"It's really despicable."

To the sarcasm of Chen Jiannan, the jackdaw directly said it without any cover.

In order to allow Ye Zichen to come out of the town demon tower, he will not hesitate to threaten himself and his relatives and friends to threaten. This means that even their devils feel uncomfortable.

The people of the Mozu are indeed sultry and savage, they are bloodthirsty and war-torn, advocating plunder and aggression.

Even so, they also have their bottom line.

Unlike the Protoss, a group of people are well-known.

In particular, Chen Jiannanโ€™s behavior has refreshed the clan and the demonโ€™s cognition of the Protoss.

For the mockery of the jackdaw, Chen Jiannan did not agree.

"This is despicable. If Ye Zichen has been huddled for three years, I can't make a decision." Moreover, our ultimate goal is to force him out, as for the means…What is the good deal? โ€

"At this time, I can still say such words with such arrogance. I really admire you, and I admire you all the Protoss."

In the words of the jackdaw, Chen Jiannan arched his hand, and the surrounding Protoss felt a little blush when they heard this.

True, Chen Jiannanโ€™s approach is really too much.

Chen Jiannan followed the faint look of the dust of the town demon tower, and the time slowly moved backwards. It is now half an hour before the Ye Zichen voice.

A long wait, let Chen Jiannan's eyes flash through the haze.

"If you want to delay the time in this way, I advise you to give up the idea."

The sword in his hand fell to Xue Qiโ€™s neck.

"If you want to live, let Ye Zichen come out of the town demon tower. You should also see the results of the first few people."

Unraveling Xue Qiโ€™s dumb hole, Chen Jiannan wants to intimidate Ye Zichen out of the town demon tower as early as possible.

But he doesn't know…

"Ye brother, you don't care about us!"

Xue Qi, who untied the dumb hole, was directly screaming at the town demon tower. Although he did not know the strength of the people who arrested them, it could not be that Ye Zichen could not show up in the town demon tower. The existence of confrontation.

Xue Qi didn't want to kill Ye Zichen because of him.

Of course, except for him, Stone and Xue Lan did not express their opinions, but he believed that those people must have the same thoughts as him.

If not, let them blame themselves!

"you wanna die."

Chen Jiannan did not expect Xue Qi to say such words. In an instant, his face became extremely blue, and the sword in his hand fell toward Xue Qiโ€™s head.


Awkwardly, a thunderstorm fell on the top of the nine days. The thunder that fell was just on the top of his sword. He made his sword a bit too far and cut Xue Qiโ€™s hair.

"I warned you that if you dare to do anything to anyone, you will be at your own risk."

The deep anger blew from the ears of the people. For a time, the sky was dark and the gods were deterred.

Everyone saw that the sky was banned from the Thunder Sea, thunder and thunder continued to blast in the Thunder Sea, and countless Thunder and Thunder swarmed into a roaring dragon to fly in nine days.

Ye Zichen stands alone under the siren of the Three Deities of the Demon, a pair of dark and deep pupils flashing in the eyes, the real thunder and lightning are constantly being drilled from his eyes, surrounded by a thunder snake around his body. The thunder of the Thunder Sea echoed.

I don't know why, Ye Zichen at this time actually let the surrounding Supreme people feel a sense of oppression.

If they can still play against Ye Zichen's five-way law before their own realm, then now, for anyone of them, the odds of these days are not over.

This is not the most horrible, the most horrible thing is that this is only three years.

In just three years, there has been such a big change. If he gives him enough time, then he will go to what extent.

At the beginning of the Supreme Court, some people were glad that Chen Jiannan had forced him out at this time. If he was allowed to leave, when he took the initiative to come out, maybe these people would become funeral objects.

The surrounding heavens have different minds, as are Chen Jiannan, Jackdaw and Tiger.

Ye Zichen in front of me is not the same as Ye Zichen they saw at the beginning.

Especially the Leihai above nine days, the shock to Chen Jiannan can be said to be quite strong. The scope of this Thunder Sea has almost caught up to one-tenth of the thunder pool in their family. Is it true that in the past three years, Ye Zichen has made a new breakthrough in the sentiment of Ray's attributes.


Just as he was at a loss, the Thunder Sea on the nine days was burning with raging fire.

The Sea of โ€‹โ€‹Fire and the Thunder Sea merged with each other, and gradually those who soared in the nine-day Thunder Dragon burned an ice blue flame.

"The fusion of lightning and fire attributes."

This time, not only Chen Jiannan, the jackdaw also showed a surprised look.

It is especially difficult to integrate the attributes. The talent of Ye Zichen is so enchanting that it has reached such a level within three years.

There is still the fire, obviously it is ice fire.

That is the change that can take place at a point where the understanding of the fire is quite high.

Gradually, the black robe on Ye Zichen changed.

Nothing is pure black, and there is a thunderous dragon in the black. It makes people feel full of the meaning of respect, and sees his head thunder condensed into a crown, and suddenly the king's gas fills the whole piece of wild.

Can't let Ye Zichen's arrogance grow.

"The progress in these three years is not small."

After a brief horror, Chen Jiannan broke the dead silence. If you let Ye Zichen perform, it will have a great impact on their morale.

"Isn't this all thanks to you?"

If Ye Zichen, who turned into a God of Thunder, fades back, his words and phrases are like the world of thunder, roaring in the ears of the surrounding.

The supremeity around them made the thunder tremble to the shock, and they were ashamed of Ye Zichen, who was coming to the emperor, and he heard him open.

"In that year, you said that you want to be with me. Now, with my best friend, I threaten me from the town demon tower. Ok, now I am standing in front of you, what do you want to say. โ€

That kind of confident speech and eyes made Chen Jiannan all shocked, but they can become the supreme of the heavens, and the Tao is not so easy to destroy.

"I really thought that I had a little breakthrough, is it invincible?" Lao Tzu is too lazy to waste your tongue and hand over Xuanyuanjian and the town demon tower. I can leave you a whole body. โ€

"Ahโ€ฆโ€ฆ"Ye Zichen heard a faint smile, and the right hand spread out the town demon tower appeared in his palm, "Want…Then come and pick it up! โ€

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