The whole mountain suddenly rang, and countless gravels rolled down the mountains, and the earth trembled like an earthquake.

The jackdaws, including the two top masters of the demon-like protoss, blinked at the same time and looked over the mountains.

I saw the mountain range that was never ending in a row, but it was actually cracking in the middle. In the cracks, the golden light of the dragonfly lingers, and under this golden light a long sword breaks out of the mountains.

Next to the long sword, there was a naked woman who closed her eyes and huddled like a baby, floating in the air.


Almost at the same time, the Mozu demon and the Protoss were the masters of the three parties.

In contrast, the middle-aged people with tiger stripes on the demon side are moving faster than they are. As he headed for the mountains, his hands were still shot outside and two gusts of wind spurted out of his hands.

These two hurricanes obviously hindered the action of the jackdaws and the men carrying the swords. Although it was only a moment, they still let the middle-aged people of the Yaozu pull the distance between them and go to the mountains with obvious advantages. .

"Damn it."

Seeing his movements, the jackdaws and the men behind the sword are all condensed.

However, they are not idle in their hands, and the number of coffins are released from their hands when they are not finished.

"The old crow, Lao Chen, I will sing the Xuanyuan sword."

The middle-aged tiger in the forefront laughed, and when he was a hundred feet away from the mountains, the middle-aged population of the tiger was screaming, and the right hand was stretched forward to become the arm of the tiger. It is necessary to smash the whole mountain range, and the bang has caught the Xuanyuan sword and the sword spirit.

This slap can be described as destroying the earth, and the pressure below it is up several hundred times when the palm is pressed down.

Under the pressure of this palm, the earth has a tendency to sag.

"Give me over."

"Hugh thinking."

The jackdaw and the man with the long sword are blocking, but the big hand is falling too fast. The skills they released have not been printed successfully. The tiger-colored middle-aged man’s hand has been shot in Xuanyuanjian. Above.


When the palms and the mountains meet, there is a loud bang in the sky.

The middle-aged man of the tiger pattern is full of excitement, but it is not long before his face is changed. The brilliance of the mountain’s mask and the scintillator’s brilliance smashes his French-Indian giant directly, his right arm. Even when the mana is broken, the skin is broken and the bones are crushed.


There was a suffocating sputum in the nose, and the middle-aged man in the tiger's arms held a few steps with a sudden exit.

The demon side of the deity rushed to the front, the jackdaw and the man with the long sword also stopped and smiled.

"Hey, the demon is really not letting me down, my mind is always not enough. No wonder, the demon can only be a beast, can not be a man and a demon! ”

Seeing the tiger-skinned middle-aged person injured, the jackdaw sneered at the stone.

"The sage of the tiger, you can really discredit your saints!"

The surrounding demon eyes showed anger, and the tiger-aged middle-aged man was also a sinking face, but he did not say anything. He just sat down next to him and took a piece of grass and threw it into his mouth.

At the entrance of the medicinal herbs, there was a ray of light around the body of the tiger-aged middle-aged person. Under that ray, his right arm also healed with the visible progress of the naked eye. Obviously, this grass is not a common herb.

"Hey, is the demon now living like this?" Good god grass does not make alchemy, eat it directly…It’s a violent thing. ”After seeing the herb that the other person took out, the jackdaw seemed to be envious and groaning.

"Envy."At this time, the tiger-aged middle-aged man also laughed and got up. At this time his arm has completely recovered as before, he indifferently slammed to the jackdaw, disdain. "We don't have much of the demon family, and there are more treasures." God grass is what to eat casually? You think that everyone is like the place where the Mozu bird doesn't pull, and there is no grass to buy. Some materials must be imported from our Yao and the Terran. ”

"You really want to eat the remedy, is there a few of your Yaozu who can refine the gods? There are more gods and grasses. In the end, the drug will not be bought from our Mozu and the Terran? I don't know what you are doing there! ”The jackdaw snarls.

The middle-aged man's face of the tiger is not very good-looking. The area of ​​the Yaozu is indeed rich in materials. The grass and grass can be said to be everywhere.

Just as the jackdaws said, the Yaozu is far less talented than the Mozu and the Terran in the alchemy talent. Looking at the whole demon world can refine the magical medicine, no more than two hands.

The demon and the demon are confrontational, and the man with the long sword next to him is embarrassed…

Both sides mentioned their humanity, and this inexplicable made him a little lying.

"Jackie, scorpion tiger, don't say a word."

The man carrying the long sword came out to be an old man. "The devil's geographical location is just like that. It is not suitable for the growth of herbs. This is no wonder they are." The Yaozu is not good at alchemy, and…Tens of thousands of years ago, the five elements of the Great Emperor almost arrested the alchemists, refiners, and spells of the Yaozu, so that they were greatly hurt. If you have different difficulties, just say a few words, and let’s not come here, isn’t it a quarrel? ”

"Chen Jiannan, you can shut up, I will be annoyed when you see the Terran."The jackdaw nose is not the nose of the face, not the face of the road.

Unexpectedly, the middle-aged tiger-like middle-aged man of this Yaozu had reached a consensus with him, and did not give a good face to a man with a long sword.

On the alchemy, their human race has strength, and the strongest alchemy teacher is their human race.

On the resources of the fairy medicine, they are no less than their demon.

The general cultivation speed of the Terran is also faster than that of the Mozu demon. After becoming a fairy king, it can become a god after the sacred king, and the strength is immediately put up…

The Terran can be described as a collection of thousands of pets in one body, who is not angry.

Chen Jiannan looked like a good temper, so that the tiger and the jackdaw were treated like this, and he even laughed.

"Well, I will pay you for the Terran. If you can't let it go."Chen Jiannan and Yan smiled, and his eyes sank in an instant, watching the Xuanyuan sword on the mountain and the curling swordsmanship. "This Xuanyuan sword is not very good."

"If you want to ask the tiger, he didn't personally eat the loss, let's talk to us about the feeling."The jackdaw said.

"Why should I tell you?"

Although the tiger said so, it is still condensed and said, "The palm of my hand was the one that melted the arm of the Supreme Body. I used all the power of the Heavenly Supreme Court, but when I took it, I protected it. The barriers of Xuanyuanjian and Jianling are actually a strange force, which directly breaks the body arm."

"Could it be that……Want to wait for them to merge? ”Chen Jiannan listened to the eyebrows after listening.

"Oh, I don't think so."The jackdaw was smiling at this moment. "Let me see, this sword and sword spirit are waiting for people!"

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