The golden light released by the Xuanyuan Sword and the Sword Spirit above the mountains is still dazzling, but it is slightly more convergent than when it was shattered.

The introverted golden light surrounds the sword and the sword spirit. The tigers and Chen Jiannan look at them while they are looking at them. They are also using the gods to lock each other, for fear that the other party will take a half-point.

The view of the jackdaw also made Chen Jiannan's brow softly locked. He was somewhat interested in this strange entry point of the jackdaw.

"Why does the cold brother have this idea?"

"Listen to him talking nonsense."The tiger screamed with a sullen look, as if he was still annoyed by the previous drownings who smashed their demon.

"The Yaozu is that you have too many people who do nothing through the brain, and you will feel that your Yaozu are barbaric and not intelligent."

The sharpness of the jackdaw's rhetoric has reached a certain level. He only smashed his thoughts one second before the tiger, and in the next second he gave it back with more blood.

As soon as this was said, most of the people in the Yaozu had already shown their fearful eyes.

They followed this with the tiger, and the tiger was famous in the Yaozu. For his character, the Yaozu in the field is very clear, even if the people on the side of the Terran are familiar with it, worrying that his mind is hot, before the Xuanyuan sword has really come out, he will do it in advance.

The people who came here are very clear that Xuanyuanjian will come out of the mountains and they will definitely compete with each other.

Not only the other two parties, even within their own big forces, they are here to be their masters, and finally they are likely to become enemies.

It is inevitable to play against each other, but no one wants to break this balance before Xuanyuanjian has not yet gone out.

Chen Jiannan also glanced at the jackdaw, and some of his resentment was unobstructed, and he walked over to the tiger and wanted to be rational.

What is unexpected is that after the dramatic change of the look, the tiger is actually releasing the clenched fists and laughing at the smile.

"Then you are talking about who the sword is waiting for, do you want to say that this sword has chosen the Lord? It is better to try it out separately, who can take this sword out! ”

The last abandonment of the Tigers allowed Chen Jiannan to look at it differently. This is a hot temper in the Yaozu.

It seems that after so many years of disappearance, he has not only made great strides in strength, but also greatly improved in the city.

Before coming here, Chen Jiannan only regarded the jackdaw as his opponent. This move of the tiger made him have to pay attention to it.

"I stopped it."

The jackdaw is also somewhat surprised by the performance of the tiger. The remarks he just made are actually deliberate.

This kind of "peace" at the moment makes him really unable to endure. If he takes the initiative to provoke, it will inevitably fall to the other population after returning. He wanted to break the boring balance in the field by the anger of the tiger.

Unexpectedly, the tiger even held back.

The darkness in the heart was a boring one, and the jackdaw’s tongue licked his teeth, and some of them groaned back.

"Is there a choice in the Xuanyuan sword? Are you not sure?" Whose weapon is this Xuanyuan sword, don't you know? Still not…Is this a must? I have tried one by one, and I also lost the export you said. Did you say that Xuanyuan’s Huangdi was born to your Yaozu? Come and pick me up, in the end is the guy who can't be a weapon, actually give you a younger brother here! ”

The tiger changed the look of this passage. The resentment of the jackdaw had already hoarded a lot of anger in his heart, and now he is on the verge of collapse.

The angry scorpion tiger did not hear the deep meaning that the jackdaw wanted to express. He just thought that this guy was screaming at him. However, Chen Jiannan heard the meaning of this middle, and could not help but lock the eyebrows.

"The cold cock brother said that Xuanyuanjian is waiting for the reincarnation of the Yellow Emperor? But if the information I got was innocent, the ninth reincarnation of Xuanyuan's Yellow Emperor Ye Zichen, who had been fighting with the fierce beasts a hundred years ago, sealed it with his artifact Xuanyuanjian and Yuanyuan Lingzhu, including his own soul. Now under the mountain, it is suppressing a soul. ”

"Can you reincarnate nine times, can you not reincarnate for the tenth time?"

The words of the jackdaws have been asked by Chen Jiannan, including the tigers.

"You may say that no soul can't reincarnate. But the understanding of the soul, you Terran and the demon, who dare to say deeper than my devil. ”

Chen Jianan and others all let the jackdaw's words start with a word, staring at the jackdaw with antenna-like tentacles, the tentacles on the top of the head are also shaking, watching Chen Jiannan said.

"Although the tiger's brain is not easy to use, it can be said that the strength is not falling on you or me, and even higher than that. You and I are very clear about this."

Chen Jiannan nodded, even if it was said that the brain is not easy to use, the tiger who wants to get angry, after being touted by the jackdaw, also put down the anger, and his face showed a smug touch of the nose.

"The mask that he can't break, we can't break it." Anyone in the field can't break it. We are all in the heavens and the nine paragraphs. Can we not break open? If the truth can be broken, the above people will not let us lead the team, isn't it? ”

"Not to mention, Xuanyuanjian can become the first artifact in the ancient times, and naturally it has its truth. Donghuangzhong knows that the Emperor Donghuang, Xuanyuanjian can not wait for his master Huang Di? ”

Even if the tiger's brain is not working well, he also heard the meaning of the jackdaw, and Chen Jiannan understood it.

The jackdaw wants to express nothing more than that, even if the angels still can't break the mask, they can only wait…

It may be that the masters of Xuanyuanjian appear and they compete for it.

"Now, just wait here." When the Xuanyuan sword master appeared, then we can work. ”The jackdaw had a relaxed face and his eyes turned into a sigh. "Of course, if you want to move ahead and cut back on each other's strength, my jackdaw is also holding hands."

Looking at his face, Chen Jiannan and Yan Hu are speechless.

This guy is a madman. Others may pay attention to their safety when they are fighting, but this guy can not even have his own life, enjoy the pleasure that the battle brings to him.

Even before the jackdaw said that he was stronger than him and Chen Jiannan, it was also awkward to touch the nose, and did not even look at the jackdaw.

"It's really boring."

The jackdaws who were eager to try in Chen Jiannan, they touched a gray nose, and it was very boring to sigh back to the territory belonging to the Mozu.

Chen Jiannan and Yan Hu saw that he had retired. It was an inexplicable sigh of relief. His eyes fell on the mountains and stared at the number one weapon in the list of artifacts.


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