The quiet wind blew through the maple forest, and the maple leaves on the ground danced in the forest with the cyclone of the breeze.

Xue Qi looked far away and looked at the dragonfly's Fuze, and crossed the half-stained red maple city, his arms smirked on the trunk.

"This city is actually not very good. It is a problem with the dragon pulse. Fortunately, you are back. If you don't come back, don't say it is Red Maple City. Even these three worlds will suffer a fatal blow. ”

There was a faint smile on his face, and Xue Qi’s heart was a lot easier.

Not long ago, he was still worried about the attack of the Mozu, and he couldn’t turn around all night. Now that Ye Zichen has returned, he is completely relieved.

"Dragon vein?"

God knows the past and feels the touch of Ye Zichen's gods. Longmai is also a relative's response.

"What happened to it?"

Xue Qi said with a smile: "You should know a little more about this in the past 100 years. The forces that live in leisure and leisure are constantly growing, but they are still slightly weak in the top strength. Before the people from all walks of life looked at your face, they were very concerned about our forces, but just a few years ago, Li Jiayi of Baihuamen also soared. ”

"Have she also soared?"

For Li Jiayi, Ye Zichen has an indescribable feeling.

The relationship with her is also unclear, and the lover is not satisfied.

At the time of the world, she deliberately had a birthmark on her face, making people think she was an ugly woman. Her temperament is somewhat weak, but in the end she went to the door of Baihuamen, and set off the responsibility of the owner of Baihuamen.

The memories of the past are still vivid, but I did not expect that she would have soared when she returned.

"Yes, although Li Jiayi had the title of a disciple, he could always show his performance. After she became the master of Baihuamen, her amazing talent was immediately revealed. Strong, overbearing, and a hundred years have expanded Baihuamen more than ten times. ”

Xue Qi responded with some emotions. The change of Baihuamen under Li Jiayi's leadership really surprised him.

It may not only be him, but the whole fairyland may have to feel his wrist.

"Before anyone in Baihuamen could resist the banner, she always suppressed the power and did not go to the robbery. However, just over a decade ago, Baihuamen suddenly appeared a talented girl. Just three years ago, he became a fairy king, and Li Jiayi soared. However, after she has soared, the trouble of having a dragon and a dragon is coming. ”

"Where does this trouble come from?"Ye Zichen asked.

"In fact, you can understand that sometimes the power of fame determines the resources and wealth that it can create. We have become the pinnacle of leisure and leisure, relying on all walks of life to support, as well as the support of Baihuamen and the Treasure Tower. ”Xue Qi said.

Ye Zichen nodded.

"On the top power, we should be weaker than too many forces. Just after Li Jiayi's soaring, there was a new force, and his lord Zheng Chong was the master of Xian Wang, who always wanted to step on us. However, we may have been photographed in our allies, and we have never dared to do it. ”

"But not long ago, Zheng Chong did not know where to contact the Mozu. The 3,000 masters of the sacred king level are used by them. Even a few days ago, we asked the Dragon to hand it to his hand. ”

Xue Qi is a helpless hand, thousands of masters of the Xian Wang level, how can he deal with it.

If Zheng Chong just wants to step on them, he can step back. But he wants the dragon pulse, which is the root of the three worlds, how could he be given to him.

"Three thousand devils?"

Ye Zichen’s eyes flashed.

Needless to think, these three thousand demon kings are likely to be brought down by the people above the devil. A good Xuanyuan sword did not fight, but sent three thousand devils to plunder the dragon.

And the Protoss…

They can't know the movements of the devil, but they don't send people to come.

It seems that in their eyes, the human race that has never become a god is really like an ant!

A full three thousand devils, if it is earlier, he may not be a big winner for the three thousand devils. But now he is already the supreme, in the next three worlds, this group of devils can be a fortune, but in front of him who is supreme…

No need for the town demon tower, even if it is 30,000, he may be able to erase it.

After all, it is not a grade at all.


At the same time as the corner of his mouth rose, Ye Zichen's eyes sank.

You know, a hundred years ago, Ye Zichen had already fought with the Black Dragon. At that time, whether it was the Black Dragon, the ancient ancestor or the ancestor of the four zombies, and the murderer of their merger, which is not the existence of the killing demon.

I really can't think of it. After a hundred years, the demon king has become a must.

"Of course, with three thousand demon king Zheng Chong is just a threat, not dare to do it directly. After all, he was still worried about the revenge of our allies before the ascension. ”

"Whether he is a threat or really wants to do it, he can't stay."

The killings flashed away, and as his face sank, the winds of Fenglin roared.

Ye Zichen is definitely not the kind of person who likes to drag and drop. Now that I have already talked about this, there is no need to let Zheng Chong live more.

Any threat, stifling is the best in the bud.

The escaping gods have already captured the Zheng Chong in Xue Qikou, and he has found the three thousand devils around him.

In a flash, Ye Zichen between the maples disappeared into a shadow.

Xiaochi City.

For a hundred years, the city owner of Xiaochi City was replaced by a stranger who Ye Zichen did not know.

In the north of Xiaochi City, Zheng Chong lay in a wicker chair and enjoyed the maid's massage. Among the huge courtyards, the three thousand kings are like private soldiers, and they are guarded with carelessness.

"Zheng Chong, right?"A voice sounded abruptly.

Zheng Chong, who was lying on the recliner and enjoying the soft, boneless little hand massage, opened his eyes. He only saw a person standing in front of him. The person's body was extremely distorted, as if the influence from the distance was generally unremarkable.

"who are you!"Zheng Chong saw a change of color.

"I heard that you are working for the Mozu now, you want a dragon, isn't it?"The man spoke.

Zheng Chong couldn't help but get up and down his throat. When he looked at the maids around him, he found that they were all looking at the front with gaze, but they couldn't speak.

"How do the three realms survive today? You…Don't forget it. In order to resist the attack of the Mozu, how many heroes have been sacrificed in the three realms, but now you are a dog for the Mozu. The future we create for you is not to make you so profligate, understand? ”

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