"The son."

For a while, Qi Qicai looked at Ye Zichen with a smirk, and with his strength in the supreme nine-segment, the right hand with the devil's body was shaking.

Yes, it is really shaking.

Not to mention the Supreme Nine, even if the heavens come over, seeing this expensive material that makes people vomit blood, they have to shake.

"is there a problem?"

Ye Zichen does not have a particularly intuitive definition of the value of these materials.

Although there are a lot of materials in it, he also knows that the price is not cheap, but he has not seen other Supreme legal costs, and he does not think how expensive his devil's body is.


Even if Ye Zichen is the owner of the town demon tower, Qi Qi must also give such an answer. Immediately, he swallowed again and laughed.

"The son, your supreme body should not be within the law of one hundred and eight."

"Is there any problem with this?"Ye Zichen is not helpful.

"Of course, there is no problem. In the world, even the masters of the dominant level canโ€™t say that the 108 law body is the whole body, and certainly not in the rankings."I am going back to the road.

"What is the problem you said?"Ye Zichen looked at him and said.

"The problem is…Your legal cost is too high. โ€

When the voice fell, the incomprehensible words could not be accepted.

"In terms of the common law, black jade is a necessary item, but it can be a hundred years, and a few pounds is enough. But you can use this method to make three hundred pounds of black jade, but also for thousands of years…His subordinates suspected that the entire Protoss would not be able to get a thousand years of black jade. โ€

"There are still thousands of gods, gods and gods…These are placed in the auction house are able to shoot tens of millions or even hundreds of millions of cents of babies, but this body is like a Chinese cabbage, dozens of dozens of so many. โ€

"and alsoโ€ฆโ€ฆ"

The more excited, the more excited, the mouth is like the spit.

I didn't know the cost of the devil's body before, but now I heard that Qi Zichen heard the seven or eight.

But the reason for high investment and high return is that he understands that if this body can be shaped, it must be stronger than other laws.

The key point he needs to know now is whether there is enough material in the town demon tower.

Only after he had not waited for his opening, Qi Qi had already made a final conclusion.

"You can't shape this body."

"The town demon tower material is not enough?"Ye Zichen raised an eyebrow.

"Not enough, certainly not enough. ๅ’ฑThis is just the first floor of the town demon tower, and the closed monsters are also the highest level of the monster. As for the materials such as Tianshen Fruit and Wannian Black Jade, even if it is placed here, no one can use it. โ€I am speechless.

This kind of reply is tantamount to the blue sky for Ye Zichen. Now Chen Jiannan, who is outside the town demon tower, is watching and watching. It is obviously that he will not leave if he does not go out.

This demon's body cheats is also the only turning point in his recent appearance, but the result given by Qi Qi is actually insufficient material, there is no way to shape the body.

"This is not finished!"

Ye Zichen opened his mouth for a long time and didn't know what to say. With a wave of his right hand, there was a curtain in the room. The top of the curtain was also outside the town demon tower.

The three parties of the Protoss demon family seem to have reached an agreement, and they actually dispatched personnel to monitor.

Ye Zichen's fascination just came out and he could feel a few breaths to lock it.

"You still have to hurry out."

At the moment of capturing his knowledge, Chen Jiannanโ€™s eyes closed and said nothing.

"You are not using energy, then we are consuming it."

After leaving this swearword, Ye Zichen took the knowledge of God and his eyes were full of dignity.

Itโ€™s really hard to ride a tiger now.


"Subordinate to."Qi Qi immediately responded.

"You go to the first floor of the town demon tower, the medicinal herbs that can enhance the power of the gods are sent to me, they are not willing to wait, then let them stay outside. When Laozi opened the second floor of the town demon tower, they didn't want to run. โ€


Time flies, the years are like a shuttle, three years have passed.

During the past three years, Ye Zichen did not take half a step from the secret room, and with the promotion of the realm of medicinal herbs, he also felt the Five Ways.

"Oh, eat some fruit."

A beautiful woman came over with a fruit plate. The one who came was one of the three leaders in the first floor of the town demon tower, Meng Huairong.

The town demon tower has its own space, and there are many fruit trees inside. These fruits are all picked from the fruit trees.

"You came."

Sitting on the stone chair, he nodded a little and nodded the fruit from the fruit bowl. But the fruit was only in his hand but there was no entrance.

"The son has been retreating for three years."I asked Qi Qi.

"Itโ€™s been more than three years."Meng Huairong nodded. "Are you worried about the son?" It is possible that we have closed this level for decades and hundreds of years. The son has been retiring for three years. What are you worried about? โ€

"Of course I am not worried about the son."Qi Qi said with a light brow, "I am worried about the people outside."

Looking at the curtain towards the curtain, three years, Chen Jiannan, they are still standing outside the town demon tower.

"theyโ€ฆโ€ฆThen let them wait and see, they can't open the town demon tower. โ€

"But not long ago, I seem to hear that some of them said that they would like to invite the master of the heavenly level. The gap between Heaven and Man and the Supreme is not a star or a half. If they are allowed to ban the defense of the town demon tower, what about it? โ€Qi Qi said.

"Heaven? They went to find them? โ€Meng Huairong was shocked.

Outside the town demon tower.

In the past three years, they still have not lost their obsession with Xuanyuanjian.

In the past three years, these days of the Supreme are showing signs of fatigue. Although they have changed their shifts in the middle of the game, they can use a lot of knowledge, but they can rest without the time of shifting.

Among these, the most spiritual thing is the jackdaw. His obsession with Xuanyuanjian is not strong.

The focus of attention is also on Chen Jiannan and Yan Hu. What he has to do is that when they get Xuanyuanjian, the interference is enough.

"It was really shameful, and I ran back to find a rescuer."

At this time, Chen Jiannan was not present. Three years seemed to have exhausted his patience. Not long ago, he returned to the Protoss to find his master and broke the town demon tower.

The tiger also informed the demon's celestial beings, the only ones who did not move were their devils.

"Jackie, are you sure you don't let the masters of the heavens come down?"The Mozu Neikou opened.

"There is nothing to call, look for heaven, I am too shameful."The jackdaw shouted disdainfully. "Why, are you worried that the heavens will come down?"

Still not waiting for Quinn to respond, a huge mouth was opened on the sky, and two superb breaths swept the whole piece.

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