Words such as rumors, the wind began to sound.

In the moment when Ye Zichen’s voice fell, the winds of endless wildness roared.

The nine tornadoes that are rising from the sky will be the disillusionment of the world, the whistling winds, the mountains collapse, and the old trees will be broken.

There are countless wind blades under the whistling wind, like a sharp sword.

Falling to the front of the Supreme, they left a trace of blood on their bodies.

"It is a bit of a means."

Chen Jiannan leaned forward with his right hand, and with his strength, those seemingly rapid wind blades, nothing in front of him.

The back of his hand let the wind blade hit, in fact, he deliberately wanted to see how the attack of this wind blade.

The result is already obvious, the wind blade can break his physical defense. He can see that Ye Zichen's strength is the first to reach the ground, and the combat skills to achieve this effect is not bad.

But this result is not worthy of pride for Ye Zichen.

This is a realization of the new level of the wind, not much more than the wind that he released before. But the final result is only a layer of skin on the other hand's hand, this result is really too bad.

This is only for Chen Jiannan, the wind blade is falling on the jackdaw and the tiger, and even the skin is not broken.

"It's more tricky than you think."Ye Zichen, who was deeply locked, sighed in his heart, and immediately he condensed his heart and said to Xuanyuanxiang. "Sister Xiang, you go to the town demon tower to avoid it."

"Don't you say that you want to give me away?"Xuanyuan Xiang Road.

"Do you really think that I am the kind of person?"Ye Zichen has some speechless grin. "Well, don't play tricks on the children here. You go to the town demon tower to avoid. I play with these guys for a while."

Homeopathic Xuanyuan sword was deposited in the town demon tower, the supreme in the field can always pay attention to the Xuanyuan sword in his hand, found in the Xuanyuan sword disappeared from his hands, those supreme are face sinking.

"Where are you hiding the Xuanyuan sword!"

"You guess."Ye Zichen grinned faintly, and the people around him smiled and said, "It is impossible to disappear from your body in Tibet, and it will be solved for you. Xuanyuanjian will naturally reappear."

"Then you will try it."

Ye Zichen's eyes sank and his right foot slammed into the ground.

From the position under his feet, under the tremendous power, he immediately shattered in all directions. His hands were also lifted high, and the nine dragon rolls all returned to his side. Ye Zichen, who was in the wind, his robes and long hairs danced with the wind. In a flash, his eyes flashed a touch. Fine light.


A thousand miles away, the rain fell and fell.

These rains continue to erode the barriers that the Supreme supports around and defend against the wind.

"Fal rain?"

Chen Jiannan, Yan Hu and Jackdaw also felt the difference in this rain.

"This kid is quite interesting."

The jackdler reached out and caught the raindrop, and the rain that fell down into his hand instantly dissipated into white fog.

"At the same time, there are two lines of fine ventilation and ventilation. It seems that the way he walks is the road of wind and the way of rain, and the understanding of this law is quite impressive."

"The golden mean, it won't be too big."Chen Jiannan shouted.

At the time of their chat, the demon protoss had already started to work for Ye Zichen, but the Mozu was still standing by the orders of the jackdaw.

β€œIs the Crow Brothers not interested in Xuanyuanjian?”Chen Jianan, who noticed this scene, raised his eyebrows.

"Don't talk about shit, if I'm not interested, why are you still here?"The jackdaw is still the mouth that is not forgiving, and he said, "I just don't want to win more and less, so even if I win, I won't win."

This is obviously the point of Chen Jiannan and the tiger, and he is bullying Ye Zichen.

Only this kind of standing in the moral high ground to attack them, Chen Jiannan, they are just a faint smile, but in the heart is a problem with the crow's brain.

The realm of Ye Zichen itself is not a star or a half compared to those of the Heavenly Supreme, and he did not think of calling the demon in the town demon tower.

The strongest of the first floor of the town demon tower is also the supreme nine-segment, and the weakest part here is the heavenly supreme, let them come out but die, but he can use these five-way method to deal with these guys for a moment.

"Rain condensation, Julong!"

Under the rumors of the imaginary rain above the void, it gradually condensed into a roaring water dragon.

Of course, not only can the rain condense, but the wind can also…

Only Ye Zichen now needs the hurricane created by the nine tornadoes to limit those supreme movements.

The water dragon roared away, and at the moment of opening, a water arrow of a rain was sprayed on those supreme bodies. The same level of rain as the wind blade, after condensing into a water arrow, its attack has become extremely sharp, those who are below the three-segment, directly let the water arrow pierce the body.

The effect of the condensed water dragon is good, but the amount of rain required to condense the water dragon is particularly large, and it is not enough to deal with so many heavenly sacred eyes.

"Electric flash, thunder, fire now…"

Ye Zichen has not been able to hide it until now, and all of the five elements of the road have been released.

This wild land is like the end of the world, the wind is whistling, the rain is heavy, the electric light is shining, the thunder is constantly, and the sky is burning…

"How can it be."

Yan Hu and Chen Jiannan almost exclaimed at the same time. When they saw the five-way method appearing on Ye Zichen at the same time, they were all stunned.

"This is the Five Ways!"Chen Jiannan, who had felt guilty about Ye Zichen's golden mean before, was now almost shocked and bit his tongue. "After the five elements of the Great Emperor ruined the five elements of the road, no one is taking the road of the Five Elements." This kid is now in the five elements. Is he thinking that he has opened up a road here in the Five Elements Law? ”

"Not only that, you see his understanding of the Five Elements Law, complement each other, fearing that his understanding of the Five Elements Law has become a small one."

The tiger's brows are deeply locked, and they can't help but admire Ye Zichen's heart.

These people are walking the path that the predecessors have walked, and they have no way to explore the road by themselves. But Ye Zichen is different. He is completely groping himself, and he is paving the way. It is a thousand times more difficult than them.

However, admiration admires, Xuanyuanjian, his demon is bound to win!

With a gaze, the tiger twisted his neck and walked a few steps forward, and his eyes fell on Chen Jiannan and the jackdaw.

"We are clear about the power of the Five Elements Road. It is not possible to rely on them to snatch the Xuanyuan sword. Let's not watch the fun, let's take it!"

"You want to start by hand, I don't like to bully less."Jackdaws spread hands.

He did not respond to his decision, but then looked at Chen Jiannan and saw that the other party nodded. The sword in his hand slammed hard and cut the Fayu Waterfall that fell above the sky.

"I have to take it out myself."

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