At the moment, Ye Zichen lived off the shoulders with a rogue like a land, pulling his triangle eyes forward.

The wizard uneasily stepped back, and the fierce and sinister god made him feel terrible, and he really didn't want to slap, and the great Pulul could not tolerate this humiliation.

"Then what compensation you want, the great Prull can return your hair to you."

Between words, the wizard is about to act to restore the hair that Ye Zichen throws into the campfire.

But for hair, Ye Zichen is simply a price that is irrelevant. Simply taking the three hairs back, I am afraid it is a bit too bad.

It is unacceptable that he can't let any character that he can't afford.

Raising his hand pressed the wizard's movements down, and his eyes looked up and down a few laps, Ye Zichen said in the weak eyes of the other side.

"If you have hair, I won't want it. If you don't have a few hairs on your body, then the hair will be left to you. It's not bad to let you come to Sanmao."

"Then what you want, the great Prull has nothing to give you."The wizard answered.

"Then I think you are thinking about it."

The bad eyes fell on the wizard. In a flash, the wizard felt that the temperature of the corridor was plummeting. Under the gaze of the gaze, he was uncomfortable.

The hand groped under the loose black cloak, and when his hand came out of the cloak, he had a dark book on his hand.

It was very reluctant to hand over the cheats. Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows and put his hand on the cheats. He wanted to get back but encountered resistance.

It was discovered that the wizard's hand held the side of the cheats tightly and was unwilling to surrender it.


The triangle eye turned to it, the wizard's subconscious hand shook, and the cheats fell from his hands to the hands of Ye Zichen.

Even in the hands of Ye Zichen, the wizard is still staring at the cheats, and his eyes are full of reluctance.

Ye Zichen is also somewhat curious about the special place of this cheat, which can make the wizard do this.

"Devil's Secret."

On the dark books, the four words are painted like blood. Turning the book over, Ye Zichen discovered that this was actually a book that condensed the Supreme Court.

The Supreme Body is the only way to become the Supreme Master. Itโ€™s a coincidence. Itโ€™s just that you donโ€™t know which Cheats of the Supreme Body, and now the wizard sent him a copy.

Just don't know the grade of this demon god?

The cheats were received inside the space ring, and Ye Zichen carried his hands and circled the wizard in front of him.

"What do you want to do, the great Prull has already given you compensation."

The wizard yelled at the scorpion, but his anger had no deterrent to Ye Zichen, and it was only a courage for him.

He licked his lips and Ye Zichen looked at him with his neck.

"I don't know how to use it now. What compensation is this?"

"You dare to smash the treasure left by the devil, you…You will be angry with the devil, you will not have good results. โ€

"piss off."

A slap in the head of the wizard, Ye Zichen squinted.

"Hurry up and give me a compensation that will satisfy me. If you are afraid of this life, it will not belong to you."

"The great Prull has no other compensation."

The wizardโ€™s replies are sincere, but can this kind of return make Ye Zichen believe?

Can not!

The role he is playing now is a robber. Can a robber say that he can't do it without saying that he has no baby?

It is unlikely that the wizard will be willing to hand over the baby. It seems that I still have to do it myself.

The left hand grabbed the wizard and picked it up, and Ye Zichen's right hand sneaked into the loose black robe.

"youโ€ฆโ€ฆYou are insulting the great Prull! โ€

"To shut up."

Emei took it, and Ye Zichen's hand touched for a long time and didn't find a space ring. Simply, he directly slammed the wizard's black robe, and the clothes gave him a light.

"It's really so poor."

Ye Zichen couldn't help but shake his head as he looked at the sorcerer who couldn't find a gold coin.

"Great Prour…Willโ€ฆโ€ฆLooking for revenge! โ€

The wizard huddled in the corner of the time corridor, and the eyes were like the girl who had just been violated. This look is too easy to misunderstand, Ye Zichen quickly threw the black robe toward him, and prevented the aliens from seeing more.

"You don't say that you have a kingdom, you are poor…Forget it, I am too lazy to say you. I donโ€™t remember the villain, but the secret is the compensation you have for me. Although I am a little lost, but who makes me soft, do you say it? โ€

Stretching out his hand and touching the wizard's head, Ye Zichen smiled with his hands bent over his waist.

"Give me a message from here. If I still stay here, I don't know what else to make for you."

Thinking of the behavior of Ye Zichen before, the wizard couldn't help but shrink his neck.

These memories are afraid of becoming a nightmare for his future. He does not want to leave this demon for him for half a second.

Hit the ring, the time corridor suddenly opened a door.

"Go, the great Prull doesn't want to see you."

The wizard yelled at the door, and Ye Zichen grinned as he saw it and walked to the door to wave his hand.

"There will be period later."

The wizard kept an angry look until he left. Not long after, he suddenly stopped, looked at the door opened on the promenade, and looked at his hand again.

Contact, re-established.

Leaving from the time gallery, Ye Zichen appeared in a flowery place.

Not in the chaos before the Galaxy, it is no longer the dark wall of the time corridor. The vegetation here is lush, not like the ancient trees in the three worlds, the strange stone.

In the distance, I can hear the birds singing, and even on the pine trees not far away, Ye Zichen also saw the pine cones, and the eyes were full of squirrels looking at him.

All these peaceful scenes do not exist in the area of โ€‹โ€‹the Upper Three Realms.

He knew that he was back.

Compared to the spiritual power under the mountain of God, Ye Zichen discovered that the spiritual power here is not so thin, and that only the Tianpin area can be compared with it.

Ye Zichen knows very well that all of this is due to the existence of dragon veins.

Lazy and stretched, his fingers flicked toward the void. The surrounding space seemed to lose all its toughness in front of his fingers, directly causing him to draw a crack.

Seeing this scene, Ye Zichen quickly stopped.

Sure enough, the resilience of the Lower Three Boundary and the Upper Three Boundary Spaces is different from each other.

As long as he thinks, he is afraid that it will be able to destroy this world.

This is the supreme.

Looking far away, it is convenient for him to be in the north of the city. For a long time, Ye Zichen only suppressed the complexity of his heart and smiled.

"I am back."

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