At the time of Ye Zichen's opening, the demon knew that this pot had her back.

It is obvious that he did not want to put Chen Jiannan away, and finally pulled himself. But think about it, I didn't really like the people of Xiao's family. Although I don't bother to deal with this little heavenly supreme, Ye Zichen wants to pack him. By the way, there is no problem.

"Yes, I haven't said to let you go."

Compared to Ye Zichen, the devil is more crisp and neat.

She directly looked at Liu Lao, and the surrounding Supreme saw the old man's right hand gently toward the front, and Chen Jiannan disappeared directly into the eyes of everyone.

No one knows his results, but Liuโ€™s method makes the Supreme feel trembled.

The dominance is not dominated by the master, and the master of the world is also worthy of the name.

"Not bad."

Ye Zichen also smiled with satisfaction at this time, Chen Chennan wanted his life from the time he just came, and also killed his colleague, and forced him to stay in the town demon tower for three years.

Such a person can still let him go, then Ye Zichen is really lost.

"Hey, people do a good job, should the little brother reward others?"

He smirked with his hands on his back, and a little daughter was stunned with a big mouth.

"You can't make a fuss. What do I have to reward you?"Ye Zichen is helpless.

"How not? Xuanyuanjian, the town demon tower, this can be a fascinating artifact, just give me one, I have to be grateful. โ€The sinister smiles into a slit and keeps aiming at the town demon tower.

"She also wants the town demon tower?"Ye Zichen couldn't help but whisper.

This should not be!

If the demon really wants the town demon tower, she would not be able to take it as early as three years ago. There is no need to wait until this time.

Could it be that she felt that she was not strong enough at the time, and now she is dominated by…

"Hey scared you, I am joking with you."See Ye Zichen's delay, the enchanting stretched out his hand and hugged Ye Zichen's arm. "Your is not mine, my is not yours, this baby is the same everywhere, you say it is a little brother. โ€

"Miss, let's go. If it is delayed, Xiao Hu may flee from outside the domain. When I shot him at the time, I felt that he might have become the master. โ€

Seeing that the demon and Ye Zichen's movements were so close, the old man locked his eyebrows.

"Then go quickly, I can't go back."The enchantment returns.


Liu Laoโ€™s tone sank instantly, and Ye Zichen knew the reason for the old manโ€™s speech. He did not want to be distracted and always relied on him to help him.

"You will go back with Liu Lao, this group of guys can solve it myself."

"Crashing is not buying and selling!"

Wrinkled with a nose and a glimpse of Ye Zichen, the enchanting inexplicable position caught in the mountains that sealed the fierce beasts.

In the midst of it, a savage beast appeared in her hands. At the same time, she threw a bead at Ye Zichen.

"Your one yuan is collected, and the soul of the scorpion is useful, so I take it away."

As soon as the voice fell, the enchantment went straight to the face of Liu Lao. Everyone saw a flash of fluorescence. They included the Yao people and disappeared directly from the wild.

Ye Zichen was relieved until the enchantment left.

Ye Zichen has asked countless women to read, but the enchantment is really the only opponent he encountered, and she will be inadvertently confronted with her.

Holding a dollar of pearls, sealing the fierce beast is afraid of consuming too much soul power.

As a result, Ye Zichen wanted to get in touch, but didn't get a half response. This kind of artifact rejuvenation requires the time problem. Simply throw it into the town demon tower and let it recover. If Xuanyuanxiang goes out to see it, maybe there are still shortcuts for recovery.

"You guys…"

The eyes looked at the past to the heavens that have not yet left. In fact, these days, the Supreme Lord wanted to leave at the beginning, but Chen Jiananโ€™s business has been squatting.

Now I heard Ye Zichen opening, although there is no master here, but he is not the one who is the lord of the heavens.

"Adult, you said."

"You don't need to be so nervous."They pressed their hands and motioned for them to relax, Ye Zichen said. "You have already redeemed the money. I am also a person who speaks integrity and will not start with you. Just before you leave, I have something to marry you. โ€

The audience was listening, and Ye Zichen also spoke at this moment.

"After returning to the mountain, please ask you to take control of your mouth. I don't want to hear any news about it here, say it from your mouth, especially the Xuanyuanjian and the town demon tower. โ€

"Adults, Xuanyuanjian is known to all three circles. We donโ€™t say the town demon tower, the two heavenly people will go back and say…"

"I just want you not to talk too much."Ye Zichen sighs.

"Yes, we will definitely not go back when we go back."

Many of the most sacred swears are swearing directly by the heart, and the rest of the heavenly swearers think and swear.

They did it all, and Ye Zichen nodded to them with a touch of faintness.

"Let's go."

The Supreme Supreme, who succumbed to Ye Zichen, disappeared from the wild.

Let Ye Zichen shout out to the innocent Haitian Supreme, and also to Ye Zichen at this time.

"Ye Xiong, I have no love for this kind of love."

"Nothing, you have helped me without the sea, I am just a human being."Ye Zichen smiled and said, "I ask you something, pray that the Lord God is in your innocent sea."

"Ye brother knows my family God?"Heaven is the most open.

"Itโ€™s an old acquaintance. How has he been recently?"

"The Lord God is always very good."Having said this, see Ye Zichenโ€™s interest in not talking anymore. The god of the heavens did not say anything more. He nodded at him and said, โ€œIf Ye Xiong has time to come to me, there is no sea, Xue Moding Do your best, and say goodbye!"


The Supreme Court of the Innocent Sea left, and the Supreme of the Sifang Pavilion also turned the door.

"Ye brother, that Huang also said goodbye."

"Ok."Faintly nodded toward the Supreme, Ye Zichen said, "When I go back, I will ask Cui Twelve for me. When I say that I have time, I will go to him to drink. And Liu Qing, telling her that I am coming to the realm of the gods. โ€

"I don't think that Ye Xiong is actually a friend of His Highness and His Highness, and he will send the message if he can see the two Highnesses."Tian Zhizun of the Sifang Pavilion grinned with a grin.

It is still the light look of the light smile, the name of the heavenly supreme is a powerful fist.

"Da is not thankful, leave!"

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