The jade will be left behind, and the white fox guard will turn into a stream of light and return to the deep mountains of the nine-tailed demon fox family.

On top of this jade slip, you can clearly feel the power contained in it. The majestic power of the majestic circling in the jade, Ye Zichen can be determined that as long as the power of the jade is released, it is possible to open a passage to the lower boundary between the heavens and the earth.

"Before it was fierce, I suddenly agreed."

Looking at the jade in the hands of Ye Zichen can not help but lock the eyebrows, but since it is a good thing to get this thing, there is no good concern.

As for Su Shiโ€™s dying to let him hand over to the Emperor…

Now that Emperor is in a period of decline, the ghost knows when he can go out. Ye Zichen was too lazy to manage the personal grievances between them.

What he cares about now is to return to the next three worlds.

As long as you think of this homeland, the heart of Ye Zichen's whole person is violently beating.

It should be counted as his second home.

There, he struggled with the Mozu. There, what he lost and what he got, all flashed through countless pictures, and intertwined in his mind into memories that are indelible for eternal life.

"I really don't know if you are okay?"

After a faint whisper, Ye Zichen's soul is a stir.

Holding the jade in his hand, he has been unable to contain the urge to go back. Even though he left there for a few years, he could…

Who can't want to be home?

Without any hesitation, Ye Zichen's handcuffs will be jade.

The surging divine power emerged from the jade slip, and countless divine powers were intertwined between the heavens and the earth, forming a vision of heaven and earth.

In a flash, those divine powers all gathered in front of Ye Zichen.

Half a meter in front of him, the intersection of divine power made it form a pale blue ice crystal array.

The feet stepped toward the circle, and the cornerstone of the phalanx of the phalanx flashed. In amazement, it turned into a golden light that pervaded the sky and penetrated the whole sky.

In the depths of the bamboo forest of the Houshan fox family, Su Shi was also indifferently glanced at the appearance of the Jinmang. Until the light disappeared, she took back the inadvertent gaze, and her fingers tapped gently on the table of the square table.

"Liu, come see me."


In an instant, the battle moves to the stars.

When Ye Zichen disappeared from the Yaozu, his reappearance did not directly return to the next three realms, but stayed in a dark, luminous corridor.

At this time, he stood at the end of the promenade, behind him was the empty sea of โ€‹โ€‹stars.

"what's the situation?"

When it came here, Ye Zichen was a bit worried.

He took the star overseas, and when he set foot on the starry sky, he found that everything here was chaotic. The long corridor that is invisible to the end is the only building here.

Some wonder why this is the case. Ye Zichen deliberately strolled around the star. What scared him was that he clearly remembered his direction, but when he walked out of the distance of 100 meters, he was completely lost in the sea of โ€‹โ€‹stars.

At the time of his fear and uneasiness, the dark corridor was again in front of his eyes.

Obviously, this gallery is weird.

Or, this may be the only way to get through the world and return to the lower bounds.

In the midst of his hesitation, Ye Zichen gave up the aimless walk in the star river, and he was really worried about being lost in the Xinghai.

Re-entering the promenade, the corridor is about two meters wide and the height is similar.

The corridors are clearly dark, but the interior of the corridor is bright.

"What the hell is this? Is it true that other people are coming down like this?"

Ye Zichen didn't know how long he had been on the promenade. He only felt that the promenade had no end, no matter how he walked, there was no way to get out of it.

Gradually, his heart began to feel a little anxious. When he wanted to turn back, he was actually burning a fire behind his back.

The fire shines on a mirror-like wall that mirrors the entire gallery into a fire red.

More importantly, Ye Zichen, who is facing the fire, feels the heat of the flame. Through the surrounding walls, he seems to have seen someone behind the fire.

Suddenly, Ye Zichen saw a bonfire in the position half a meter ahead of him.

The bonfire burned and the fire tongue spurting out almost reached his face. Next to the bonfire, there was a man in a black robes who could not see the men and women as a wizard. Sitting next to the flames, he stretched out his hand like a fire.

Just as he was horrified, the wizard suddenly raised his head, but he was not looking at him, but his opposite position, with a voice that was especially hoarse like an old crow.

"Welcome to the time gallery."

"Are you talking to me?"

Some strange openings, did not think that the wizard did not care about him at all, still looking at his opposite position. Immediately, in the depths of the fire, Ye Zichen saw a figure coming quietly. The owner of the figure, even if Ye Zichen's body is stiff, stops like petrochemical.

Far away from the time corridor, the Red Maple City outside the fairyland.

"I heard that the Mozu we stayed here was in the hands of the statue man?"

In the sky above the Red Maple City, several dark-skinned clothes were exposed to the man's gaze, and the statue in the center of the city was Ye Zichen.

"Yes, the devil is an adult."

In front of these devils, there are still young people of the celebrity family. This young man is dressed in a green shirt. From the perspective of the spiritual fluctuations released by him, he has already reached the level of the fairy king.

This kind of strength is considered to be the top existence in Xianyu, and there is no need to bow to anyone.

The people who can stand by him are different, these people…

All are supreme!

In front of the Supreme, even if this young man is a fairy king, he must have a tail and be a man.

"The year was the birth of this statue, obstructing your presence. However, this person is now dead, but his legacy is within the Red Maple City. โ€

"Hey, if it werenโ€™t for the shackles of the Sifang Temple, letโ€™s stop our lower bounds, and now itโ€™s already our territory.โ€The supreme face of the Mozu roared and grinned at the brothers beside him. "Itโ€™s just that the artifacts havenโ€™t come out yet, why donโ€™t we have some fun here?โ€

"This is not very good. The protoss and the demon people are also coming. If we are rushing here…"

"What are you afraid of?"Someone in the peers just want to dissuade, this person is a disdainful smile. "Would those protoss and demon people dare to fight with you and me?"

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