When Ye Zichen spoke up, the surrounding air seemed to solidify.

The little guys of the Fox family heard the trembling in this statement, and Su Yan at the same time was completely stunned.

"How could it be him?"

The same words were repeated in my mind, and in this silence, the two men looked at each other, and the little boy in the fox family started.

"Su Yan, do you know him?"

"do not know."

Su Yan's face was cold, and her eyes looked at Ye Zichen, who was tied to the trunk. The eyes kept changing and the fists were clenched.

"This person is acquainted with the back of the nine-tailed Tianhuo fox family, and it is likely that the foreigners sent in." Xiao Gang, to inform the people of Santangkou to take it down, and wait for the patriarch to be handed over to the patriarch for treatment. ”

Su Yan, who explained everything clearly, didn't leave, but the people around her turned around and saw the shaking of her shoulders.

Su Yan, who was leaving her back, seemed to cry like a cry, until she left, and then the mountain stopped, and bound the back hills of Ye Zichen's towering old trees.

"I used it for eight seconds to hate you, took eight minutes to leave you, spent eight hours throwing everything related to you, took eight months to let go of you, and spent eight years completely forgetting you. As a result, are you okay? All memories are resurrected. Ah……Why, I said that hating you for a lifetime, it is impossible to forgive you for a lifetime. but……You are still alive, that’s great. ”

The tears in the eyelids flowed down like a dike, Su Yan kept sighing, and the tears flickered.

The little boy like a little man frowned at Su Yan's back, and Ye Zichen's face turned into a bitter look and looked a few times, but in the end he could only scratch his head with his hand. .

After all, he is still too young to feel the story inside.

β€œSu Yan’s sister said that she doesn’t know you. What do you have to say now?”

The little boy frowned and frowned, and Ye Zichen, who was tied to the trunk, grinned and did not excuse himself.


The rampage appeared in the back of the Jiuwei Tianhui fox family, and Ye Zichen fell into the dungeon where he was admitted without any accident.

Smell the smell of the surrounding air and recall the attitude of Su Yan at that time. While smirking and shaking his head, Ye Zichen sat on the bed of the dungeon and kept pouring the wine into his mouth with the jug.

After half a day, Ye Zichen sat down, looking up at the only sunroof through the sun, taking care of himself.


Just then, the door to the dungeon opened, and from the gate of the dungeon was a tall woman who was especially cold and proud.

The woman went straight to Ye Zichen's cell and subconsciously covered her nose with her hand.

"How come so big."

When he heard the words, Ye Zichen also put down the jug and looked at the door of the cell. When he saw the woman in front of the door, he couldn't help but grin.

"Liu's sister, I haven't seen you for a long time."

"It really was you."

Seeing that the person in the cell was Ye Zichen, Su Liuer did not show any surprise look, and the relatives were taken for granted.

"Just Hui people have heard that someone is good at the mountains, but also bluntly knows me and my little sister. I only went to the little girl, and her answer was also a slap in the face, as if she had cried a while ago. Think about it, this person is you. ”

The scenery of a hundred years has made Su Liuer become even more arrogant, and his words and deeds reveal the inhuman taste.

She didn't want Su Yan and Ye Zichen to be together, and some of her later experiences made her a slight change in Ye Zichen's impression. But now Su Yan seems to have a big resistance to Ye Zichen, and she naturally won't match the two of them.

"Listen to the children, you are here to find the patriarch of the nine-tailed fox family. It happened that just now, the patriarch has also gone out, I am taking you now. ”

Breaking the ban on the cell and opening the door, Ye Zichen also walked out of the cell.

"There are Lao Liuer sisters."

"There is nothing to work with, although I have never looked at you all the time, but I still know a little about you. Since you are talking about finding a patriarch, there is nothing wrong with it. I don't want to delay your business because of the self-willedness of the younger sister. ”

With a faint glance, Su Liuer went straight out of the dungeon.

Ye Zichen sighed inexplicably, and gave the words he wanted to say to his stomach, and he could only go out silently.

The place where Su Liuer came with Ye Zichen was a bamboo forest. The bamboo with an inch wide could not see its years, and its towering momentum was not at its end.

The layout of this bamboo forest is especially peculiar. There are countless paths interspersed in it, and you will be lost in this bamboo forest if you are not careful.

Ye Zichen didn't know how many bends he had spared. In short, when Su Liuer took him out of the bamboo forest, he caught his eyes on a spring hot spring, and there was a bamboo building next to the spring.


Su Liuer, who walked in the forefront, suddenly stopped and leaned towards the hot springs. Ye Zichen noticed that under the mist of the hot springs, the spring was named after his woman.

Its back is white as snow and round as a bead.

Just a little glance, Ye Zichen felt his heart sway, and quickly moved his head to another position, not afraid to be guilty of it.

"People are coming."

The voice of the woman in the hot spring was very gentle, and immediately Ye Zichen heard a sound coming from the water, and soon the woman opened her mouth again.

"Come on."

Next to the spring, the woman had already dressed and sat at the square table.

Su Liuer and Ye Zichen walked over to the woman, stopping at her position about five meters away from her.

β€œYe Zichen meets the patriarch.”

The woman faintly looked at Ye Zichen, nodded and said to Su Liuer.

"Liu, let's go first."

Su Liuer did not hesitate to disappear in the bamboo forest, and the beautiful woman also pointed to the position opposite her.


The fox family does not deserve to be the value of the demon family. The prostitutes in the family can be said to be the most demon. The patriarch of the fox family in front of him is even more beautiful.

In particular, this is not only the beauty of the patriarch, but its strength is also the top presence in the three circles of the demon.

Sitting opposite her, Ye Zichen is still somewhat cramped.

"Is it for you?"

After a lengthy silence, it can be said that after the lengthy observation of the patriarch of the Nine-Tailed Fox, the patriarch finally spoke.

"Yes."Ye Zichen nodded and took the light blue token from his arms and placed it on the square table. "The Emperor of the Emperor asked me to come to you, please open the door to the lower bound."

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