged, looking at Ye Zichen in front of him with a playful look.

Ye Zichen is the most unwilling to take care of this horrible giant. Since he does not want to say, he is too lazy to ask.

As if I felt the helplessness of Ye Zichen, the Emperor was also open.

"In short, this town demon tower is more precious than you think. It is also your blessing to get the town demon tower. Please cherish it."

"The older generation understands."

"But this is still not the purpose of my search for you here."The Emperor said, "You come forward."

In the imperial palace of the Emperor, the Emperor of the Emperor naturally took the absolute dominance. Even if Ye Zichen is reluctant, he can only walk over.

The Emperor also got up at this time, but he didn't think that his height was only on the shoulder of Ye Zichen. He couldn't help but lock his eyebrows. The right hand slammed Ye Zichen's shoulder and pressed him down half a meter.

Immediately, Ye Zichen saw the left palm of the Emperor of the Emperor patted directly toward his forehead.

The forehead eyebrows can be said to be the most important position of the practitioner, Ye Zichen subconsciously wants to dodge, but the Emperor does not give him this opportunity, the right hand is like a steel forceps to buckle him so that it can not move, the palm of the left hand It is also printed on its eyebrows.

When Emperor's handprinted to Ye Zichen's eyebrows, his body immediately flashed a purple-black glow.

Smoothing his hand toward Ye Zichen's eyebrows, he saw that he pushed Ye Zichen backwards and sat on the futon as if it had already been prepared, but the Emperor was soft and obvious. Some fell to the ground.


Su Yiyun, who was outside the hall, had been observing the situation in the temple. When the Emperor apparently fell, he immediately ran from the outside of the hall to him and helped him to sit down.

At this time, the face of Emperor was full of sweat, and the dark pupils became godless and pale.

"Master, you are fine."

A faint wave of waving his hand to indicate that he was innocent, but after a rest of half an hour, the Emperor opened his mouth.

"I will start retreating from now on, and anyone will tell me that I am going out."

"Master respects you…"

Su Yiyun wants to say nothing, and the Emperor sees it and does not hide it.

"Yes, my practice has now entered a period of decline."

Nothing is absolutely perfect, even the practice of Emperor.

When his practice is cultivated to a certain extent, he will fall into decline. Now he shows people in the face of a teenager, which is the reason for his decline in the practice.

Decline will not only make his body return to childhood, but his strength will be greatly reduced.

When the people of the Shah family came, he was covered with fog, and they did not want them to confirm their own decline.

"You can't say that you can at least suppress it for a hundred years…"

Su Yiyun Emei, the Emperor of the Emperor is now unable to return to the juvenile body. The South Demon of the Styx is like to cross the Styx. Now you need the Emperor to shake the demon.

"It could have been suppressed for a few years, but I have just given too much power to this kid, so that the trend of decline is somewhat uncontrollable."

It is the time of this interest that the body of the Emperor has changed significantly.

Whether it is his face or his body is constantly shrinking, now he seems to be afraid that it is only six or seven years old.

"In the near future, you must pay attention to the movements of the Yaozu. Although I have been shocked by them some time ago, the old guys of the Yaozu are definitely not so easy to be willing to give up. My shock will only delay the time of their attack, but it will not be completely stopped. ”

"The Styx is the first line of defense to prevent the demon from attacking the Terran, and it is also the last line of defense. I will give you a handful of orders…"

When the Emperor said that he took three tokens from his arms and placed them in the hands of Su Yiyun.

"This purple-black hand is the token of the Lord of the River. As long as the Yaozu dare to cross the river, then you use this hand to gather all the beasts and spirits in the river to defend."

"The disciple understands."

Holding the hand in his hand, the Emperor handed over a golden token.

"There are two warrants. If the beast of the Styx can't stop the demon's attack, then you can use this golden hand to go to the square of the mountain to find you, just tell him…Let him still owe the Emperor of the past, he will certainly not refuse. ”

"The disciple knows."

"There are still these tokens."

At this time, the Emperor of the Ming Dynasty has become as big as a child of three or four years old, and his hands cannot pick up this light blue hand.

"This hand and other Ye Zichen wake up and give it to him, let him use this hand to go to the Yaozu Nine-tailed Fox, and find their patriarch to open the door to the lower bound…Xuanyuanjian's sword spirit is awakened, and all walks of life have sent people to fight for it, let him take the Xuanyuan sword back, this sword can not fall into the hands of the Mozu. Remember, you must go down from the nine-tailed Fox! Remember! Remember! ”

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