"What on earth?"

The fox patriarch smiled disdainfully, and his eyes flashed a faint resentment.

"In that year, I asked him to be Emperor, and found the soul of the Five Elements from the long river of time. But he didn't see me in March, but now come over and ask me…Why should I help him? โ€

Unexpectedly, the fox patriarch and the emperor actually had this past, and Ye Zichen heard that the heart was cold.

Isnโ€™t this Emperor in the pit?

Even if he is replaced, he will certainly not help.

"This is actually the case, this Emperor is not a human being."

Ye Zichen turned around and directly reported Susie to Su Shi. "How did he think about it, so he still asked me to come?" Hey, if he said it directly, the younger generation said that it is impossible for you to lose this face. โ€

The thighs made Ye Zichen's slamming sound, and the eyes were filled with contempt for the Emperor.

This is not what Ye Zichen pretends. It is definitely his real idea. It is not mixed with any false ingredients.

In the same year, if the Emperor of the Confucius helped me, he did not help but also asked for help.

More face!

"You are a pretty good thing about this child."

Su Shi nodded with some gratification. She has been shut out for so many years, and she has always kept it in mind.

Although it is impossible to talk about the hate of the Emperor, it is absolutely impossible for both parties to move around.

Itโ€™s the same way.

"That is for sure, you are definitely a reasonable person."Ye Zichen slammed the chest.

"If that's the case, then let's go."

This time, Su Shi suddenly came to a sudden brake, and it was a bit embarrassing to switch to Ye Zichen.

Indeed, he is not particularly optimistic about the behavior of the Emperor, but he must go back to the Three Realms.

Not to go back and look at those old friends, Xuanyuanjian is definitely worth to take back. Except for the Jiuwei Fox, he does not know how to return to the next three worlds.

The smile on his face was a little stiff, and Ye Zichen touched his nose and turned his eyes for a few turns.

"Oh, this…Oh…"


This shouting Su Shi can not help but lock the eyebrows, Ye Zichen is also cheeky.

"Heyโ€ฆโ€ฆLiu Erjie shouted at you, isn't it, Su Liuer is my sister, and I can't say a word, right?Haha…"

Ye Zichen This smile should be done more and more dry. This kind of raw pull and hard cover makes Su Shi can't help but gently lift his mouth and wait for his performance quietly.

"The practice of Emperor is a grandson, really! Anyone who can't do anything with a big man can't agree with his behavior. But look at you, I am innocent! โ€

Su Shi nodded lightly and still watched him perform quietly.

"Look at…If you can't do it, then you can help me and let me go. โ€

"You said that it seems that there are really some truths."Su Shi smiled and nodded, Ye Zichen also blinked his eyes, suddenly saw Su Shiโ€™s face sinking, โ€œrolling…I didn't get angry, and I quickly disappeared from my eyes. โ€


"You want me to do it for you?"

Keeping his eyes open, Ye Zichen's face was full of smirk and got up from the table, and it didn't take long to fold back.

"Don't go?"Su Xiaomei.

"Heyโ€ฆโ€ฆDon't get angry. โ€Ye Zichen smiled and pointed to the bamboo forest secret road outside. "Can you arrange for me to personally, this…I can't go out…"

Su Shi stunned him and his right hand waved, and the bamboo forest in front disappeared into a plain.

I can't think of the body of this bamboo forest as a tool.

With a brow up, Ye Zichen also raised his eyebrows at Susie, and he disappeared in front of Su Shiโ€™s eyes.

"Hey, it seems that if you really have those old antiques, the Emperor is entering a period of decline, otherwise it is impossible to open the door. This little thing is coming to me. But why should I help you, even if you and I were friends. You can shut me out of your year, and we are already scattered. โ€

Silently got up and wanted to go back to the bamboo building, but at this time a shadow in the bamboo forest came out of the forest.

"Smoke, how come you? Can the progress of the body taught to you progress? โ€

"not yet."Su Yan had some cowardly answers. Su Shi couldn't help but open the door. "Small smoke, your body is the blood of the pure nine-tailed Tianhuo fox family. Its blood is pure and even your sister can't compare." Now that you are the ninth paragraph of the Heavenly Supreme, waiting for you to break through the heavens, but also to awaken the blood, the Supreme Body can not be dragged down. โ€

โ€œSu Yan understands.โ€

Su Yan nodded her lips and her fingers kept licking her clothes.

Noticed her inner anxiety, Su Shi looked at her.

"Is there anything wrong?"

"Hey, what did Ye Zichen do just now?"Su Yan blinked and asked carefully with his right hand on his clothes.

"heโ€ฆโ€ฆThe Emperor sent me to let me open a door to the following. I want to come to the Emperor to let him take the Xuanyuan sword. Recently, there have been many people in the Three Realms. But I have any obligation to help him, and I refused directly to him. โ€

"Like This."

Upon hearing this answer, Su Yan's eyebrows are deeper, and the fingers are more sloppy.

For a long time, Su Yan, who had been hanging her head, took a few deep breaths and lifted her head and looked at Su Shi.

"Hey, I want to ask you something."

The hospitality of the Jiuweitian demon fox family is really not very friendly. From the bamboo forest range, there is a fully armed white fox outside, and the portable shield and long sword are waiting outside.

Without saying the last sentence, Ye Zichen was thrown out from the nine-tailed fox family.

Standing in front of the mountain gate of the Nine-Tailed Fox family, Ye Zichen looked at the front of the nine-tailed Fox family with his neck.

Just throw it out and forget it. Can you send him to the Styx?

Now that he is in this wilderness, he is unfamiliar with his life. How does he get back to the Terran territory?

"Wow, this Emperor definitely pits me."

Holding the blue token in his hand, this token seems to be a one-time use only, and he wants to use this token to return to the Styx. There is no movement at all.

What does this make him do?

Crossing the Yaozu?

does not exist!

"No, I have to go back and look for their patriarch."

After a few hesitations, Ye Zichen decided to go back to the nine-tailed Fox family, or he would have to be trapped in this wilderness.

Just then, the name guardian white fox suddenly appeared above the void.

Take a closer look, this is the one that was thrown out for him.

"Hey, brother."

Standing on the ground and waving at it, Ye Zichen pondered to discuss with him to bring him back, and talk to the patriarch.

After seeing him, the white fox fell from the sky and walked in front of him with no expression. He took a jade slip from his arms and threw it into his hand.

"If you want to go to the lower bound, you will crush this jade, the patriarch said…Don't appear in the territory of the Jiuwei Tianhuo Fox in the future, let you convey it, and say good things to the Emperor! โ€

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