This makes the group of the Protoss of the Protoss a little dazed.

β€œDon't you say that this man is going to let them perform their unique skills?”

The Protoss of the Protoss can't help but linger.

This really makes them hard to live.

It is necessary to know that these groups of heavenly supreme gods are all faces and faces on the mountain of God. They have always focused on their own realm.

In their free time, they may go to listen to a song and see what it is.

But those who use the smiles of their blogs to make a living are the lowest level of talent.

Let them perform now, do they want to face?

Obviously, they don't want to face.

Hesitated for a few seconds, and Tian Zhizun, who has a double hammer in the sky, came out of the crowd. He is more than two meters tall, and his muscles are like to be blown up. What makes people fall is that he has turned his life treasure into a juggling tool and played acrobatics.

With the beginning, the rest of the heavens are not hesitating.

The sword is a gun, the poetry is singing and dancing, and the sword is swallowed…

It can be said that the Eight Immortals crossed the sea and each showed its magic.

The only thing that didn't move was Chen Jiannan. In fact, he also wanted to go up, but in the end he chose to face.

The enchanting look has opened a small mouth, in her memory has not seen the Heavenly Supreme juggling here. The two heavenly emperors of Sifangge and Wuhaihai felt that their faces were hot, which was really shameful.

I couldn't help but look at Ye Zichen, and looked at the heavenly lords who were doing their best. They both closed their eyes silently.

"What are they doing?"

Even Ye Zichen is a bit stunned, let them perform them and perform really?

Is it true that all of them have cultivated their brains and stupid?

Didn't see his little trick?

If you want to say that the show is OK, what are they doing?

Juggling is not irritating and not funny, and poetry is also speechless, and the national dance that they jumped is even more spicy.


It is really impossible to see them playing here, and Ye Zichen shouted this group of heavenly supreme.

"What are you doing here?"

The Heavenly Supreme, who had stopped by the sound, was inexplicable. It wasn’t Ye Zichen let them perform, how did it stop?

"Why do you stop them, it’s pretty good!"

"I am willing to see myself go home and see."

Ye Zichen is also really skeptical about the aesthetic of this glamorous eye. Moreover, his purpose is not to let them perform.

"You are so good, you don't want to face?"Ye Zichen stunned the disenchantment, and Ye Zichen looked at the group of heavenly and helpless, "I am all panicked for you!"

"Adult, not you…"

Just when someone in the crowd spoke, let Ye Zichen squint back.

"What happened to me, I let you perform, let you swallow the sword top cylinder? I let you perform, yes…"

The fingers were scornful, and this time the Supreme Gods finally noticed Ye Zichen's little tricks, and they realized what Ye Zichen wanted.

The Heavenly Supreme began to squat down the space ring in their hands and lined up to send it to Ye Zichen.

Money is a thing outside of the body. If they can have a life, they can get back.

After a while, there were twelve more rings in the hand, and the space ring used by the Heavenly Masters was much higher than the group that Ye Zichen used to rob the axe under the mountain.

God's knowledge sweeps inside, the space inside the ring is so big that people can make a fuss, and its internal assets are quite rich.

"Not bad."

Satisfied with a nod to those days, those days of supreme is full of smiles and nodded.


Without paying attention to those Heavenly Supreme, Ye Zichen looked back at Chen Jiannan.

The rest of the Heavenly Supreme also looked at Chen Jiannan. Now he has not paid the protection fee on the court. Some of them have personally communicated with Chen Jiannan and let him hand over the ring.

Chen Jiannan is a sac!

He really feels too suffocating.

Since he was a child, he was the pride of the sky, and he has always been looking up. At the time of the Xianwang level, Lei Difu was admitted as an inner disciple. From then on, it was even more peaceful and flying.

But now he has let the Supreme Supreme hold it, and he has to pay the money to redeem himself.

He is really angry.

"What are you doing, why are you dying?"

Ye Zichen immediately made Chen Jiannan wake up.

Man is a knife, he is a fish.

Even if he is angry, how can he!

Can he be stronger than the town demon tower?

Can he be stronger than the master?

The bite of the teeth creaked, and Chen Jiannan lowered his head and slammed the ring on his hand to the hand that Ye Zichen had spread.

The gods swept the inside, and it was the captain of the heavenly supreme.

Chen Jiannan, the ninth section of the Heavenly Supreme Court, can almost compare the wealth in the ring to the sum of the remaining Supreme.

The fairy coins are piled up like mountains, and the gods and herbs are even more numerous.


"Where is your sword running?"

"The sword is broken. Don't you see it?"Chen Jiannan locked the eyebrows.

"Don't yell at me, the broken sword is not the same as the sword you used most. Do you think I don't know?" Hurry, I look at your sword and send it up. ”Ye Zichen shouted.

"Don't be too deceiving too much!"

"You want to die!"


A sword was inserted straight into the foot of Ye Zichen. Ye Zichen smiled and looked at Chen Jianan, who was looking at the face, and took the sword in front of him and handed it to the power of the dominant level.

"Help me to imprint it."

There is a relationship between this disenchantment, Liu Lao stretched out his hand on the blade.

Chen Jiannan immediately felt that his connection with the Excalibur disappeared, and a piece of blood was sprayed directly from the mouth.

This sword is his sword for centuries. Now the sword is easy to change, and his strength is also falling.

"really not bad."

The word "listen to the sea" is branded on top of the sword, which should be the name of the sword.

Ye Zichen couldn't help but chuckle with the sword in his hand.

I used to use some fairy instruments and semi-artifacts. Now I have used the artifacts of the pickpockets.

"Well, I feel your sincerity. Now you are safe."The sword was received from the town demon tower, and Ye Zichen was facing the group of heavenly lords. "But Chen Jiannan, you can't go."

"What do you mean!"Chen Jiannan yelled, "I have fulfilled all your requirements, you…"

"Don't be excited."Ye Zichen sighed at him and shook his head. "You are indeed qualified in me, but you are not enchanting this, it is not disenchanting."

In the words, Ye Zichen madly glared at the disenchantment.

The rest of the people will forget, Chen Jiannan still wants to go, it is simply impossible!

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