Suddenly, the heavens and the earth are dim.

The thunder pool on the sky is hidden, and the blue-blue flame dissipates. Above this wilderness, there is a demon army that is overwhelming and emptied.

At the moment they appeared, the Heavenly Supreme in the wilderness felt that at least a dozen of similar and even more breaths locked them, and the strongest of the three parties, the Jackdaw, the Tiger, and Chen Jiannan Received the highest level of attention.

All the Supreme nerves in the field are completely tight, including the lazy jackdaws that have been shown from beginning to end. When those who are locked in the nine-segment and eight-segment masters, the faces are also rare. There was a dignified look.

"Yin Tiger!"

Almost instantaneously, Chen Jiannan turned back and yelled at the screaming tiger.

The rest of the Mozu and Protoss masters are also the same, all staring at the group of the Yaozu.

Locking them is a breath of the Yaozu, and the three forces themselves often rub each other. How can they not notice that the heavens are masters of the Yaozu.

Look at the number, cover the sky, and say less than one hundred. Moreover, the weakest of these Yao masters are the masters of the seven-segment of Heaven.

"Your demon are really good faith!"Chen Jiannan angered.

Before they came, the Supreme Forces of the three parties reached an agreement with each other.

The masters of the heavens who are dispatched by the various parties cannot exceed fifteen people, and the masters of the nine-segment can only come down one by one. The rest of the masters are dispatched from the families of the various forces.

But now, the Yaozu on the sky is obviously telling them that the Yaozu broke the agreement between them.

"This is not ours."The eager explanation of the tiger.

"Is that ours?"

Chen Jiannan screamed and angered, and he now feels fear in his heart.

The demon people can break through to the heavenly supreme beings are generally beasts, and the beasts themselves have a unique advantage in the body.

Although the Protoss who have passed the robbing of God can compete with the beasts, it is not that anyone will fall.

Just like his Chen Jiannan, even though his emperor is like a demon, he is famous, but now he has not really crossed the realm of God and condensed the godhead.

When he was dealing with Ye Zichen's thunderbolt method, he also spent a lot of effort.

Nowadays, there are a few eight-segment masters in the upper demon of the demon, and he has no chance of winning.

"Hey, this time, your Yaozu won. The battle between Xuanyuanjian and the town demon tower quits, now you let your people retreat and let us go. As for your betrayal, go back and I will go to the Emperor and Lei Jun! ”

This time is no longer the time of heroes, Chen Jiannan is now more concerned about the lives of their group.

"It's not me."You don't know how to explain it.

"Yin Tiger!"Chen Jiannan’s eyes are red, and the sword in his hand is tightly held in his hand. β€œDo you want to solve us here? Do you dare! ”

Chen Jiannan will bite the tiger, and the drone looks at the demon on the sky. He also looks at the tiger's demeanor and a series of small movements. He looks at him and the demon. The family changes back and forth.

"Not quite right, this should not be the person who killed the tiger. Chen Jiannan, you misunderstood him."

"Right, this is not ours."I heard that the jackdaw actually helped him to speak, and then the tiger locked his eyebrows and said, "Our people are now in their locks. Moreover, the three parties sent people to the emperor and the rules have been discussed. How can we be with you? Sending so many people without knowing it."

"Who would be that."Chen Jiannan blinked. "I know what agreement you have reached. When you come out to speak for him, do you think I will believe it!"

"Don't forget, we can have a town demon tower here!"

Under the suspicion of Chen Jiannan, the jackdaw smirked at the corner of his mouth, and his eyes fell on the back of the mouth with the smiling Ye Zichen.

At this time, the rest of the Supreme eyes fell.

"It’s a pity that I didn’t even fight. I thought you had to be beaten.”

At this time, Ye Zichen didn't know where to put a chair and sat on it. He leisurely swayed his legs and drank a small wine, and there were two charming women on his side who were in the middle of the heavens.

Noticing the breath of the two women, Chen Jiannan's pupils shrank, the blue veins on his forehead were stretched, and his fingers pointed at Ye Zichen.

"It's you!"

Just as he reached out to Ye Zichen, the two charming women who were waiting at him were cold and directly integrated into the darkness.

Inexplicably, Chen Jiannan felt a cold chill into his body along the sole of his foot.

His body was also stiff for half a second because of this chill. In this half second, a chill of light flashed from his front, and when everyone returned to God, he saw that the finger he had extended was already with him. The hand detached and landed on the ground.

Even more terrifying, Chen Jiannan did not feel the pain when he was in the means of passage.

The blood also sealed a layer of ice until the two charming women returned to Ye Zichen, and he felt the pain of the heart.

"I am sorry, I have not restrained my hand, let them break your finger, it hurts."Ye Zichen squinted and smiled.


Someone in the Yaozu saw the bodies of the two women, and the pupils trembled.

"Isn't it said that the shadow charm was extinct as early as the Demon War? Why is there still a shadow?"

This kind of ethnic group is not a demon, but it is divided into the demon. Any adult illusion is a qualified assassin.

When the gods and gods fought, the ancestors of the enchanted family had been dominated by half-steps, and by the means of concealment and assassination of the enchanted family, they had assassinated several of the Mozu masters, and none of them lost their hands.

The Emperor was furious and personally shot the enchanted family. Since then, the demon has never seen the existence of shadow charm.

Many of the masters of the Mozu are also pupils jumping. Although they have not experienced the assassination of the Shadows, they have always kept their history.

"Ye Zichen, Ye Zichen!"

Chen Jianan, who lost a finger, was crazyly roaring. He sealed the broken acupuncture point, but his eyes were inexplicably faint.

"There are demon people in the town demon tower, I really can't help you." But what about that, don't you dare to move anyone here. The Heavenly Supreme here is the elite sent by the major forces of the Three Realms. If you kill us, it will provoke the whole three realms. In the future, you will bear the anger of the entire three major forces, and you will not be peaceful all day long! Hey, now you are just bluffing, really let you kill…Do you dare! ”

"Do you know what happened to your brother Xiao Hu at the time."

The smile on Ye Zichen's face suddenly converges, yelling toward the horrible demon.

"Give me kill!"

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