The sun and the moon alternate.

It is just a full moon, and the moonlight is spread on the ground to let the earth cross a layer of silver.

The golden light around the Xuanyuan Sword and the Sword Spirit in the mountains is like a small sun, with a golden glow.

In the distance, Chen Jiannan, the tiger and the jackdaw are also in their respective camps.

They have been here for a few days, and during this time they did not dare to relax. Long-term tension, even if they are the supreme, heavenly supreme, they feel tired, but before Xuanyuanjian and the two aliens, they still can not relax any vigilance.


Just then, at the Xuanyuanjian above the mountain range, a golden wave suddenly appeared.

In an instant, the forces of the three parties released the divine power outwards, alerting each other and looking towards the mountains.

The golden wave that was swayed before was only the beginning. After the golden wave, there were still several golden waves released. At the same time, there are signs of collapse in the looming mountains.

The grounds of the three parties’ forces are also showing a deep gully, which makes the whole piece of land torn apart and continues to spread in the distance.

This vibration has made the Shenyu, which is far away from a million miles away, aware of it. The nine cities outside the Xianyu District have felt this strong sense of shock. In the animal domain, the birds are screaming and the beasts roar.

Countless powers come out of the retreat, or deductive, or star-watching…

In short, they can use the best of their ability to deduct the reason for this shock!

"Would you like to come out?"

Chen Jiannan’s palms with his sword began to sweat outwards, and the gods knew that the whole piece of the wild was locked.

If everything is as inferred by the jackdaw, the reincarnation of the Xuanyuan Yellow Emperor should now appear in the wild.

The demon scorpion tiger is also a dignified tiger, and his eyes are constantly changing around Xuanyuanjian, Chen Jiannan and the jackdaw.

The sudden change of Xuanyuanjian made everyone in the field into a high tension, but he was excited by the jackdaw.

"It’s finally a fight."

There is also one person in this mood is also very strange, this person is the Mozu, once in the jackdaws said to deal with the fairyland when the organization of the Quin.

His eyes at this time were actually locked in Xuanyuanjian, not the Terran and the Yaozu, and he was always looking at the periphery of their three forces.

"Don't he say he is here?"

Looking at the surroundings with a gaze, but at this moment an exclamation was to pull his sight back to the mountains.

"She blinks."

The master of the Mozu to the sword spirit Xuanxiang in the mountains, while her voice sounded, curled up like a baby-like Xuanyuanxiang stretched out the curled body.

Her radiant body surrounds the radiance of holiness, obscuring her privacy.

At the same time, her eyes opened.

Three thousand blue silks were spread over her shoulders like a waterfall. Her bare feet were bare and the right hand was buckled toward the handle of the Xuanyuan sword. The Xuanyuan sword deeply inserted in the mountains directly made her from the mountains. Take out.

"True goddess!"

Among the Terran, the Yaozu, and the Mozu, many people have seen the state of Xuanxiangxiang, and they muttered to themselves.

The women who came together, after contrasting with Xuanyuanxiang, are as faint as the fluorescent.

Holding the Xuanyuan Sword's Sword Spirit Xuanxiang, walked a few steps toward the front, and each of her feet will leave a skeleton in the void.

When walking to the edge of the mountain hood, Xuanyuanxiang stopped.

From her eyes, she can clearly see her stunned at this time, and the changing eyes are like looking for someone's existence.

"It’s really like a jackdaw."

I noticed that Chen Jiannan’s brow was deeply locked in this scene. His knowledge of the whole film has been shrouded in the wild. He can be known for the first time.

Not only him, but also the tiger.

I got the focus of Xuanyuanjian, I was afraid that it would fall to the reincarnation of the Yellow Emperor.

Sword Ling Xuan scented and stood on the edge of the mask, and there was a faint disappointment in his eyes. Seeing her frowning, the men in the field were actually suffering from a lot of people. They didn't want to see the goddess revealing such a look.

“Don't it be that the reincarnation of the Yellow Emperor was here?”

Chen Jiannan’s heart was low and low. In an instant, he saw the fascinating joy of Xuanyuan’s eyes in the lost soul.

Suddenly, Chen Jiannan and Yan Hu are both a glimpse.

On the mountain range, Xuan Xiangxiang, full of joy, smiled. Not long after, she was as if she couldn't wait to get into the Xuanyuan sword. At the moment when she got into the blade, the unpretentious Xuanyuan sword was the golden light.

The golden light rose to the sky, and the golden light was actually crushing the mask that would protect them.


At the moment when the mask was broken, three residual images passed through the sky.

Chen Jiannan was the first to bear the brunt, and the sword in his hand was shining. When he was galloping, the sword in his hand kept throwing out the sword.

Jianmang cut through the space and fell directly to the front of the jackdaw and the tiger.

The jackdaw grinned and directly resisted the flesh. The purple blood flowing from his chest made him more excited.

"Yes, that's it!"

The madness in the eyes flashed away, and the jackdaw licked his feet and slammed into the void. Each of his feet fell and the void was broken, revealing dark chaos.

The other side of the tiger is also a flash of light, the tiger claws pinch toward the front, crushing the sword.

After that, he actually stopped directly, and Shen Tian opened his mouth.


This sound wave attack clip is accompanied by the dragon and the tiger, and the space in front of the three people is directly shattered.

The collapsed space reveals dark chaos, and the superb suction in the crack makes Chen Jiannan, who is in the forefront, have to slow down and be careful.

If you are accidentally inhaled into chaos, even if you are a god, you will lose your way.

Chen Jiannan, Yan Hu and the jackdaws played against each other. The forces of the three forces they were in were not idle. The exquisite combat skills, magic weapons and spells were against each other, making this moon and night become colorful.

Just as the space on the edge of their hand was distorted, a young man in a black robe walked out of the space. He faintly looked at the three-handed man who had become a mess, and finally his eyes fell on the Xuanyuan sword on the mountain.

The Xuanyuan sword seemed to feel his gaze as well, and the sword trembled fiercely.

A roar, turned into a golden arc through Chen Jiannan, the three of them, through the three sides of his hands, and steadily fell to the young man's palm.

"Sweet sister."

"The old lady knows that you have to come over."

Xuanyuanxiang is very domineering hands and waist, seeing her like this, the youth is also helpless chuckle, fingers squatting on the blade, looking at the front of everyone.

"You said……Are we running now, or are they here to solve them? ”

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