"You are the coach who travels here, everything is arranged by you."

The demon who dissuaded the dissidents no longer comforted, shrugged and handed over all the power to the very embarrassing demon.

"Quin, I hate you for this boring look."

The coach of the Mozu clustered his eyebrows at the Mozu, and suddenly there was a anger in front of them.

"Who are you, you can't be empty on the Red Maple City."

Speaking hard is a master of the Tianxian level, from the perspective of his clothing is under the jurisdiction of leisure and leisure. He gathered his eyebrows and was about to reprimand…

"magic……Mozu! ”

This fairy has experienced the war of the Mozu, and the impression of the Mozu is so deep. He just looked at it and recognized the identity of their Mozu. When he turned around and went back to report, he saw the Mozu coach pointing to him.

On the back of the fairy, there was a blood hole, which fell from the city and fell heavily on the ground.

At the same time, the Mozu coach even shattered the statue standing in Hongfeng City.

"Adults, there is movement on the side of the artifact, please also go quickly, so as not to let the Protoss and the Yaozu take the lead."

The rise of the play, suddenly the Mozu was opened to the coach.

The Mozu master's brow is deep, and he is just about to play it. There is an action on the artifact, which makes him feel particularly disappointed.

There is no room for any artifacts in the artifact, otherwise he will not have a good end when he goes back.

"Jackie, let's hurry up." If the delay is a matter of fact, the Emperor of the Emperor will not let us go. ”

Quinn locked his eyebrows and looked at the Mozu coach, and he saw the coach disappointing.

"I know, but I am really interested in the dragons here. However, it is a lower plane, but the speed of the people here can be compared to the upper limit, so that you…"

The jackdaw reached out to the young man of the immortal level, and the young man immediately rushed to the past and heard the jackdaw open.

"The deity is very interested in your dragon veins. If you can help the deity to take the dragon veins, I can send you a big creation. Of course, the deity will also provide some help to you. Later, the deity will send people to you for the use of the three thousand demon warriors, and the deity only needs the dragon pulse, as for the other…You arrange it yourself. ”

"Devil, I don't know the level of the devil, but…"

"It's the king of you here."

The young people of the Xianwang level trembled, and the 3,000 masters of the Xianwang level used it for their use. Not to mention the need to grab the dragon's pulse, even if it was completely conquered here is enough.

Although it is a bit sloppy with the Mozu, but the defeat of the king…

What Mozu is not a demon!

"Small obey!"

Almost without hesitation, the young man was directly in front of the jackdaw.

"Well, don't let me down."

The jackd nodded faintly and opened to the people around him.

"Give him three thousand devils, the rest of the people go to the place of artifacts with me, don't let the protoss and demons take the lead."

The devil's ambiguity about the dragon's pulse, the youth's ambitions make Xian domain into crisis. Ye Zichen, who still stays in the time gallery, is also in great horror.

At this point, Ye Zichen looked straight at the man who appeared opposite the bonfire.

The man was wearing a golden robes, and the air around him at this time seemed to be ups and downs, and the burning fire slammed his head down, as if he was squatting on it.


Today, the nine gods are sitting on the gods of the central mountain.

After inheriting the wishes of the Five Elements Emperor, he fantasized about countless scenes of meeting with the Emperor, but he could not think of all this coming so fast, so suddenly…

More importantly, they are still so close.

There was a bonfire in the middle, and Ye Zichen could even touch his robes as long as he reached out.

The heart beats wildly, and the rapid heartbeat almost makes Ye Zichen unable to breathe. He didn't dare to look at it with his nervous nerves, and he cautiously lowered his head.

"You can get into the time gallery. Your luck is very good. I can satisfy you with a wish, but you also know that I am not a philanthropist. You also need to pay something."

The wizard before the bonfire opened, and the Emperor's brow was lightly locked.

"I want all the stars of the Five Elements."

"Yes, but you have to pay the corresponding price!"

"I will give my heart to you."

Almost no hesitation, the right hand of the Emperor directly took his heart out. When he was worried, blood was spilled, but the blood disappeared when it splashed on Ye Zichen.

Looking at the clothes that were not contaminated with any blood, Ye Zichen subconsciously put his hand on his body.

The hand was worn in the past.

"This is an image."

In the midst of it, the Emperor had sent the heart of the eruption to the wizard. The heart that was pulled out was still beating, and the wizard glanced a faintly and threw the heart into the campfire.

The bonfire is burning more vigorously.

"I am very satisfied with the fair trade. Now, when you leave from the time corridor, you will appear when the emperor star has not yet been imaged. How can you win the star movement? I don't think I need to tell you. ”

The gods did not leave without saying a word, and Ye Zichen could see that it was amazing.

At that time, in the landscape painting, the Five Elements of the Emperor said that it was true. The Emperor actually smashed his starship, or in this way, with the price of a heart.

Doesn't that mean that the current Emperor has no heart?

Before he could digest these, the opposite side of the bonfire was another one. When I saw this person, the expression on Ye Zichen's face became especially weird.

This person is not someone else, it is the Five Elements Emperor.

"Welcome to the time gallery."

The wizard said the same thing to the Five Elements, the first time the Emperor appeared to look at him, and immediately asked.

"I want to know what Zhou Wu came here and asked for it!"

Seeing Ye Zichen here is a bit of a stay, and the Five Elements of the Emperor actually know that the Emperor has been here.

The most important thing now is that the wizard’s answer…

"What do you use to exchange."


The five elements of the Great Emperor did not talk nonsense, directly pulled down their right hand and threw it into the campfire.


"Fair trading, just now Zhou Wu came to me, asking how can you marry your star."


This wizard actually said it.

This wizard is doing things, and his means is absolutely to know that this person is the Five Elements Emperor.


I can't think of the five elements of the Emperor without revealing any surprises. On the contrary, there is still a bit of calmness.

Shaking away from the promenade, Ye Zichen from the back of his departure, I don't know why I feel a little sad.

Ming knew that the other party had gone to marry his star, but there was no way to stop it.

This may be really a particularly sad thing.

Just when he lamented the fate, the wizard actually looked over to Ye Zichen…

"Welcome to the time gallery."

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