"It’s really easy to go back."

Ye Zichen, standing next to the campfire, clenched his fist and waited for the wizard to give the result.

For a while, when it was really 19 years old, Ye Zichen vowed not to enter any red packets, even if he went in, he quickly retired.

It’s like a butterfly effect, and his group directly affects the changes of everyone around him.

Of course, all of this is based on the premise of being able to go back.

After thinking about it, the Emperor wants to take the Five Elements of the Great Emperor, and it is easy to do. Compared with the gods, his wish is to be too much, and he can certainly do it with the strength of this wizard.

Thinking of this, Ye Zichen is full of confidence in this wizard.

Only half an hour passed, and he did not know how many fingers the wizard had played.

After hitting a ring, I hit another one…


"Mr. Devil, can I go back?"

In the picture I saw before, the wizard did not reach the other party's wishes for more than a minute. When he got here, he dragged him for half an hour, which made Ye Zichen unable to lock his eyebrows.

The sorcerer's eyeball kept shaking in the eyelids, and there was no result, so that he began to grin his mouth and wrinkles on his forehead.

"It's weird."

As everyone knows, when Ye Zichen was urging outside, the wizard himself was also guilty of jealousy.

He tried to establish contact with the time gallery and sent Ye Zichen back to his 19th birthday, but his response was like a sinking sea, with no trace of response.

He has been in the time gallery for so long, and he has never encountered such a strange thing.

"There is something wrong with it."The sorcerer muttered in his heart, and Ye Zichen, who was already in a hurry to wait outside, said, "Mr. Devil, may you ask me?"

"Strange things."

The wizard again sighed in his heart, and tens of thousands of attempts to connect failed to succeed, so that he also lost patience.

Think about the previous vows, but also received the price tag of the other party, the wizard can not help but smile.

"There is a little problem."

Some embarrassed wizards stretched their heads and scratched their heads. He really has never been like this for so many years.

"What does it mean to have a problem?"

Ye Zichen's face is a little bad, and the wizard is also talking.

"This is the case. There is a small problem between the time corridor and my great Prüll. I try to communicate with it, but I can't get a response. No way, I can only say sorry to you. ”

"So, my wish is that you can't finish it?"

Although this is definitely a big stain in his life for the wizard, he also has to nod and admit.


"Ah……"Ye Zichen smiled.

"Kid, don't be too disappointed."The wizard walked over to Ye Zichen and yelled. "Although this time I failed to fulfill your wish, the great Prull will remember this shame, and when my great Pulul gets in touch with the time gallery, then My great Prull will find ways to get you back and re-complete your wishes."

The sorcerer's tone was still swearing, and Ye Zichen looked down at the wizard who was able to reach his waist, and slaps him a slap.

"You are still pretending to be with us. I found that it may be a bit of a bad idea in the near future. How do you believe in the ghost of your big jump?"

Originally, the wizard was small, and Ye Zichen took him directly to the wall of the time gallery.

A bang.

"Bold!"The wizard who slammed into the wall, pointing his head and screaming, pointed out Ye Zichen. "You dare to play the great Prüll. When I return to my kingdom, I will kill the people of my kingdom." of?"


Under the threat of the wizard, Ye Zichen made a particularly exaggerated expression, and reaching out to his head was a slap.

This slap took the wizard a few meters away, and the wizard was still angry and angry.

"The great Prüll will not spare you, my kingdom…"


On the other hand, a slap in the face, Ye Zichen also looked at the wizard with his hands in his arms.

"There is a kingdom like you, oh, that is really scaring me." also……Great Purul, what about Pu'er tea? If you are Pu'er tea, you may still have a certain value. A Puer, a bite, I can satisfy your wishes. You said that you are not able to bear what eggs you have? ”


"To shut up."

Another slap in the face, the sorcerer who slaps a few slaps is not jealous, but his look is very angry.

"Also Nima is great and great, telling you that I am the greatest here. Long and strange, like this, I am wearing a shape with me, almost I believe your evil! Fortunately, I lost three hairs. If I lost my arms and legs, I have to let myself die! ”

"Oh, deformed, you tell me…Are your people all so long and so deformed with you, what kind of race do you belong to, and those who see the Orcs are not so embarrassed! ”

"I am not a deformed monster, I am a great Pulul, call me Mr. Devil!"

The wizard's straight jump, his great Prull has never been so humiliated. His dignity is not to be trampled!

Only at the moment Ye Zichen raised his hand, he fell.

Seeing the weak look of the wizard, Ye Zichen thought about it after a light sigh. He squinted at the wizard and felt his gaze, and the wizard kept his body moving backwards.

"What do you want to do, the great Prull will not fear you."

"Don't be nervous, relax."

Ye Zichen looked up and the wizard quickly closed his eyes and closed his eyes. It didn't take long before he found that the other person just patted him on the shoulder, his face full of a smile and a sly smile.

"I won't be hitting you, don't be afraid."

After the wizard, the gaze changed a little, and the chest was disdainful.

"There is never a fear in the great Pulul heart."

"Good, not afraid, not afraid."Ye Zichen smirked and nodded toward him, his palm patted his shoulder. "So, look…The premise of the transaction is to be fair, right. ”

"of course!"

"I gave you three hairs, but you didn't complete my wish, then…Should you make some compensation for me? ”

"What compensation do you want, now the great Prull can't contact the time gallery, but if you can wait, I will definitely give you satisfactory compensation."The wizard answered.

"No, no, no."Ye Zichen cocked a finger and swung left and right, "Wait…How can I know how long I have to wait, I want you to compensate me now. ”

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