The body of the Emperor in the palace is still shrinking, and Su Yiyun, who is opposite, holds the three tokens in his hand and remembers what the Emperor said.

"Master, what else do you need to explain?"

"The account is almost the same, and the rest will be handed over to you."

As soon as the voice fell, I saw that the Emperor looked at Ye Zichen with a glance. After a sigh of relief, the body turned into a cloud, which disappeared into the hall.

At this time, Su Yiyun was deeply stunned by the emperor who left, and the token in his hand was firmly gripped, and his eyes fell on Ye Zichen.

At this time, Ye Zichen was like being settled, sitting on the futon and motionless.

After a long while, Su Yiyun locked the lock eyebrows and placed the remaining two tokens in the space ring. He took the purple-black token and walked out of the hall.

Regardless of the current situation of Ye Zichen, he is absolutely safe within this palace.

Master Shizong was in a period of decline during the recession. He is now the first to do to contact the beasts in the river to strengthen the defense of the Styx.

As everyone knows, it didn't take long before he left the hall. Ye Zichen, sitting cross-legged on the floor, has a colorful brilliance around his body.

The five rays of light are reflected in the five-way avenue, surrounded by it.

In the sea of ​​Ye Zichen, the soul villain sits in the middle of the chaos. Just as the palm of the Emperor's palm was printed on his eyebrows, the raging information was hard to drill into the soul of his villain.

The majestic soul force made him unable to digest for a while, and during this time he has been trying hard to absorb the amount of information in the soul power that the Emperor passed to him. When the internal news was completely sorted out, Ye Zichen discovered that the mottled information turned out to be all about the five-way law.

Of course, this is not to say that the Emperor's practice is also the Five Ways.

It is at their level, and they will be somewhat involved in any avenue. The understanding of the Five-way Law is incomparable to the Five Elements, but it is enough for Ye Zichen, which is not yet a five-line Xiaocheng.

Reflecting the inner perception of the Five Elements Law in the soul, Ye Zichen's understanding of the Five Ways is like opening a new door.

This direct inheritance is more direct than the five-way monument left by the five elements of the Emperor in the town demon tower.

"The relationship between the Emperor and the Five Elements of the Emperor is absolutely superficial."

Ye Zichen, who knows the soul of the sea, can't help but lock the eyebrows. Anyone with different avenues understands differently. Therefore, there are three thousand roads and three thousand roads. The understanding of the five elements of the dynasty can be achieved by the understanding of the five elements. Against the background, the degree of mutual compensation.

There is also the town demon tower, but he personally refines the five elements of the Great.

In this way, the relationship between the two emperors is worth pondering.

In the tea room, Ye Zichen's understanding of the Five Ways Law has risen to a new height, plaguing Ye Zichen's long-standing opening one after another.

Rain and thunder and lightning.

In the empty palace of the Emperor, Ye Zichen’s head appeared in the wind and thunder. When the Five Ways of Law merged in the temple, the spiritual power in the body was completely transformed into the power of God.


Just inside the emptiness of the Protoss, a golden sword was broken into the void.

The appearance of this golden light has made countless giants in the Protoss pay attention. The Emperor and the Emperor of Lei, including the shackles of the Sifang Temple, are all attracted to this golden sword. What makes the giants horrified is that they can’t lock the handle. The whereabouts of the sword.

The golden long sword broke through the void and traveled through the sky to the imperial palace.

When it appeared in the sky above the Emperor's Palace, it was only a few laps on it, giving a cheerful humming into the mirror of no one, and the ban on the surrounding of the palace was directly on the head of Ye Zichen. sea.


Seeing this golden sword, Ye Zichen's brows subconsciously clustered.

He can be sure that this is definitely not the former godhead, and the previous godhead is much smaller than it is now. And, that godhead has already blended the sword spirit Xuanxiang.

More importantly, the appearance of this godhead did not drop any penalty.

In his eyebrows, the godhead has already flown toward him, surrounded by his side and continually screaming cheerfully. Although I can't understand why I can have two gods, Ye Zichen still reaches out and touches the sword front and integrates it into the soul.


The spirits in the body are also converted into divine power, when the power of the gods flows through the Qijing Eight Pulses…


As everyone knows, just outside the Temple of the Emperor, the purple MSI in the Nine Stars River flashes, and a golden law is actually drawn from the stars into the Milky Way.

At the moment when the law appeared, the left auxiliary star around it was also shining.

If someone is paying attention to the Milky Way at this time, they will see a handsome man from the left auxiliary star who has a high foot.

The man took the law and took a golden brush in his hand, writing a word at the top of the golden rule…


When the word is written, the golden brush in his hand disappears, and at the same time the law is placed on the edge of the emperor.

The emperor’s ray is shining, and the law has once again disappeared into the nine-day star river. And the man who left a word on it, the body has become illusory and hidden in the left auxiliary star.

In the imperial palace, Ye Zichen also became a ignorant habit of becoming a physical change after the Supreme.

At this time, Su Yiyun, who was told by the big brothers in the river, also returned to the temple. He couldn't help but smile when he saw that Ye Zichen had awakened and felt his breath.

"Congratulations, we broke through."

"With the same joy, where is the Emperor of the Emperor now, I can thank you for this breakthrough."

At the same time, the five-way law has plagued Ye Zichen for some time, so that he can become the supreme so quickly, and has a great relationship with the help of the Emperor.

When it comes to Emperor, Su Yiyun's face sinks.

Ye Zichen couldn't help but notice the change in the other's look.

"What's wrong?"

The news that the Emperor is in a period of decline cannot be told by anyone. I can think of Ye Zichen's relationship with them, and the Emperor of the Emperor in order to let him break through, and think about it, Su Yiyun did not stare at him.

"Master is now in a period of decline, and now its strength has not existed, and must go to retreat."

"Dead period?"Ye Zichen locks the eyebrows.

"This time and half will also make you unclear, but Master will let me explain to you before the retreat."


Immediately, Su Yiyun took a light blue token from his arms and handed it to Ye Zichen.

"Use this token to go to the nine-tailed fox family, and find the patriarch of the fox family to open the door to the next three worlds to win the Xuanyuan sword."

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