The thinking of the people in fear is not particularly meticulous. Even if the medicinal herbs given to Zheng Chong are ordinary Fu Ling Dan, he still believes in Ye Zichen’s leopard tire Yi Jing Pill.

Although he has never heard of the poison of the leopard tire Yijing Pill, but by the means of Ye Di…

He doesn't think there will be a fake in the middle.

After taking the poison, Dan Zichen let Zheng Chong wait.

At Fenglin, he talked a little bit with Xue Qi, and he showed his intentions.

"Why is this just going to come back, don't you see the stone?"

"Time is more urgent."Ye Zichen smiled softly and locked his eyebrows. "Do you know why there are thousands of demon-level demons in Zheng Chong?"

Zheng Chong, who was waiting in the distance, noticed the gaze of the cast, and did not dare to have any scornful face.

Xue Qi looked at him with his eyebrows and his eyes turned a few times in his eyes.

"Is it not the Mozu Dragon?"

Upon hearing this question, Ye Zichen nodded and shook his head. This directly gave Xue Qi some incomprehensible thoughts and looked at him with incomprehension.

"The Mozu is naturally a dragon, or he will not let Zheng Chong find you, let you let the dragons out. But this is just one of them, but it is not the point. ”

The Dragon Pulse has counted the most valuable treasures of the Upper Three Realms. Even it is not the focus of the Mozu trip. So Xue Qi can't think of it. What is the point of their coming here?

"They are for the Xuanyuan sword."Ye Zichen coveted.


Xue Qi was exclaimed in an instant. His difference was more to Ye Zichen. He was very clear. At that time, Xuanyuanjianjian had sealed one of the souls of the three souls.

Even if the Xuanyuan sword is an artifact that can't be used, it can lose the artifact of the sword spirit. In fact, it is only a relatively precious material, but it is not as good as a half artifact.

This kind of artifact without the sword spirit, so that the Mozu is so powerful, Xue Qi can not understand.

The only possibility is…

"Don't you say that the seal of the seal is a sword…"Xue Qi said and stopped.

"As you think, Xuanyuanjian's sword spirit has recovered."Ye Zichen nodded faintly, his eyes dignified. "It's not just the Devils in the Three Realms, but also the Yaozu and Protoss. The people who come are more masters than the supreme. ”


The fairy kings are quite a must, but Ye Zichen now said that there are still a lot of supreme visits in the three realms of their lives.

Xue Qi has no idea what to say!

"I came back here for the Xuanyuan sword. Xuanyuanjian is my weapon from the first world. I can't let other people take it away anyway."

"But that doesn't need to be so anxious."Xue Qi advised, with Ye Zichen, they really haven't seen each other for a long time, and really want to talk about the old.

"There is no way to delay. From the time I came here, I felt the harbinger of Xiang’s recovery. I have already found her position through the knowledge of God, where the gods and demons have arrived. It’s better to be late, but I’m still better off in advance. ”Ye Zichen explained.

Since she knows that Ye Zichen really has something to do, Xue Qi is not good at retaining.

Arched his hand, Xue Qi said: "Then I am here to wish Ye Di Ma to success."

"Say goodbye."

Ye Zichen also gently arched his hand, and his body twisted and disappeared into Fenglin.

Very wild.

Although the Three Realms belong to the lower plane, but the vastness of the land, even if compared with the area under the God Mountain, it is not too much.

However, more than 60% of the territory is submerged, although it is not suitable for survival.

The common life there is not a vicious beast, but the strength is quite strong. When Ye Zichen was a shackle, he had traveled in the wild for some time in the past hundred years. In his depths, he felt that there was even a breath of the king of the phoenix.

Because the status is not suitable for life, and there is no heaven and earth treasure, the wild land is rarely seen.

The beasts living in the wilderness have never stepped out of the wild, and the three circles and the wild have always been more harmonious.

Just half a month ago, there were many uninvited guests in the wild.

In front of a vast mountain range in the wild, there is a golden light above the mountain. This light actually appeared a hundred years ago. After its appearance, the golden light automatically forms a barrier, wrapping the whole mountain range. The beasts in the mountains are even more so that the mask is excluded.

At this time, there are several people standing in front of this mountain range.

These people are divided into three major camps. These three camps are divided into gods and demons. In front of the front of each camp, there is a breath of horror, which spreads the breath and the absolute control of the site with the intensity of the breath, while mutual Contain the other two parties.

In the respective camps, several small camps were separated. These people guarded each other and were jealous of each other, but their eyes fell on the golden light that was rising from the sky.

This would have allowed the golden light to repel the beast that could not be inhabited in the mountains, and would live near the mountains.

But because of these people, these beasts had to give up their homes. It is really that the breath of these people is too horrible.

The beasts do not open their minds, but they do not mean that they cannot tell the danger.

In contrast, they are more sensitive to the threat of threats.

"grown ups."

On the side of the Mozu, the master of the Mozu, who is sitting in the air in the air, appears in front of the jackdaw.

Looking at the jackdaw, like a sleeping, opened his eyes. At the moment he opened his eyes, there were two superb breaths that swept him over. He was also a pair of smashing, and the magic rolled and blew the two breaths. .

In the two breaths of retreat, he was very embarrassed to lick his lips, with a nearly provocative look, looking at the two strong men of the Protoss and the Yaozu.

"what happened?"

At the same time of provocation, the jackdaw also indifferently opened to the female Mozu.

The female demons leaned over to their ears and whispered. During this period, the crow's brows were slightly shrunk, but they were arranged in an instant, and the female demons retired and then closed their eyes.

"Three thousand devils are all dead."

The closed-headed jackdaw was low-key, and the female demon had just reported to him, and it was Ye Zichen who wiped out the three thousand devils with the thunder.

"When the Thunder appeared, the deity felt like a master. Unexpectedly, he was actually working on my hand. When the Xuanyuan sword is brought back to the family, the deity must see and see, and the person who killed me under three thousand hands is exactly who. ”

Even now he knows that the three thousand devils are killing people, but the Xuanyuan sword has broken out of the mountains and has reached the most important moment. He has no way to withdraw.

What he can do is wait for the Xuanyuan sword to compete and deal with the person who dares to move him.

Just at this time…


Move the mountain to shake!

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