Inside the town demon tower.

Ye Zichen is still immersed in practice, and he has been in the custody for three years.

In the past three years, he has not walked halfway through the secret room and has been immersed in deep meditation. This is the longest retreat in his career.

The soul knows the sea.

Ye Zichen's soul villain sits cross-legged in a place of nothingness, while the villain has been breathing the aura of heaven and earth, and in front of it is surrounded by five imprints representing the five elements.


The little man with his eyes closed forwards a little, and the mark of the fire that belongs to the five marks is drifting to his front.

With his finger, the void is instantly transformed into a sea of โ€‹โ€‹fire.

If the flames are burning, if the world is to be melted, it will not be long before the piece of fire is directly turned into a crystal blue.

At the same time, the temperature of the imaginary land was reduced to zero by the burning of the flame.

Ice fire, into.

Suddenly, Ye Zichen opened his eyes.

"There are countless times of deductions that have changed the fire in the five elements. If you want to make the five-way approach, you don't know how many years it will take."

Sitting in the secret room, Ye Zichen whispered, his palms lifted forward, and a cluster of ice-colored flames appeared in his palm.

"I don't think that the subsequent evolution of the fire is not the heat of burning the world, but the cold of the frozen mountains and rivers. The ultimate in fire, afraid of ice! โ€

After sinking his heart, Ye Zichen discovered that the retreat of the past three years, not only his fire attributes have progressed, but his realm has also reached the strength of the seven-segment.

With his current strength, the second floor of the town demon tower has been able to open.

"Is not willing to spend it? When I open the second floor of the town demon tower, we are having fun."

Thinking of Chen Jiannan's face, Ye Zichen wouldn't be in a hurry.

He is also a favorite, and he likes it.

With a wave of his right hand, there is a curtain in the closet that can see the outside situation, but when he sees the scene on the curtain, his eyes are red.

Outside the town demon tower, the members of the leisurely residence have already died several times. The blood on Chen Jiannanโ€™s sword should have been killed by his own hands. Now his sword is being placed on Xue Qiโ€™s neck.

"Hey, you, the Yedi who is a god, really likes to be a tortoise."

Chen Jiannan is full of jokes and looks at Xue Qi and others. There are already more than a dozen souls under his sword. No matter whether it is the Protoss, the Yaozu or the Devil's Heavenly Supreme, they all look at it indifferently.

In their eyes, Xue Qi is not a life, but an ant.

However, if they are replaced by them, they will certainly not do this.

The master of the heavenly sacred to kill the fairy and fairy kings is really losing identity.

Let Xue Feng's eyes reach the neck of Xue Qi, full of anger, screaming at Chen Jiannan, no timidity, and some only screamed at the anger of his entire chest.

That is, he canโ€™t talk or move now, otherwise…Even if he is a bloody five-step, he will use his own blood to dye Chen Jiannan's body, leaving a trace.

"Ye Zichen, you can't come out."

Chen Jiannan faintly looked at the location of the town demon tower, said.

"I heard that, you are the savior of this world. Now the world needs you again. Shouldnโ€™t you be a savior to show up? โ€

"If I don't answer, then I will continue to do it."

A playful smile towards the town demon tower, the sudden arrival of the wildness is like the anger of the nine days of thunder and thunder.


The sword that was about to fall stopped, and the survivors on the scene heard the anger and showed their happiness. Chen Jiannan also turned back and said to the town demon tower.

"Itโ€™s finally talking. It seems that this savior is still some conscience."

"I naturally have a conscience, but your conscience is afraid to let the dog eat."The voice of Ye Zichen roared in the wild. "You are a master of the highest level of the heavens, but you are committed to dealing with the fairy, the fairy king…You don't feel ashamed! โ€

"What shame? Blame it is that their strength is weak, is it not taken for granted by the weak? โ€Chen Jiannan smiled.

In the secret room, Ye Zichen has been shivering by Chen Jiannan.

The fist was squeaking, and he immediately spoke to the outside.

"You don't just want me to go out, well, I will go out now, but you better not start with anyone. Otherwise, the consequences are at your own risk. โ€

"Waiting for a ride."Chen Jiannan Road.


A fist hits the wall of the chamber, and the whole level of the whole town can be felt.

Looking at the old man who was in the same position on the curtain, Ye Zichen pushed the door of the secret room away and saw Meng Huairong standing at the moment and looking at him with impatience.

"Okay, I know."

Indifference turned back, Ye Zichen went straight to the entrance of the second floor of the town demon tower.

The entrance to the second floor of the town demon tower is not blocked by the door. The entrance on the second floor is a hill that completely seals the entrance.

There was a slab in the middle of the hill, and Ye Zichen raised his hand and placed it on the slate.

Suddenly, the slate was lit up with five lines of imprint. He used to be stuck here when he opened the second floor. The slate lighting only means that you have enough understanding of the Five Elements Law, but after that, you must break the mountain with strength.

The right hand clenched the fist and the fist flashed.

Ye Zichen gasped Dan Tian, โ€‹โ€‹took a horse step, and slammed his fist toward the hill.


The hill, which was blocked at the entrance to the second floor of the town demon tower, immediately had a crack in the position of Ye Zichen's fist.

The crack spreads out until it finally turns into a myriad of gravel.

When the gravel touched the ground, it disappeared.

"The son opened the entrance to the second floor."Meng Huai-rong, on the first floor of the town demon tower, was a bit sloppy and screaming. "I don't know if it's a congratulatory son, or it's a pity for us."

"We should congratulate the son."Qi Qiโ€™s face is accompanied by a trace of ignorance. โ€œYou should also feel it. We are far from the speed of the practice of the son. Although the son has not yet reached the Supreme, it will be far away from us. The only way to let the sons use them more is to cultivate with peace of mind, and believe that the son will not forget ours. โ€

"makes sense."Meng Huairong laughed.

Just between Meng Huairong and Qi Qiyan, Ye Zichen had already taken back his fist and reached out and pushed the door behind the rockery.

There is no resistance to push the door open, and it is a picture of a paradise.

Whatโ€™s more shocking is that at the moment Ye Zichen pushed them away, he saw tens of thousands of demons squatting on the ground. After he entered the second floor of the town demon tower, the demon people were even more uniform. Shout.

"Welcome to the new owner."

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