With the disenchantment of the old man's nod, the old man who is licking the body walked straight toward Xiaohu.

The palm of the old man shone with colorful light, and the surrounding space became distorted by the light. At the same time, there is also a thin line from Xiao Hu’s body that keeps on the hand of the old man.

As time went by, Xiao Hu’s body gradually became blurred.

The surrounding Supreme Gods are standing next to each other, and the fear in their hearts is hard to speak. However, the Yaohu and other people of the Yaozu are looking relaxed. They know the identity of the comers and will not shoot them.

"Who is the enchantment?"

The identity of the demon was a fascination from her appearance. At the beginning, Ye Zichen suspected that she was the descendant of the Five Elements, and now the demon people call her the Lord.

There is also the old man around her, who will suppress Xiao Hu.

With such a strong asylum beside her, why should she entangle herself with herself for a long time? She is so deliberately close to herself, what exactly do she want to do?

For the town demon tower?

Or is it for Xuanyuanjian?

Ye Zichen has some bottoms in his heart. In his opinion, now that he and the disenchantment are two people in the world, he has no place to despise such a big lady to pay attention.


The sky cracked a hole, and the golden band was mixed with the rolling thunder and drilled out of the hole.

In an instant, whether it was Xianyu, Heavenly Court, the land, or the endless beast and the wild, they felt a horror to the suffocating suffocation.

The family is shocked.

Numerous of the strongest people in this field walked out of the retreat and looked at the crack in the sky.

It was also at this time that they discovered how small they were in the field to let the people look up.

They resisted the trembling of their hearts and looked up to see what was in the crack.

But at this time…

"time! still! ”

A golden pendulum clock suddenly appeared in the sky, and its clock was placed under the cold low squat and stopped swinging.

The wind is cold and the water is still, and the whole world is like being frozen.

The strongmen of Heavenly Court, the land, and the fairyland all maintained their positions of look and were sealed in place.

"Xiao, you are a bit too much."

Just after freezing all the things in the world, out of the wild, the children who are riding the green cows.

"We promised that you sent a heavenly supreme to this is a great concession, even if you leave a sacred soul in the weapon, I also let you close your eyes with one eye, now you are I want the body to fall here!"

"It's okay for you, get rid of Lao Tzu."

A deep roar appeared in the crack, and in a flash, I saw a large hand in the crack, tearing the whole piece of the sky. In a short time, in the crack, he went out of the name and flashed the thunder and brawny. This strong man is the body of Xiao Hu.

One foot stepped into the wild, and as he came in, the surrounding space seemed to be unable to withstand the constant pressure of cracking.

"You don't want to be too much!"The child riding the green cow is angry.

"The deity said, don't take care of this, or Laozi will kill you together!"


A purple-red god thunder suddenly fell towards the child. Immediately before the fall of the gods, a colorless barrier appeared immediately around the child, and it was safely protected. However, Yu Wei of Shen Lei destroyed the whole wilderness. Most of the time.


Glowing and screaming, the sound is rolling.

If Xiao Hu is like a god, he stands proudly on the sky and sullenly faces the child.


The child stared at Xiao Hu on the sky, but silently retreated to the side.

It was just at this moment that the disenchantment did not know when it appeared to the child's side, reaching out and touching the child's head, and a smile appeared in his eyes.

"Little brothers don't be afraid, there are sisters!"

As soon as the voice fell, she whispered to the old man again.

"Liu Shu."

"If you want the soul of this person, this seat will have to see if you have the ability."

Awkwardly, there is a illusory shadow behind Xiao Hu’s. The phantom is the god of lightning with the eyes of the God of Thunder hammer.

At the same time that Xiao Hu waved his arm, the god behind him followed his movements. His arms were mixed with the tendency of the mountain river to collapse, and he fell to the old man.


The old man's eyelids did not lift his right hand and waved forward. What is horrifying is that Xiao Hu actually disappeared directly from this space.

Successively, the collapsed mountains returned to their original appearance, and the destruction of more than half of the wilderness was restored. The broken ridges all healed.

Everything has nothing to do with nothing.

At the same time, the body of Xiao Hutian's soul was also condensed into a slap in the hands of the old man.

"How to let him go."

Seeing the enchanting opening of this scene, the old man said that he would hand over the soul to the enchanted hands.

"The intensity of the space here is too weak. If it is here, it is afraid that the whole world will collapse. I sent him outside the domain, waiting for the lady to solve the matter here, the old man is not too late to deal with him. ”

"Okay, but the ruler of the present is really a generation that is not as good as a generation."

She sighed at the cow's head and immediately sighed at the golden clock.

The pendulum clock disappeared from the sky, and the cowboy riding the green cow disappeared from the wilderness.

"How come you are missing."The kings of the next three circles are all looking at the sky in a wrong way.

Not only they, but the sacred gods in the wild are also looking at the sky, just now they feel that a superb atmosphere has come to this world.

β€œI always feel what I missed.”

Ye Zichen is also a brow, and although he has stagnated the appearance of the pendulum clock, he always has a feeling, what happened in the middle.

Looking around, there is no change in everything.

Or those days of supreme, disenchantment and the old man are also standing in the previous position…


How did Xiao Hu disappear?

Just Xiao Hu’s body has not completely disappeared.

"Little brother, what are you thinking about?"

In the middle of the change in Ye Zichen's thoughts, a girlish disenchantment had already walked back to him in front of him, staring at him with a wink.

"Disenchantment, what the hell are you!"

The heart flashed in the whisper, and Ye Zichen grinned.

"I didn't think about anything, yes, Xiao Xi, who was there, was gone."

"He is here."Say, the disenchantment took the soul of the heavens and put it in the hands of Ye Zichen. "The soul of the god of thunder is given to you."

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