Although the female Supreme is still hesitant, there is no more hesitation, and it disappears from the wild.

The protoss suddenly has an action, and the deities of the demon and the demon are heart-warning.

Now it’s not just the Xuanyuan sword, but also the opportunity to fly.

Town demon tower.

Whether it is the Emperor, the Emperor or the Emperor, they are all eager for it. Who among them can send the town demon tower to the hands of the emperor, their future will be changed day by day.

"Crow brother, let's not…"

Just then, a sudden sound appeared in the jackdaw's mind. He raised his head subconsciously and saw that the tiger was hiding his eyes.

A faint smile, the jackdaw still maintains the previous movements, the vertical head is drawn on the ground, and the voice of the tiger.

"At this time, I started to tie up and get together. It’s a bit too early."

"I don't feel early."Yan Hu also deliberately concealed his eyes, staring at the ground, "the demon tower of the Five Elements Emperor, this artifact can be met." Tens of thousands of years ago, the Five Elements of the Great Emperor used the town demon tower to fight the two families. It took so many years to recover a little. If Chen Jiannan is now given the demon tower to the gods, then we are both…"

He said half of the words, he believes that the middle of the meaning of the jackdaw can understand.

The jackdaw was undecided. When the Five Elements of the Great Emperor was still alive tens of thousands of years ago, he relied on a five-way heart and matched the town demon tower to suppress the people. That era was the most prosperous period of the Protoss.

Now that the Emperor is a trio of the strongest, if the town demon tower is sent to his hands, the demon and the demon will definitely return to the situation of 10,000 years ago, this tower…It is really impossible to hand it to Chen Jiannan.

However, the jackdaw is more curious about who is suppressing the town demon tower.

Why did the demon emperor Donghuang Taiyi, the three seek the Five Elements of the Emperor, and he did not hesitate to spend the power of the source and fight.

It is rumored that the demon emperor is not robbing the town demon tower, but he wants to let the five elements of the emperor put one person.

"I have a question before I join hands to ask you."The jackdaw smiled and nodded. "Which is the demon in the town, why is the demon emperor so hot?"

"I don't know this."The voice of the tiger is deep. "The demon emperor and the five elements of the emperor are the most powerful people in our world. How can the mystery between them be clear? However, I heard that it looks like an old acquaintance of the demon emperor. ”

I will tell the news that I know, and the tiger will talk to me again.

"In the end, cooperation does not cooperate, give a letter."

"Well, then I will work with you once."There is no doubt that the jackdaws are somewhat lost, but they still give a positive answer in terms of cooperation.

"This is great. Let's cooperate with each other. Chen Jiannan is definitely not our enemy."

The tiger squinted at Chen Jiannan and said, "I don't know who he sent out. What is going on?" I just used her mind to lock her position, but it disappeared halfway. ”

"What he can do is definitely a little tricky thing."

The jackdaws, Chen Jiannan, and the tigers are actually the younger generations within the three tribes. They are the leaders of the younger generation. They have long been familiar with them.

However, for the character of Chen Jiannan, the jackdaw has always been scornful.

On the bright side, it looks gentle, Sven, and there are always some small means in the back. In the final analysis, it is a generation of people.

Just saying that the Protoss Heavenly Man came, Chen Jiannan also secretly did it. If it wasn’t for the Tiger and the Jackdaw, the Heavenly Man of the Yaozu could not come down.

"Then we have to guard against it."Said the tiger.

"Don't do it, just ask if you can't."

In the eyes of the jackdaws, the light flashed directly, throwing the stones in the hands directly into the distance, and went to Chen Jiannan.

"Chen Xiong, the Yaozu and the Mozu seem to have reached a consensus."

On the side of the Protoss, the Supreme down with Chen Jiannan came to him, his eyes concealed to the demon and the two, while the Emei passed.

Hearing this news, Chen Jianan was only a faint smile, his fingers gently sticking to the gravel on the ground, and his eyes were full of careless rumors.

"Don't worry about them, even if they join hands, they can't turn any waves." In the face of absolute strength, any trick can't work. ”

"Chen brother."

Just when Chen Jiannan and the Protoss Supreme Conversation, the jackdaws have come to them.

Chen Jiannan, who was still gloomy in the previous second, smiled at the moment he looked up.

"Chen brother."

"I can't think of the town demon tower so that we can meet a few of them, but the town demon tower is not the most proud artifact of the five elements of the year, and the heavens can not shake their points."

"That is nature. If the artifacts of the Five Elements Emperor can be broken, then it can't be counted as the number one auxiliary artifact on the artifact list."Chen Jiannan chuckled.

"Chen Xiong said that it is reasonable."The jackdaw is unpredictable and laughs.

The attention of the surrounding demon, protoss, and demons at this time falls on Chen Jiannan and the jackdaw.

The agreement reached at the time for the Xuanyuanjian became extremely subtle in the appearance of the town demon tower. At this point in time, the jackdaw took the initiative to find Chen Jiannan chat, but also touched their tight nerves.

"Hey, I just watched Chen Xiong send out the name Supreme, I don't know what she did to do?"

In a short pause, the jackdaw was really so straightforward to ask.

Chen Jiannan raised an eyebrow and looked at the smile on the face of the jackdaw. He immediately smiled and said: "There is nothing to hide. I sent people out and thought of the way to force Ye Zichen to come out. It is not long-lasting with him. The plan."

The voice just fell, and the female Supreme sent out went back to the wild. As soon as she landed, she noticed the subtlety of the atmosphere here.

"came back."When Chen Jiannan saw her, she did not talk to the jackdaws. She went straight and said, "Is people coming over?"

With a wave of hand, there are more than a dozen men and women in the eyes of everyone, Xue Qi, Stone, Xue Lan and others are among them.

"Jian Nange, these are the members of Ye Zichen's snobbish before the ascent, and there are still a few people who have a good relationship with him."

"well done."

Chen Jiannan smiled softly, and the members of the leisurely residence who were not able to get out of the seal were all stunned when they heard the words Ye Zichen.

Looking at the eyes of these people, Chen Jiannan’s eyes are also flashing indifference, and the sword that he wears is in his hands. The sword front falls directly on the neck of one of the members.

"Ye Zichen, if you don't want these people to die, just come out from the town demon tower!"

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