Under the Five-way Law, even if it is entangled with Ye Zichen, it is not a good fruit.

These people either let the thunder, or let the rain arrow stab, or let the fire burn…In short, these heavenly masters who are in front of the people, at the moment, seem to be somewhat pitiful.

Chen Jiannan and Yan Hu did not have much surprise after watching it. The five-way method is the same level as the super-destruction method such as destruction and eternal life. It is normal to have such power.

However, the true strength of the five-way approach is strong in its ever-changing, and countless kinds of fusion can achieve countless different effects. Fortunately, Ye Zichen is still only a little glimpse of the door, and has not reached the point where it can make the five-way method merge with each other. Otherwise, these supreme end will be even more miserable.

"You all retreat."

Chen Jianan and Yan Hu, who walked out, let the people of the same family retreat. The jackdaw also waved at the people of the Mozu.

"All come to me."

The Mozu people who did not participate in the fight with Ye Zichen were much better than the people of the Terran and the Yaozu. They didn't want to take Ye Zichen's name, and they did everything against Ye Zichen's dealings with the Terran, so that no one of them was injured.

"The adults, the Terran and the Yaozu are all shot, are we still waiting?"

The people in the Mozu passed by, and the jackdaw smiled indifferently.

"They beat them when they hit them. It is absolutely impossible for me to do more things." You should also thank me. If I just let you do it, then your results will not be better than the Terran and the Yaozu, and you may be hurt more seriously. ”

"The three thousand devil masters of our Mozu may be killed by him."

"If you kill, you will kill, but it is three thousand devils. They are not supreme, and there is something worth paying attention to. ”The jackdaw looks cold and cold. "You will look at it. If the Xuanyuan sword falls into the hands of the Terran and the Yaozu, we are going to snatch it." If they couldn't beat the kid, I would give him enough time to recover and be singled out with him. Five-way law, I have never played with such people. ”

Under the orders of Chen Jiannan and Yan Hu, the masters of the Terran and the Yaozu retreat.

Ye Zichen is only supreme, and in their eyes is a playable thing that can be squeezed at will, but they did not expect this plaything to give them a big surprise.

The injured body dragged aside and they all turned their eyes to Chen Jiannan.

"I thought you could endure for a long time."

Seeing Chen Jianan's arrival, Ye Zichen looked at them with two faces.

These two talents are the last big boss, and there is a big boss of the Mozu who has not yet come out. Concealing a look at the jackdaw, Ye Zichen found that the other party did not want to shoot.

When the Terran and the Yaozu were besieged, the Mozu did not shoot him.

"Want to fight for the fisherman's profit?"Ye Zichen's heart is stunned.

Chen Jiannan holding the Excalibur stopped when he walked to Ye Zichen 50 meters, and there was a thunderous flash in the vagueness of the blade of the blade. When he saw it along the blade, he saw his hilt and branded it. Xiao Zi.

"You are Xiao family?"Ye Zichen locks the eyebrows.

"I actually know the Lei Di Xiao family."Chen Jiannan proudly said, "Yes, I am the person of Lei Di Xiaojia, Xiao Hu is my master, I am the chief disciple of him."

"I don't think there is a foreigner in Xiao's family."

The world is really small enough. Before the lower bound, I met Xiao Hu and killed their disciples in front of them. I can't think of the Xiao family now. This person is also a disciple of Xiao Hu.

"Why not?"

Chen Jiannan smiled indifferently, and the Raymond in the blade was more glaring.

"It is undeniable that you have given us a big surprise. I thought you were only proficient in a few lines of the five elements, but did not expect you to be proficient in the five elements. The Five-way Law has also caused a lot of threats to our people. You have been so proud of your supreme strength that you have been so proud. Yes, it will stop here! ”

"Speak your name. If you choose to go the Five Ways, it is worth knowing your name."The tiger also opened the door.

"If I say this name, I am afraid that some of you will blow up!"

Ye Zichen grinned and his fingers touched his lower lip.

"My name is Ye Zichen. Under the mountain of God, everyone respects me as a master of leaves!"

As soon as the voice fell, Ye Zichen looked at Chen Jiannan with a look of fun. The other person's face, and sure enough, after he said the word master Ye, the moment changed.

"Oh it's you."However, in an instant, Chen Jiannan will converge his emotions and wave his sword in his hand. "Then I happened to avenge my younger brother here."

The tigers did not expect that Chen Jiannan’s sword in his hand was slamming toward Ye Zichen. But the position of this sword is not awkward, and Ye Zichen, who has been nervous, has easily escaped.

"On these two, I still want to take revenge for your younger brother? Your master Xiao Hu was there at the time, and he did not save your brother, you…Don't dream too. ”

"At that time, there were people from the northern part of the mountain, and the master was not good at it. Now, there is no one who is extremely northern, and your death is only one death. ”

"you sure?"

Ye Zichen smiled a little and lazily stretched out.

"If you don't, let's make a bet. If you can't kill me here, how do you give me a dog? ”

"Tooth decay."

After learning that Ye Zichen was Master Ye, the anger in Chen Jiannan’s heart reached the culmination of unstoppable.

In the division, his relationship with Xiao Zhan is particularly good. When he learned that Xiao war died, his first thought was revenge, but he was sent here to compete for Xuanyuanjian.

Now, just happen to meet the Lord, he is going to kill!

The thunder of the blade in the hand went straight to the sky, and the Thunder actually established contact with the nine-day sky, and the thunder under the Ye Zichen five-way law was interference.

Above his sword, it is like having a conductor connected to the thunder.

A thunderstorm is gaining momentum…

"Oh, this looks more than my thunder."

Ye Zichen is in the heart, clearly that he is taking the five-way law, Ray should be the most pure of all the Ray attributes, but now Chen Jiannan's thunderstorms are more than his pure.

Obviously, his understanding of the Thunder, there are still many details without understanding.


At the same time, in the anger of Chen Jiannan, the thunderstorm of the sky is also detonating. Looking at the thunder that was blown up above the sky, Ye Zichen couldn't help but numb the scalp, and then he scratched his head and smiled.

"By the way!"

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