Come and take.

The simple word is the expression of Ye Zichen's hegemony.

When he extended his right hand, his left hand was behind his back, and his faint gaze had undisguised contempt.

"Then I will be welcome!"

At the moment when Ye Zichen's voice fell, Chen Jiannan's figure was a hundred meters away from the blink of an eye.

Ye Zichen, who holds the town demon tower, does not move, still stretches out his right hand, waiting for him to come around without any prohibition.

Just before Chen Jiannan went to Ye Zichen ten meters ago, Lei Yanlong in Leihai, nine days above, roared.


In an instant, Chen Jiannan’s Excalibur was thrown from his hand.

The thunder flashed in the Excalibur, and a dense net was interwoven on the top of his head. At the moment when Lei Yanlong entered the net, the thunderbolt contracted and tied Lei Yanlong inside.

After capturing Lei Yanlong, Chen Jiannan showed disdain.

How can the momentum be in the majestic, in the absolute interface, the paper tiger is only a paper tiger.

"You can do this too."

As everyone knows, Lei Yanlong, who tied him, still roared in the net.

At the time of his struggle, a chill was released from Lei Yanlong's body, and the ice-blue flame was attached to the thunder net.

In the twinkling of an eye, the net made of lightning made the ice blue flame completely frozen.

Then melt.


From the thunder net, Lei Long opened the mouth of the Hittite and swallowed away to Chen Jiannan.

This scene made Chen Jiannan also a brow lock, but compared with the clumsy Lei Yanlong in his early warning, he did not succeed, but a dragon spray on his body to make a thin layer of ice on his clothes, he was His sword is cut off.

"it is good."

The surrounding Protoss Supreme couldn't help but cheer, and they just squeezed Khan for Chen Jiannan.

"But it is."

With a long sword in his hand, Chen Jiannan resumed his previous embarrassment, and his eyes were full of scornful laughter.

"But it’s so exciting to get one."

Ye Zichen smiled faintly and immediately raised his eyebrows over nine days.

Lei Yanlong, who swims in Leiyan Sea, turns into a beast that carries infinite power and roars toward Chen Jiannan.

Looking at the Lei Yanlong in the next nine days, Chen Jiannan showed a dignified color.

Fingers smashed through the sword front, letting the sword's cut fingers drop a drop of blood, sliding along the sword front to the hilt.

In the Jiani Nan holding the hilt, after swallowing the blood, it was a flash of a fascinating light, and immediately his whole person also turned into a streamer and shuttled over the sky.

"So fast."

In the wilderness, the Supreme can only see a white, meteor-like light that travels around the nine-day Lei Yanlong.

Those Lei Yanlong are either spitting ice flames or spraying thunder.

For a time, the whole piece of the sky was so bright and colorful.

Not long after, Lei Yanlong on the sky finally caught the trace of Chen Jiannan. A thunderstorm sprayed on him, causing him to fall heavily from the sky to the ground.

"Aoyi, shocked the sword and rain."

At the moment when Chen Jianan fell to the ground, everyone heard his explosion.

Amazingly, there were more than a dozen squadrons on the entire sky. Those squadrons blocked all the Leiyan dragons on the sky, and countless thunderstorms fell from the squadron and thundered on Lei Yanlong.

"He actually has this hand."

Looking at the thunderstorm falling from the sky, the tiger's eyes flashed through the dignity.

This hand has not received any news before, and has never seen Chen Jiannan use it. Looking at the power of his sword rain, even if he is, if the sword rain is not taken care of, it will be seriously injured.

The sword rain passed, and Lei Yanlong collapsed.

Chen Jiannan, who fell to the ground, gasped from the ground and gasped. This thundering sword rain is his long-standing card, so he can be caught off guard when he is playing against the jackdaws and the tigers.

But now there is no way, if there is a two Lei Yanlong he may be able to deal with it more easily.

Just now it was a full 30, no need to shock the thunder and rain, he was afraid that he would also be seriously injured under the group of Lei Yanlong.

At that time, although the release of a card, but Lei Yan within Lei Hai also collapsed.

These Leiyan dragons should be Ye Zichen's lore, and if they solve these problems, he can't pull out any waves.

As for the jackdaws and the tigers, how many other methods he has to solve them.

The finger touched the cheek, and the thunderstorm of Lei Yanlong was sprayed on his left face. A glimpse of Yin Hong appeared on his fingers, and this blush also made his eyes more powerful.

"But it is."

Even Ye Zichen had to admit that Chen Jiannan did have two things.

For Lei Yanlong's power, he is the most clear, after the integration of the ice fire, Lei Yanlong's combat power is not weaker than the heavenly master.

Chen Jiannan was able to wipe out thirty Leiyan dragons with an uproar.

Very strong.

"Not bad."Nodded to Chen Jiannan, Ye Zichen showed a positive smile. "With your hand, it is enough to prove your position in the Heavenly Supreme."

This kind of comment is entirely based on the elders' appreciation of the younger generation, which makes Chen Jiannan's eyes more gloomy.

He squinted and smiled and replied in the same way.

"Your hand, Lei Yanlong, is enough to prove your position in the Supreme. You are also a enchanting person in the Supreme Court of the Supreme Court. ”

"To each other."Ye Zichen nodded.

Listening to the conversation between the two of them, the surrounding Heavenly Supreme is also a heart.

If Chen Jiannan said that they almost forgot, Ye Zichen, is just the supreme.

The gap between the Heavenly Supreme and the Supreme is a divide, but Ye Zichen has to use his own power to let Chen Jiannan of the Heavenly Supreme Jubilee unwilling to release the righteousness.

"Okay, let's hand over the town demon tower now."Chen Jiannan slowly moved closer to Ye Zichen after taking the next remedy.

"I didn't say that the town demon tower is here, come and take it."Ye Zichen is still the indifferent look, holding the town demon tower in his hands.

This kind of confident smile is the embarrassment that can't help the surrounding Supreme, can you say that he still has other cards not showing up?

They all said that the Five Elements Law complemented each other, and now he has just released the thunderfire.

Can it be said that his other storms have a new sentiment and integration?

Other Supreme think so, but Chen Jiannan can't believe it.

In three years, there is a breakthrough above the five elements. It is not easy to integrate the fire and thunder. He does not believe that Ye Zichen can make breakthroughs in other attributes.

"Don't be in the foxes, if you can let other attributes blend, the town demon tower is left for you, I will take people now."Chen Jiannan disdainful martyrdom.

"Come on."

"Pretend to be a ghost!"

Chen Jiannan, who did not believe in evil, rushed to the past without hesitation, but just as he ran out of a few steps, he felt dozens of terrible breaths appear in the wild.

At the same time, Ye Zichen also showed a faint chuckle.

"Who told you…My hole card must be the five-way law? ”

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