When the Xuanyuan sword fell into the hand, Ye Zichen clearly felt that at least a dozen gods locked it.

It is such a privilege that ordinary people can hardly enjoy.

Of course, this honor is accompanied by suffocating pressure.

"Do these people have hatred against you?"Sword Ling Xuan Xiang Xiang said through the sword and said a few eyes.

"Before there was no hatred with them, but now…I am afraid that there is hatred, and this hatred is not small. ”

Ye Zichen, who holds Xuanyuanjian, is completely tight, and he may have some fantasies when he comes, but now he is here…

It’s all heavenly!

Before he became a land supreme, he was still a little smug, now…

Can you say Hehe?

"Can that be beaten?"

When asked about Xuan Xiangxiang, she felt that she was somewhat guilty. She could feel the emotional tension of Ye Zichen, and it would be so if he could play it.

"Or, run the road."

"I think so too."

As soon as the voice fell, Ye Zichen put Xuanyuanjian on his back, his face full of smiles and looking at the front of the demon gods.

"Everyone has worked hard."

His initiative did not change to anyone's response, and those people still stared at him with cold eyes.

The heart and the liver couldn't help but tremble. Ye Zichen scratched his head and smiled.

"Look at you all very tired, I am not going to whack with you. So, I am free to ask you to drink, leave! ”

With his hands clenched, Ye Zichen smiled and raised his eyebrows toward the back.

Only he saw that although those people did not speak to him, they completely sealed him off his way.

It can be said that God is not allowed, there is no door to the ground.

"Walk, leave Xuanyuan sword."

The sword in the hands of Chen Jiannan, the sword front flashes with a sharp cold light, and the cold flashes in the shadow of this moonlight.

"You have been overdone. This Xuanyuan sword is originally mine." I will come back and retrieve the weapon that belongs to me. Why are you doing this, aren't you? you……Are you not a robber? ”

Ye Zichen was laughing in the encirclement, but he wouldn't just be so smirking.

At the same time as Chen Jiannan's dialogue, he is also concealing the fact that the defense on that side is relatively weak. If you want to break through, the success rate is the highest.

"Don't talk nonsense, and quickly hand over the Xuanyuan sword."The tiger is also angry.

"Look at you, this temper is too explosive, how good it will be."

Ye Zichen had some helpless sighs, and her eyes were full of helplessness looking at the three parties who surrounded him.

I have to say, just pass his early judgment…

I am afraid that these people are not good at any position.

It’s really that these people’s strength is much higher than that of him. With his supreme strength, even with the Xuanyuanjian, he wants to deal with this group of heavenly supreme, especially the three Tianzhizun nine paragraphs that threaten him the most. It is hope.

Forcing a breakthrough is a bit difficult, and this is not a problem. Ye Zichen has another skill in his heart.

"You are a big man, if you really want Xuanyuanjian, then I can only give you the sword for my own life."

He took the Xuanyuan sword from his back, and Xuanyuanxiang immediately shouted.

"You really want to send me out."

"To shut up."Squinting closed her mouth, Ye Zichen shrugged. "This sword has been with me for a long time. I said it would be a little unpleasant to send her out."

They smiled at Chen Jiannan, and Ye Zichen looked at Xuanyuanxiang.

"You said that your sword spirit, how the brain is so stupid. I am just a small person. Your first ancient artifact is with me, only to make your light dust. There are so many great powers here, and they will have a better development with your future. Moreover, the situation is very obvious now, I will not take you at all, if I want to force you away, then I am afraid to die. I am a pity for this person, for you to abandon a life, not worth it. ”

Ye Zichen A pair of greedy and fearful deaths shook his head against Xuanyuanxiang, and the look was really like to abandon it.

"Ye Zichen, what did you take me for?"Xuanyuan incense anger.

"Of course it is a weapon, what else can it be?"Ye Zichen said something a little disgusting.


I heard Ye Zichen say this, Xuanyuanxiang is like a smirk like a blue sky.


Unexpectedly, in his eyes, he is only a weapon.

Forged from the Dragon, Xuanxiangxiang has been with Ye Zichen.

From the first Yellow Emperor to the present Ye Zichen, she never gave up serving the two masters. Because she saw the first sight of the Yellow Emperor, she decided that her master can only be him.

A hundred years ago, Ye Zichen merged her face with her.

At the time of life and death, he let himself use one of the three souls of the spirit town. She did not hesitate and directly responded.

At that time, she was just a fusion of the godhead and the weapon of the godhead.

It has never been seen since ancient times.

Even the gods of the Protoss are afraid that they will pay attention to them. As long as she thought, she could really climb the branch as a phoenix.

But she didn't!

Her heart is only the owner of Ye Zichen, his words…It is a rumor.

A hundred years later, she was looking for Ye Zichen the first time after she woke up. But now, Ye Zichen has to hand her over to the people of unknown origin for her own life.


Xuanyuanxiang was unable to speak, and she gathered her fingers with Ye Zichen, her eyes filled with disappointment.

"Sister Xiang, you will help me once more."

Under her lonely look, Ye Zichen didn't have a half-self blame, and she was very eager to ask her.

This kind of behavior has already made people around Ye Zichen feel angry, and many people are still in the heart of Ye Zichen.

Xuanyuanxiang was completely disappointed with Ye Zichen, when he said that…

She is really disappointed.

"no problem."

Very free and easy to laugh, Xuan Yuxiang re-integrated into the Xuanyuan sword.

After seeing Ye Zichen, he also grinned.

"You are a big man, you see that I am doing her ideological work, this sword is now left to you, I…Can you leave? ”


Although Chen Jiannan is very timid about Ye Zichen's actions, their task is to get Xuanyuanjian. For Ye Zichen's character, they are too lazy to pay attention.

The Xuanyuan incense that fits into the Xuanyuan sword is struggling to break free from the hands of Ye Zichen. What is unexpected is that Ye Zichen grabbed it hard at this moment, and his face was still a little smile.

"Before this, I have a question to ask, this sword…Who should I give to you? ”

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