"It’s too late to call now, this person is here."

Feeling the two superb atmosphere, the jackdaw shrugged with a faint smile, and at the same time got up from the ground and turned to the people on the sky.

Even though he is arrogant, the heavens are not in the eye. The most basic reason, he still needs to keep.

The rest of the scene is also like a jackdaw, and it is in the position of the sky.

In a short time, three figures walked down the sky. One of them was Chen Jiannan of the Protoss. The other two were the masters of the heavens he had invited from the Protoss, and the masters of the demon who were recruited by the tigers.

"Remember that the last time I came to the lower bounds was tens of thousands of years ago."

The master of heaven and earth in the Protoss is faint and sloppy, and the foot takes a step toward the front. His whole person has directly fallen to the front of the Supreme.

At this time, the tiger also greeted the heavenly people of the Yaozu. When both heavens and people fell, their eyes looked at the jackdaw.

Feel the gaze of these two heavenly people, the supreme inside the Mozu is to bury their heads deeply.

"You are a jackdaw."The Protoss Heavenly Master opens.

"It is juniors."The jackdaw looked up and looked at the Protoss and the heavenly man chuckled. The man who noticed his eyes also nodded and smiled. "I don't think the devil actually sent you over. Why didn't you see the cold stone coming over?"

"Chen brother and brother have already come to you, you are similar to your father's strength. If you can break open, it is useless for your father to come. If you can't break it, your father will still be useless, so you will not bother your father. ”The jackdaw smiled lightly.

"Your thoughts are strange. The last time I met your father was 100,000 years ago. I thought I could see you again here. unfortunately……When you return to the Mozu, say hello to your father. ”

"Learning for the younger generation."

During the talks, the Protoss and the Heavenly Man were not talking to the jackdaw. He said so much with the jackdaw, that is, looking at the face of the cold stone.

He smiled at the jackdaw again, and the protoss of the Protoss fell on Chen Jiannan's body.


Before coming, Chen Jiannan had already said that Ye Zichen was huddled in the town demon tower. Of course…He did not say that it is the town demon tower, only to say that it is an amazing defense of the Immortal.

Chen Jiannan immediately took a few steps forward, and the gods scatter outward, locking the dust of the town demon tower.

"right here."

The Protoss and the Heavens easily locked the dust, and after carefully scrutinizing it, the hand pointed forward.

A flash of lightning slammed out of his fingertips and blasted the surrounding land out of the pit, but the dust was still safe.

Unexpectedly, this is the result. Chen Jiannan and other supreme are a glimpse.

Even the jackdaws were horrified.

At the level of Heaven, it is easy to apply the rules of Heaven, and its attacks will be tens of thousands of times higher than the Supreme.

Before they came, the jackdaw would be sure that the town demon tower would be broken, but I did not expect…

In good condition.

Without breaking the defense of the town demon tower, the protoss of the Protoss did not have any cramped look. On the contrary, it was taken for granted.

Suddenly, the fingers were taken back, and the Protoss Heavenly Man said to the demon people.

"White brother, you can try it."

The Yaozu Tianren is a man who looks like a short and precise man. He touches his nose and walks a few steps toward the front, and slams up against the dust.

The dust was still intact, and the man of heaven shook his head and walked aside.

"No, the defense of the town demon tower is really amazing. It is impossible to break the way with you and me."

"White brother also saw that this is the town demon tower?"The Protoss man raised his eyebrows and smiled. The demon's celestial person nodded faintly. "I can see that the world can make living things live inside, but it can also change into dust, and only the town demon tower."


The Protoss and the Heavenly Man also sighed. "I am here to confirm whether it is the town demon tower. It seems that the situation is true."

These two people, regardless of Chen Jiannan, talked about themselves, and the surrounding Supreme looked at the town demon tower in their mouth.

Town demon tower.

Is it the town demon tower of the Five Elements Emperor?

In their horror, the two heavenly people have ended the conversation. The Protoss of the Protoss also called Chen Jiannan and said.

"We are ready to go back."

"Are you just getting down, are you ready to go back?"Chen Jianan was shocked.

"The above discussion with the rules, let us down the condition is that we can only release an attack here. Once an attack has been used, we can't stay longer here. Moreover, this is the town demon tower, even if we stay, it is impossible to pose any threat to it. ”The Protoss is open to the heavens.

"that……I don't know if I can dominate? ”

"What are you thinking about, are you busy as a ruler?"

Chen Jiannan’s voice has not fallen, and the Protoss Tianren has already locked his eyebrows.

"Anything that exceeds the existence of the heavens is the existence of the rules and strict observance. We are already ruled out of grace, and you still want to be ruled."

"What should we do now?"Chen Jiannan has locked his eyebrows. He has spent three years with Ye Zichen. In the past three years, he has not dared to practice. He has been monitoring with the gods and he can't afford it.

"That depends on how you deal with it."The Protoss patted Chen Jiannan's shoulder. "This is your great creation. This artifact is the town demon tower. Even the Emperor is very attached to it." If you can give this tower to the gods…"

The Protoss and the Heavenly Man want to speak and stop, and finally only leave Chen Jianan a more concealed look, and then disappear from the wilderness with the demon's heaven and earth.

"It really is the town demon tower of the Five Elements."

Chen Jiannan’s heart is hot, and only the five devil’s town demon tower can be paid attention to by the Emperor.

As the Protoss and the Heavens say, this is really a big creation for him if he can really seize this opportunity.

But the problem now is that Ye Zichen doesn't come out of the tower at all.

"I have to find a way to force him out of the town demon tower."Chen Jiannan’s heart is dark.

The eyelids turned a few laps, and his eyes flashed a sizzling gaze.

"Guan Yu."

"Jiannan brother."The woman who heard the words came out of the seven-segment of the heavens.

Chen Jiannan glared at her in front of her, and the ear was said in her ear for a long time. When he left from Guan Yu’s ear, he saw Guan Yu’s brow and deep lock.

"Jiannan brother, when we came down, the masters said that they would not let us contact the people in the lower bounds. You are not only in contact, but also use them to coerce…This, if the master knows that he will be angry. ”

"Will outside, there will be no military orders." Shi Zun let us down, and did not expect this to happen. ”Chen Jiannan said with a sullen face, "You will do what I said, and there is a problem, I am resisting!"

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