After becoming the Supreme, Ye Zichen can easily move around in the next three circles. But he didn't want to go back so urgently, but he walked through the world like a walk.

"This should be the site belonging to the animal domain."

After a short tour, Ye Zichen was convinced that he was within the limits of the animal domain.

He almost came to the Dragon City of the Dragons in a subconscious way, standing on the void and looking at the grass and trees here.

Here, they used to be the place where they battled the devil.

Looking around, when he used the Xuanyuan to break the black dragon, the sword was used to keep the traces of the heavens and the earth, and the mountains that were flattened around were not the same as half a year ago.

Not long after, he came to a darkened jungle.

Here is the trace left by him when he was robbed. It is also here that Xia Keke is forcing him to resist the robbing of the gods and forcibly breaking through the position of attracting the thunder.

The hand gently licked the trunk, and after a few sighs, Ye Zichen looked at it with some recollections.

go away.

The coveted shuttle from the animal domain, even though he deliberately lowered the speed, but still in the half hour, he came from the Dragon City to the outside of Xianhuang Hongfeng City.

Here, Ye Zichen's memory can be said to be more.

When he first set foot in the Three Realms, he was a village outside Hongfeng City. He took the village to move to the Red Maple City…

When I met Zuo Mo, a series of stories happened.

It is not an exaggeration to say that his second hometown.

The hometown is even more embarrassing.

Ye Zichen is a bit like this now. He is hiding in the clouds and watching the city under his feet. The mood is especially complicated.


"Weird things."

The city that once flourished and peaceful has been filled with a dignified atmosphere in recent days.

The people walking in the city are all in a hurry, and the shops on both sides of the street are rarely closed.

The statue of Ye Zichen in the center of the city was destroyed in half.

Although the surrounding gravel has been removed, the broken statue has not been repaired.

"Old Xue, you said what should we do now?"

In the deep house, the brawny man with a red-browed eyebrow sits on a chair in front of the stone table. He is more burly in his own right, sitting down like a hill is quite powerful.

On the opposite side of him is the man of Sven wearing a green shirt. The man is also tightening his eyebrows and his thin lips are tightly squatting.

"Even if you ask me now, I can't say an answer."

The strong man's brow is deeply locked. He is actually the stone of the old man who built the leisure time in Ye Zichen. The opposite of him is also the first sect of the slogan, Xue Qi.

Now they are in a very troublesome situation. What is more serious is that they have no ability to end the storm.

"Brother, the people of the fairyland and the beasts are here."

Just as they were swearing, Xue Lan walked in from the outside wearing a plain skirt.

Upon hearing the news, Stone and Xue Qi also looked at each other and got up from the chair and walked out.

"You have been waiting for a long time."

When Xue Qi and the stone came to the front hall, there were already many people standing here.

The people in the front hall also arched his hand, and Xue Qi went straight to these people and watched them open.

"I want to come to you and I know the current situation. I don't know if you have any good opinions."

Unexpectedly, the people in the temple are showing a hard time. For a long time, an old man in the animal field spoke.

"If everything is as Xuemen said, the events will be repeated a hundred years ago, then all we can do is to resist."

"Dragon vein is the foundation of the Three Realms and cannot be handed over to the Mozu."

"But that is a thousand kings…"

The atmosphere in the temple is boring again. It is no more than the upper three worlds. The king of the king is like the cabbage.

Looking at the entire three realms, although there are dragons and blessings, the masters of the Xianwang level have never broken.

In the past 100 years, the heads of all walks of life have also been soaring, and there are almost no peers who can really get it.

The Devils are three thousand devils, how can they resist.

"In those years, I was able to repel the Mozu. At that time, there were still four saints, and the first generation of Baihuamen Kui, and so on, was able to flatten the storm. But now…"

The atmosphere of the whole front hall can be said to be low to freezing point, Xue Qi is even locked in brows.

He does not want to see everyone so wilting, but it is true.

Can not let this atmosphere continue, Xue Qi snorted and wanted to speak out to cheer up morale. But just as he was about to speak, he stopped as if he had suffered a lightning strike.

"Old Xue."

The stone first noticed his look and patted his shoulder with his hand. Xue Qi still stood still, and for a long time, he locked his eyebrows and looked at the stone and the people in the front hall.

"You, the crisis has been completely lifted, and you can now return to your own family with peace of mind." I am going to meet someone now, I will not send you. ”

In the eyes of everyone, Xue Qi turned and left.

The stone lock eyebrows hesitated for a moment and asked.


Xue Qi did not speak, just said the name of the person with his mouth. When I saw this mouth shape, the stone was like an electric shock, and the eyes were full of ecstasy.

The rest of the people are still awkward, how suddenly this crisis is solved.

"Shi brother, what the hell is this."

The stone's fist was tightly held, and the excitement on his face could not be concealed. He grinned at the people around him, laughing happily.

"Do you know who Xue Qi met?"


"Ye Zichen !"

Maple Forest outside Hongfeng City.

The red leaves are scattered all over the floor, and Ye Zichen stands on the maple leaf against the trunk.

Xue Qi's hurried figure appeared in the maple forest, and he saw the position of Ye Zichen at a glance.


"Xue Qi, I haven't seen you for a long time."

When the voice did not fall, Xue Qi gave him a bear hug.

"You really didn't die!"After the release, Xue Qi’s eyes were full of joy, saying, β€œWhen you sealed the beasts, we all felt that it was absolutely impossible to die so easily by your means. A few years ago, the person who helped Baihuamen solve the trouble was actually you. ”

"you know?"Ye Zichen was surprised.

"At the time, you shot someone who had recorded it. It was seen through the images of Yu Jian and Li Jiayi and Zuo Mo. It is sure that you are definitely."Xue Qi smiled faintly. "What have you been doing for so many years, why didn't you come to us?"


Ye Zichen felt a lot about what he had done in the past 100 years.

If you let him say, even three days and three nights are not clear. Moreover, he does not want to say this.

A faint smile, Ye Zichen did not tell his story, brows and looked at the red maple city filled with dignified atmosphere.

"This city…What happened to it? ”

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